The door

That is the new garage door I have been working on, well manufacturing to be precise, is coming along quite nicely. It is April 2 nd as I write and I have not long returned into the house after spending an hour or so in the garage this afternoon. Actually it was more like two hours after my lunch. I had been working on the project during the morning too as I was determined to finally get the door hung on the frame. First though I had to fit the hinges and whilst it was standing fixed in the workbench I gave it a coat of wood preserver. I allowed it to dry whilst I had my lunch.

After lunch I began to fit it in place on its hinges. It is at moments like this that you discover the floor isn’t quite as level as it ought to be. I hasten to add I didn’t lay the concrete floor though I was present when it was being laid. It took a couple of attempts before I was satisfied it was right. When I do this I only fix a door with two screws in the hinges to the frame until I get it where I want it to be. There has to be a decent clearance at the bottom edge and it didn’t matter in this case if it was larger than required for I plan to have the concrete on the outside raised to meet the bottom edge when the door is closed. To do that I will lay a narrow width of concrete across the doorway. This will do two things, keep out any water and also keep out any mice! Pictures will be posted at the time. I had to take a trip out immediately after lunch in order to purchase a new lock for the old one wouldn’t be suitable and also a tube of silicon rubber sealant with which to set in the window pane. So I fitted the window on my return and inserted an internal frame to prevent it being pushed in from the outside.

You can see the inserted frame which is blue in colour. In case you are thinking the original door has been removed I tell you it hasn’t just yet, in fact you can see it through the new window otherwise light would be shining through it! The next day I hope to fit the new lock and if I have a couple of suitable handles I will fit them. I know I have spare handles in storage but I haven’t checked thus far. In the last picture you can see the other door which can still be used as long as the new one is left fully open.

And that’s it for today’s post.

Shirley Anne