He calls your name

Did you know that God is waiting for you? He is waiting for you to respond to His call but you don’t listen, you don’t believe so you ignore. Maybe you are too proud to accept His offer or maybe you don’t know what that offer is. You don’t believe there is a God, it is a silly idea yet you don’t consider it might be true. I know someone who is so stubborn she avoids any possible conversation that might lead to the subject of God. She wouldn’t enter a church building to admire the architecture because of its connection to Christianity and religion. I wonder what she would do if she heard God calling her name. Maybe you are the same, perhaps you are frightened of the possibility too. What would you do if you heard God calling out your name? It could happen but God usually moves in other ways and by The Holy Spirit. He may ‘speak’ directly into your heart and suddenly you realise something you didn’t realise before……..He loves you, He always has loved you and will always love you……….and He waits for you to respond.

Jesus Comforting

You don’t even have to wait for His call, you can reach out to Him now!

Shirley Anne

Redemption (Isaiah 43:1)

To “redeem” means literally “to buy back.” Redemption is one of the key accomplishments of God’s Son, Jesus. As this passage states, God’s people were created and formed by God’s own divine activity, and God himself through Jesus’ sacrificial ministry would buy them back.

But the word “redeemed” itself begs the question: From what are God’s people being bought back? The answer is that we all have willingly sold ourselves in slavery to sin; death is the cost of our disobedience. We are, both by nature and by our consistently sinful choices, rebels against God’s kingdom. The consequence for that rebellion against the righteousness and holiness of God is death, and this price must be paid.

But God, in his mercy, has paid that price himself. He truly has redeemed those who trust in him, having paid the price for our sinful pride and rebellion. God has now the right not only as our Creator, but also as our Redeemer, to say that believers are his and to expect them to live lives that reflect gratitude for his gracious redemption.

Jesus, I know that my future contained nothing but death and darkness, until I heard you call my name and responded. Thank you for your mercy. Thank you for giving me another chance. Amen.

Shirley Anne