Spring is here!

Okay it is still February 21 st as I write this just after lunch but today is definitely not a winter’s day. It is mostly bright sunshine and around 12 deg C, no rain and very little wind, perfect. I had been shopping early in the morning and even then I could tell we were in for some nice weather. Before lunch I spent time in the cellar using the gym equipment, something I hadn’t been doing much of lately. This afternoon I will spend some time relaxing on the patio whilst I can. Over the weekend and maybe tomorrow also I hope to do some more garden maintenance, especially digging out the few bluebells that have shown themselves. Tomorrow morning I will take my walk before breakfast so that I can have the rest of the day to do as I please.

The cherry blossom is not yet on the trees in the area but soon will be. Now that I have removed the damson /plum fruit trees from our garden we won’t have the blossoms in our garden though we do have apple trees. They will blossom later and we do still have a couple of cherry trees, one wild and one with edible fruit. Not that we get much chance to eat the cherries however before the birds get at them, unless we cover them in some way. It looks like the lawn will need cutting too so that may get done over the weekend. One thing you can guarantee for the next few months in the garden is there will be plenty of things to do! Today though I will resist doing anything but who knows? There are lots of things pending.

Shirley Anne


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