It was a really cold and windy Monday morning as I ventured out once more for a walk. I left the house at ten after five as I hadn’t been able to sleep once awake at three-thirty. It wasn’t that I had retired that early though I fell asleep around ten o’clock after taking a shower. I find I sleep better after a shower. I have no idea why that is. It was also April 1st and we had all been fooled into thinking Winter had finished with us, at least in the morning. In any case I was glad to be back home around seven. Walking into the vestibule was like walking into the tropics even though the house heating wasn’t on. It would be almost another two hours before it did, just in time for E getting up! I ate breakfast after which I spent an hour relaxing before putting on my overalls to begin work in the garage. The next task on the project was to install a second length of timber on the door frame alongside the one on which the door would be hung. I could have used a single wider piece of timber but I made do with the timber I had bought. I drilled the brick wall and screwed the timber to it and then screwed the original timber to it……

So the vertical piece of timber in the picture is now twice the width and just as sturdy as if it had been a single wider piece. It is actually easier to do it that way and the two have six fixing screws holding them to the wall and four holding them together. Because the wall wasn’t perfectly straight I had to fit wooden spacers behind the vertical sides which left gaps. I mixed some fine concrete, the same mix I used for the ramp outside and filled the gaps on both sides with it. When I fix something it stays where it is put! I used the left-over concrete elsewhere around the garden where needed.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus

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