Do you find that you sometimes feel something is nagging at you to the point where you have to act upon it? It might be a chore that needs doing, an errand to run, a promised job you said you would do or any other thing. The little voice in your head keeps reminding you but you resist and try to put it out of your thoughts. Unfortunately it pops up again the next day, week or even month if you resist too long. Maybe you were thinking it would go away and all would be forgotten yet it still pops into your thoughts now and then. I am lucky if I get past a week and very lucky if I make it to the month stage. I usually end up giving in and getting the task done. The little voice would nag me to death otherwise!

So a few weeks ago I chopped down several fruit trees in the garden and promised myself that I would cut the trunks into smaller sections some time later. I kept putting it off and even suggested I might just take them to the tip instead, anything but chop them up! There was a good reason for my thinking that way because at the time I was feeling exhausted. I had made the attempt at cutting one length of trunk and found I was too tired. It put me off the thought of cutting any more and I put it in the back of my mind. Then along came nagging thoughts which persisted until I finally had to give in but they didn’t have it all their own way. On Tuesday (18 th) I was at something of a loose end and thought about having another go at cutting the trunks. Although it was hard-going I managed to spend an hour at it. However I was only able to complete part of the task before I had to rest. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be so I will have another go at it in the days ahead. It will take a few sessions but I am determined now that it will not defeat me.

Shirley Anne