Keeping my hand in

Where? Well nowhere would be the answer but I am talking about keeping any acquired skills active to some extent so they are not lost. The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ springs to mind. As a retired electrician it is wise to keep my hand in so to speak but it applies to anything we have learned over the years. I can only speak for myself of course when I say there have been many things which I lent my hand to do over the years. I can also say with modesty that I became quite proficient in those things I made the effort to tackle. Now that I have been retired for two years I find there is less of the electrical work to be done for obvious reasons but there has been plenty of other learned skills I can continue to use. You are probably aware of that if you’ve read my posts. My next door neighbours are both men, one is a practicing solicitor (or lawyer) and the other is a police inspector but neither of them seem skilled with their hands and DIY is something other people do. The solicitor I have never seen doing anything around the house and the policeman by his own admission tells me he isn’t skilled in anything of a practical nature. His father used to do everything around the house but never encouraged his son to take an interest. Both his parents have now passed on so he is finding now that he has to make some sort of effort to get involved in any domestic problems or tasks which need doing. The week after his mom died which was only recently he was telling E that one of the bedroom ceiling lights was broken and I told him I would call to fix it after her funeral had taken place. That was earlier this week as I write and so I called there today (20 Mar) and replaced the ceiling rose and pendant for him.

Because the installation dates from the early sixties there is no earthing conductor in the lighting circuits. He was asking if that was safe and I told him it was as long as he didn’t have metal-clad fittings but that a rewire would be advisable. He is now considering that possibility. He wanted to pay me for my services but I wouldn’t have any of it, I was glad to have been able to help and it did keep my hand in so to speak!

Shirley Anne