Anyone undertaking DIY has to be flexible, be able to turn their hands to any task, study problems, come up with solutions and most of all give things a try! That ideology has been part of my approach throughout my working life and remains so now I am retired. After a nice early morning walk and breakfast I was ready to do more work in the garage. Following yesterday’s post my first job was to come up with a solution that would replace the plastic discs in which the door knobs sat. It was either that or buy new ones which meant buying the knobs too. In my electrical work I sometimes used plastic conduit and accessory ‘boxes’ which had plastic lids. The boxes were circular which meant the lids were also. I have quite a number of those lids still in my possession (remember I don’t like throwing stuff away) and they were just the right size. The old plastic discs were in fact recessed to allow the knob to sit in it and not move side to side when turned. Using three plastic lids I drilled holes in their centre, the first was just big enough to allow the knob spindle or bar to pass through but for the next two I drilled larger holes to allow the base of the knob to sit in them. As the lids also had pre-drilled holes all I had to do was align them before screwing them to the door. See picture below.

There are three discs there I assure you but you can see the knob is sitting inside them, the two outer ones that is. When the picture was taken I hadn’t yet purchased the keyhole plates so they will be fitted when I do. One of my next jobs was to fit a sill along the bottom edge of the door but of course it couldn’t fit the whole width else the door wouldn’t close in this case. You can just see the end of it (white in colour) in the next picture that also shows the concrete screed I laid which would fit beneath the sill when the door is closed.

The plywood board was there to keep rain off whilst the concrete was setting though the wind had changed direction and rain wouldn’t be a problem. In fact the door only ever gets wet when the wind is from the north and that is quite rare. I might decide to fit a canopy if I’ve a mind to. I have also decided to paint the door at least on the outside. The whole door and frame has had a couple of coats of preserver. Here are two more pictures one from the inside and one from the outside. Those of you who are awake will notice that the outside of the door is shown before it was painted (see yesterday’s picture)

You can also see that the old door frame has been removed. I did that immediately I had finished working on the knobs. The frame had to be cut before I could lever it off using the large crowbar (jemmy) I have. A very useful tool but I also had to use a lump hammer and piles of elbow grease! My word that frame was hard to remove. I will have to fill in holes in the brickwork and beneath the concrete beam above the doorway and also fit more timber along the top edge on the underside of the opening. All small stuff which shouldn’t take long.

Shirley Anne