I’ve never been interested in advertising and especially aggressive advertising which seems to be the norm these days. If I go online it is everywhere, it even appears on my blog. The occasional advert is fine, not that I take much notice but I am bombarded with them! The dynamic ones are the worst, flashing away on the sidelines whilst I am concentrating on something else, emails for instance. It gets so bad sometimes I just cover the screen where they appear. Have you noticed what a minefield it has become when trying to move your cursor around the screen? It is just as bad with finger scrolling, you only have to accidentally slip and you’ve clicked on an advert and opened a tab. Most annoying. I don’t receive much mail at home, you know, the stuff that comes through your letter box, I call it real mail but others call it snail mail because it takes longer to send and receive. Is this real progress or just simply the fact that we are so much in a hurry that everything has to be NOW? Oh how I yearn for a return to times when we had time for everything and didn’t want to cram as much as we could into a day. The mail which comes through my letter box and addressed to myself is usually official and sent from organisations like the tax office, insurance companies or other financial institutions making demands upon my purse. Those I have to accept of course but they are far outweighed by the unwanted stuff, advertising leaflets and special offers from some companies I’ve never even heard of. We have a recycling bin in the porch which is less than a metre from the letter box. How convenient it is for dumping all of it! I do check that none of it wanted of course before binning it.

There is far too much advertising these days in my estimation. The problem I find is that I cannot stop it coming through the letter box or block it online. If I see an advert and make an attempt at deleting it I am asked why I don’t like the advert but there is never an option to delete it. I can opt out of receiving certain advertising offers but cannot block them from my screen. All I get is ‘We want to only display adverts which follow your interests’ or something similar. Data is collected from every site that is visited and it is then assumed you have an interest in purchasing from them all! Most of the time I am just browsing and don’t want anything else, especially unsolicited adverts. When I visit a high street store I do not like staff to approach me asking if I need assistance. If I need assistance I ask for it. If I want advertising I will ask for it but don’t hold your breath waiting for a question.

Shirley Anne