On Thursday Feb 1 st I took my van in for its eighth MOT annual test and expected it to pass thinking that if it failed it would be something small that failed it. It failed! It did fail on something small too. Because the van carries various loads from time to time and those loads can either be heavy, light or something in-between there is apparently some sort of levelling device linked to the braking system which is supposed to raise or lower the van to compensate. A small hydraulic valve achieves this but I was told the one on my van wasn’t working properly and would need replacing. As I had booked the van in for one of its rare servicing appointments the garage mechanic would replace the part at the same time. I didn’t have to pay for the MOT until the service had been completed. The van was to return for that four days later on the Tuesday. I reckon the van has done extremely well in passing all of its tests these past eight years. It still hasn’t covered 32 thousand miles in the eleven years since purchase.

Mind you I do look after it and don’t drive like a maniac. That said though there are things I have no control over, the valve mentioned for one. In case you are interested the van is a Peugeot Partner and it really has been my partner since I bought it new in 2008. Come to think of it I have been very fortunate with the vehicles I have bought over the years. Some people change their vehicles very often but I like to get my money’s worth and keep them until it is no longer profitable to do so. I therefore haven’t had too many in the 53 years since I passed the driving test. I have had eight cars and the last two vehicles have been vans, both the same model but my present van has been much more economical than its predecessor. I don’t drive a car now as I explained in another post, the van is much more versatile.

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Author: Shirley Anne

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