Painful evening

Tuesday had started off dull but soon brightened up and I had been able to do more work on the ramp. This morning (6 th March) I removed the temporary plywood covering soon after I had returned from my early morning walk.

It now only needs the final screed to smooth it all out and that will get done when the weather permits as usual. Once that had been done it was breakfast time and I was especially hungry as I hadn’t eaten since lunch time the previous day. I missed out on my evening meal because I had been to see the dentist late in the afternoon. He had to extract a tooth which couldn’t be repaired as it had deteriorated too much. Fortunately it was located at the side of my mouth and doesn’t spoil my smile! Had it been on view I would have had it replaced and that could still be a possibility if I feel it necessary. Anyway I was encouraged not to eat for three hours and to follow the aftercare instructions. It would have been eight o’clock before I could eat anything but I chose not to so that the healing would not be impeded. However by that time the injection had worn off and the pain began to increase. By late evening it was at it’s worse but I didn’t take any drugs to alleviate it. I won’t take drugs unless it is absolutely necessary. It made getting off to sleep harder but after a while I nodded off. When I awoke all the pain had gone. My next routine appointment will be in September. Friday I see the doctor also for a routine appointment.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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