Comedy of errors

If you are anything like me you will be familiar with things not always going to plan. With the best of intentions I make plans and arrangements with other people when doing business with them. Everything is sorted and appointments logged in the book or on the computer then it is just a matter of waiting for things to happen. I arranged for our old mower to be serviced and at the same time purchased another machine which was duly delivered on time. I was told the servicing of the old machine might take some time because of the volume of repairs and servicing the organisation already had. It wasn’t a problem so I took their ticket and waited for their call hopefully within the following two weeks. On Wednesday 13th (March) sixteen days later I had received a call but had not been aware. I called their number on Thursday morning to verify they had called me but was connected with somebody who wasn’t familiar with our position so I had to explain everything to her. We had arranged for them to call us before they planned to deliver the mower. I would call at their shop to make payment prior to the delivery because it wasn’t explained to me that they could in fact receive payment at my home. Some companies don’t have such arrangements. Anyway I called them and was told the mower was ready for collection because the girl hadn’t known they were supposed to deliver it. I drove there to make payment (it is less than a mile away) and then she told me they take payment on site!

A wasted journey it would have been but for the fact that I was also going to drive to the builders’ merchant to arrange for a delivery of timber with which to construct the new garage door and frame. (see previous posts). The builders’ merchant was further away but only by a half-mile. After making payment they would deliver the goods that afternoon and the mower would also be delivered the same afternoon. Finally I got things sorted and I could begin the jobs I had set myself to do. As for the new ride-on mower which wouldn’t engage the cutting blades without the engine stopping, it appears we had been setting the handbrake and shouldn’t have done. We had spent some time wondering why we couldn’t get it to work when in fact it had been ourselves who had gotten things wrong!

Cat has trophy….LOL……..

Later that afternoon we called by phone to ask at which time the mower would be returned. We were told that someone had tried to telephone us (no-one did), they spoke yesterday to us and explained that we needed to consult our nephew (what nonsense) before repairs could be sanctioned yet earlier on my personal visit to their store I had been informed that the machine had been repaired and was ready to be returned! It appears their right hand doesn’t know what their left hand is doing! Is this any way to run a business? I let them know my feelings on the matter. To have the mower repaired would have cost £108 and as I was informed it is out of date and parts can no longer be purchased I decided to scrap the idea and scrap the machine. If we do elect to buy another mower we certainly won’t be purchasing from them!

Shirley Anne