Monday 11 th March. A bright and sunny day, well it was first thing in the morning around seven o’clock when I awoke. Soon the clouds appeared but later in the morning it turned bright and sunny once again. By evening it returned to being dull. The thing I noticed most of all was the fact the wind had subsided and I could hoist the flag again but I would do it later in the day. I had finished breakfast around eight-thirty but had to wait for E to come downstairs for hers. I say waiting because we had plans to go shopping but as on every occasion E won’t be hurried so we didn’t leave the house until well after eleven o’clock. Our first port of call was to the lawnmower store and repair shop . I wanted to check whether our lawn mower had been repaired and also to seek help in regard to the new ride-on mower we had purchased. We were finding it difficult to engage the cutting blades mechanism without the engine cutting out. The mower wasn’t ready for collection but someone would deliver it when it had been and see if anything what was wrong with the new mower. We moved on from there and drove into town and parked up. We visited a few stores, E had her glasses (spectacles) repaired, I purchased cosmetics and toiletries, E returned an unwanted article of clothing for her mom and I purchased a pair of flat-heeled shoes. By this time it was one-thirty and I told E I was taking her to a place of her choice for lunch. She chose a pub/restaurant a mile or so out of town where we often go. On our way back home we dropped off at Dobbies garden centre for a coffee and cake. We had chosen not to have a dessert with our lunch. Finally we arrived back home at five-thirty. As I was parking the van in the garage E called me over to the gate and told me she had just heard a loud crashing sound. One of our elderly neighbours had arrived at the main road and had collided with a vehicle entering our road. The old guy struggles to get about and should really have given up driving some years ago because of state of health. Our next-door neighbour (who happens to be a police inspector) went down to see if he could help. In the meantime E and I took our purchases indoors before returning outside to chat with our next-door neighbour and for me to hoist the flag as I had intended. After a minor repair I hoisted the flag to half-mast.

Earlier in the day our next-door neighbour had called by phone and spoke with E. He had some sad news regarding his mom who had again been taken to hospital as she had been very poorly. If you remember she had been suffering with COPD. and we had nearly lost her last year. He told E that she had died that morning about six o’clock. Out of respect therefore the flag was left at half=mast and would remain so until her funeral the following Monday.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus