Now the right way up

The upside down cake I had baked yesterday tasted delicious with custard and today I had a little more. I don’t often bake and when I do it is only as a treat both for me and for E. Too much of a good thing ends up not being a good thing. With puddings such as these the weight can easily be put on, not to mention their high sugar content. I will admit to having a sweet tooth so I have to be careful I don’t overdo things. It is a relatively cooler day than it was yesterday so I have spent the day just relaxing. Except for spending a little time preparing a stew I have mainly watched television. I don’t like sitting down too long, it isn’t healthy and besides I am too active a person. However it makes a change to just sit and do nothing.

As for the stew, which will provide three meals, it was easy to make. It is the kind of dish that even the beginner in the kitchen can master first time. We had some frozen pork in the freezer which had to be used so after defrosting it I used it in the stew. Normally I would use stewing steak or lamb but we not keep those in stock as we seldom eat them. So I chopped the pork into sizeable pieces and lightly fried it in oil with a chopped onion then put it to one side whilst I prepared the vegetables. When doing the weekly shopping I purchased large fresh carrots, potatoes and a swede. These I also chopped into sizeable chunks and boiled them for ten minutes before adding the pork and onion. I added salt, black pepper, one beef stock cube and one vegetable stock cube. At this stage I added some frozen (pre-cooked) sprouts and then allowed it to simmer for a further fifteen minutes. Finally I added a small amount of (gravy) browning. That was it, finished, so simple and very tasty on the palette. Very healthy food too.

Shirley Anne