Not a lot…

….but just enough was the theme of the day or rather the morning on Thursday. On Wednesday I hadn’t been feeling too good with what I thought might have been a head cold. After a little medication all seemed better. I got up early, not for a walk but I would be doing the weekly shopping and do it early in the morning. The actual shopping takes place between a quarter to and a quarter past eight o’clock and I am usually back home before eight-thirty. I wanted to do a little more work on constructing the new garage door but only a little. In fact I spent two hours at most putting in more strengthening timbers which included a frame for the glass panel. The next phase would be to cut and fit the plywood panels each side but I didn’t want to spend more time getting that done on the day. As it was the work took me up to eleven-fifteen and I stopped for a snack having had my breakfast more than five hours earlier.

It was a lovely day on Thursday (we are talking about the 28 th March), sunny all day long with a slight cooling breeze. I spent a couple of hours on the patio once the sun came round to that side of the house. At this time of year the patio gets the early morning sun as if faces almost due east but in the afternoon it gets the sun from around twelve-thirty until three-thirty. As we approach the height of summer it gets the sun for around five hours in the afternoon. I was sitting there and I heard the clanging of a ladder being raised to a wall. It was our next-door neighbour. I stood on the wall of one of the flowerbeds and saw that it was he and asked if he needed help, that is someone to stand beneath the ladder whilst he climbed it. He wanted to remove some grass that was growing in the rain guttering. He told me that the gardener would be helping him as soon as he was done with whatever he was doing. Craig, that is my neighbour, asked about drilling a brick wall and what to use. He is totally unfamiliar with anything that requires DIY skills for he was never encouraged to help his dad when he was alive. I told him to come around to the garage in which I have been working and I gave him the wall plugs and screws he needed. We chatted about my projects. Twenty minutes after leaving he returned with a battery drill and a box of drill bits and paraphernalia and was asking which bits were for masonry and which were for drilling metal. Both E and I ran him through which was which and even how to fix them in the chuck! He just doesn’t have a clue but at least he is giving it a go for as he said himself it would cost him a fortune if he had to employ someone to do everything. I will always lend a hand if requested but I want to let him put in some practice for his own benefit. He isn’t stupid, only inexperienced but that will change given time.

Shirley Anne