Solid as a rock

A lie in on Sunday meant getting up at six o’clock! I had a really good night’s sleep but didn’t get to sleep until twelve-thirty. Five and a half hours was all I could manage but then five and a half hours has been quite normal for me over the last few years. I wanted to see how my concrete screed had turned out but first I had to dress and then have breakfast. When I did go and look I found it as I expected….as hard as a rock! I wouldn’t be using the ramp until Monday or possibly Tuesday for I knew that new concrete (in this case a concrete screed) needs two to three days to settle before allowing traffic on it. During those three days it is considered still green and liable to be easily damaged. It had set nevertheless so I could rest easy. It had been an awkward shape to work at because the slope had to be gradual and to one side due to the position of the door. There hadn’t been a step other than that formed naturally because of the height of the garage floor compared to the level of the path outside. To make matters worse there is a grid close to the doorway making it impossible to have simply incorporated a natural slope in the path itself directly to the door when it was laid. That can be seen in the picture to the right of the doorway.

Anyway somehow I managed to make a sloping ramp which will now make it easier to move stuff in and out of the garage doorway. Sunday started off sunny but it was cold in the westerly wind. Monday promised to be warmer. I would now be able to begin my woodworking project which would take place inside the garage and away from the windy weather if it stayed that way. I did make the attempt at sitting in the sunshine once more but ended up doing a spot of weeding instead. It got too windy and cold and I gave up after a short while. Now as I am writing this it at two in the afternoon it has clouded over and the wind is still strong. Reluctantly I am remaining indoors and will exercise on the gym equipment for a time. No walks today but first thing in the morning before breakfast will set me up for the day.

Shirley Anne