Ides of March

Alright I confess it is 20 th April as you read this but I am more than four weeks ahead of you. I think there are 36 scheduled posts but that will be 37 by the end of this day. I find I like writing and I hope you get at least some enjoyment from them. They are never too long and sometimes even a little brief but I suppose ideal for anyone taking a coffee break. I do tend to go off track occasionally but try to keep a tight reign on things, after all I would hate to bore you. ‘Beware the ides of March’ as the soothsayer said to Caesar in Shakespeare’s tragedy but he didn’t take the advice and was stabbed to death. As I write this we are now at that same time in the year and one might say as the soothsayer that we should also take note and beware. To be sure in today’s society there is much to beware of, just take a moment to think on it. However this post isn’t about the dangers in life we all face from time to time no doubt but on things more positive.

There has been much to grumble about lately here in the UK, for one the poor handling of our government to deliver Brexit as promised. It all hinges on leaving the EU without a deal or accepting one which at the end of the day will never be to our advantage. Politicians being as they are just won’t agree. Those who side with the population who wish to remain are putting stumbling blocks in the way of progress. There are ulterior motives for this you can be sure. It is something therefore that we must be wary of and how appropriate since it is March 15 th (as I write). The weather is the other thing we grumble about but then we always grumble about the weather if it doesn’t suit us. It has actually been appalling over the past week or so with high winds and plenty of rain but that is to be expected in March. However there were things in the garden needing attention, cutting the grass and digging out the weeds which grow profusely at this time of year when it is wet and mild. Today, Friday was dry for a change and it lasted until late in the evening. I had been for a walk in the morning and after breakfast went to the local window installer to see if I could purchase a double-glazed small window panel (10 x 10 inches or 254 x 254 mm) which I wish to fit inside the new garage door I plan to construct. They could supply one for around £20 so I placed the order and would collect it the following week. Much time had been wasted during the morning but in the afternoon when it also happened to be sunnier I decided to mow the lawn using the new ride-on mower.

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it and then I soon had it finished. One good thing about using it apart from it being easier was the fact that I didn’t have to empty the grass box three times as I had to do with the old mower. This one holds more and in fact I only had to empty it after I had finished! One small disadvantage with the ride-on mower is it uses more fuel of course because it carries a passenger. Following that job I went into the front garden and did some weed removing in the flowerbeds. The two green waste wheelie bins are full to the brim and await the first collection of the year on the 18 th March. They have been almost full for months. Saturday would be another wet and miserable day so I was glad I took the opportunity to get something done in the gardens while it was dry.

Shirley Anne