Not quite……..

……..what I’d ordered. It was Friday and the first proper day of Spring following the Equinox on 21 st. I had this plan of arising early, going for a pre-breakfast walk and after breakfast doing other things. It didn’t quite go that way but then what did it matter? After all my time is free to do as I please. However I do expect my plans to go according to my wishes nevertheless. First thing which went wrong was getting up too late or later than I had wished. That being the case I left the house at nine o’clock to go for the walk which meant no breakfast before or afterward either because it was approaching lunchtime by the time I returned. I ate lunch at twelve and then played some catch-up on my offset plans. First port of call was to the hole in the wall for some cash. I dislike using the debit card all the time and prefer cash anyway. For myself I don’t like the idea of being in a cash-less society which is the way it will go if we use cards all of the time. Another case of lose it if you don’t use it. Anyway from the cash point I drove to the window repair and installation outlet from whom I had last week ordered a small double-glazed window to install in my new garage door. It should have been ready for collection but it wasn’t. In fact it appeared that it hadn’t even been made! They were to call me when it had been. I drove off to the builders merchant to purchase a couple of door hinges and some 100 mm length screws. I usually keep a stock of various sized screws but I had none of the longer ones in stock having used them all during my previous cellar room projects. The problem with buying screws here is that they come in boxes of 100, 150 and 200 so I was obliged to buy more than I actually needed. I opted for the box of 100 which still cost me more than £20. Had I gone to a retail store they would have cost more per unit as they usually sell them by number. I may have had to pay say £10 for 30 or less of them! Getting up late sort of spoiled my plans which were to begin constructing the door and frame in the garage. I couldn’t do the laying of the final coat of cement on the ramp I had been working on because rain had been forecast for the afternoon. There was nothing to stop me doing the woodwork inside the garage however but I decided against it. Instead I watched some tv with E whilst she was having her (late) lunch by which time I didn’t feel like starting work so late in the afternoon. Saturday onward for a week looked far more promising for we were in for some warm and dry days.

Shirley Anne