Enough already

Wednesday morning was a go for a walk time so I was up reasonably early to make it outside before seven-thirty. It didn’t feel cold when I put my head out of the window earlier but I knew better than not to wrap up warm and true enough it was cold. By that I mean it was no warmer than seven deg. C with a slight wind blowing. I saw a few people walking their dogs but most people were in their cars driving somewhere, probably to work for most of them. In a way I am so glad I no longer have to do that but it doesn’t mean I want to lounge about all day doing nothing either. It was actually a pleasant walk as most of them are. I had determined to make the most of what promised to be another fine and warm day. Yes, it was forecast to be somewhere in the mid-teens temperature wise so after breakfast I put on my overalls and went into the garage to dig out all the scaffolding tower pieces to begin assembling it at the rear of the house. It took me a while to erect it fully for there was no-one to hand me the pieces from below. I am also a little slower than I used to be which is probably better for safety reasons. Besides there isn’t the same urgency in getting things done than was the case when I was younger with little spare time. Now I have all the time in the world. It was after one o’clock by the time I had it done and returned indoors for lunch.

The problems I faced where in keeping it vertical on the slightly sloping pathway, deciding where the safety bars and strengthening bars should be placed and where to place the platforms. There are two platforms supplied with the tower but I found in the past when using it that it was better to have a third. I constructed one using thick plywood a couple of years ago but I only use it lower down the tower. It helps getting the next platform in position much easier and of course the top platform is fixed in position by standing on the second one. Without the bottom platform it becomes difficult to fit the next one. Anyway that was all I did for the day, enough is enough, I wasn’t going to spend the rest of the afternoon working, after all the sun was shining and the patio looked inviting in the now lovely and warm day. You will be curious to know why I erected the tower no doubt.

In the second picture (taken a few years ago) you can see the sloping roof beneath the two windows on the left (which happens to be my bedroom). The roof gets moss growing on it which I have removed a few times over the years and there is a gutter which fills up with dead moss and wind-blown leaves. Occasionally I use a long pole with an attachment from my bedroom windows to scoop out the gutter so that it falls to the ground below but it is awkward. So once in a while I erect the tower and do a more thorough job. I will need to treat the moss to kill it off. Now you know why the tower is there and why I didn’t want to do any work after lunch. There’s always tomorrow and the day after and…… you get the picture.

Shirley Anne