It just had to

It was the last day of February and it was completely different from the days in the week before. I was up early in order to do the weekly shopping and at that time, around seven-thirty, it was quite cool bordering on cold in fact. It was also dull and cloudy. February just had to have the last word to let us know it was technically still winter. I had eaten breakfast before doing the shopping run so when I returned home I was able to begin the task of scraping off the moss on the sloping roof outside my bedroom window. I had erected the scaffolding tower the day before. I took with me a hoe, hand brush, yard brush, bucket and soda crystals together with the garden hose. The hoe seemed the best tool for scraping off the moss and it proved so especially the moss out of normal reach. I did a section at a time scraping then switched to the yard and hand brushes to sweep it down toward me and into the rain gutter from where I handled it into the bucket. Obviously I was wearing gloves as I always do when doing messy and dirty jobs. Once a section was cleared I hosed it down to remove the debris the brushes hadn’t removed. The roof tiles are rough cast so things tend to stick to them. Had I paid for the re-roofing of the house I would have chosen smooth tiles or slates. The roof had been re-tiled by the previous owner just prior to us moving in back in the summer of 1988. After hosing down I sprinkled some of the crystals onto the roof the filled a bucket with water and added soda crystals before ‘splashing’ it onto the tiles. The soda crystals evidently kill any spores to prevent regrowth or at least stave it off for longer. I moved the tower to the next section and repeated the process. I took this picture from my bedroom window later showing the cleaned sections (about three-quarters of the roof)…

I did half of the area you can see (above) before lunch and the second half after lunch at which point February once again let me know it was February and it rained! The rain didn’t last too long but by then I I’d had enough for the day. I moved the tower once again in readiness for completing the last quarter of the roof….

As it happens the last quarter had far less moss on it so hopefully wouldn’t take long to remove. If it didn’t rain on March 1 st the next day it would get done. I was expecting the delivery of my new mower in the morning so it might have to wait.

Shirley Anne