Still cool

I hadn’t been able to finish the ramp alterations on Friday because the forecast indicated rain was on its way. As it happened it did rain though not a lot. Any rainfall would be detrimental to newly laid concrete unless it was covered or shielded in some way. Rather than set up a covering which would have been impractical anyway because of the larger area being laid than on previous occasions I chose to do the work the following day. That day was Saturday 23 rd. Accordingly I arose early in order to get it done early in the day. The forecast for the next few days indicated dry weather and a rise in temperature too. Even though the day was sunny it was hazy sunshine most of the time and the westerly breeze ensured it felt cool. It was cool, too cool to sit outside for long though I did try for a spell. The work didn’t take as long as I had thought it might. I mixed one and a half mixer loads of fine concrete which was just enough to finish the project.

As you can see the area is fairly large to protect with a cover and not worth doing. I would have to rely on the weather remaining dry and of course preventing anything from falling onto it for a few hours. The picture was taken about an hour after I had finished and had tidied everything away. The mixer was removed from its stand which was put back in the garage but the mixer itself had to remain outside for a couple of days whilst the concrete hardened. I use a large bag to cover the mixer. Five hours after the work was done it still looked pretty much as it did after an hour but it had started to set firm. It would be Monday at the earliest before I would attempt walking on it. I would be making a start on constructing the new door and frame on Monday and working with my favourite material….wood.

Shirley Anne