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Dining out

Tuesday turned out to be a wet and miserable day during the afternoon and although it had been a dry morning it was very cold. I was to take my van in to have a part replaced in the braking system, a compensating valve as they called it, and to have the van serviced at the same time. I had been informed that the valve wouldn’t be inexpensive so I was ready for a sizeable invoice accordingly. I drove there to arrive just before eight-thirty as they had requested then sat there for twenty minutes waiting for E to come and collect me. There never seems to be a sense of urgency in anything E does, especially if it doesn’t affect her in any way. She is willing though and that is appreciated. I add here that I reciprocate her good deeds though I never keep her waiting! Anyway we returned home for a couple of hours whilst they sorted out the van. Just before noon they called me to let me know the work had been completed. E duly drove me there then returned home whilst I sorted out payment. As it happened they hadn’t needed to replace the valve for they had in their own words ‘loosened’ it. It had simply required manipulating and lubricating and if they done that during the MOT test there would not have been the need to check it in for replacement of a supposedly faulty component. It didn’t really matter as I had arranged for a service on the vehicle anyway . The good news was the valve didn’t need replacing and accordingly the invoice was much lower than I had thought it would be. I still had to pay £161 though but it had been worth it. The van was always lively to drive but now it felt more so. When I arrived home E was still backing up the drive. We decided on which vehicle we would use to go for a meal and we opted for her car. After going indoors to change (though I was already dressed for the occasion) we drove off to our destination. When we got near to where we thought the place was located we couldn’t find it. As it was getting late (for lunch) and we were quite hungry we chose to return to another venue we had passed by along the way. We would hopefully check out the original venue at a later date when we had more time. The last time we were at this other place was about three years ago it had changed dramatically since then and for the better too. We were glad to have chosen to dine there. The food and service were excellent and they can expect us to return in the future. So what looked like a day that was going to remain miserable it surprised us and turned out to be the opposite. We just wished it had been a slightly warmer day.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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