Loose ends

I hate it when I’ve nothing to do but I don’t want to be too busy all of the time. However, when I am relaxing I tend to see things that I feel need attention and before I know it I am up again. I tend to be restless when perhaps I should just leave things alone and have the rest. My recent project kept me busy but not all day and even when I had stopped for the day I ended up doing other things around the garden and house. I would have made a great servant in that respect, good value for money. It was Thursday morning and I had been up since four-thirty even though I had set the alarm for five o’clock. Why that early? Well I hate lying in bed once awake and I knew I would be awake early anyway. It was do the weekly shopping day which I like to do between seven-thirty and eight-thirty. It gets it out of the way and leaves the rest of the day to do other things but I’ve mentioned this before. It was very cold first thing in the morning but by ten o’clock it began to warm up, so much so I spent an hour sitting on the patio with a drink. Just to show you what the weather was like and how the sun shines on the patio in the warmer months in the mornings I took this picture at ten o’clock.

I went indoors for a short time but returned to the patio after my lunch where I dozed off for about twenty minutes! After a while I jumped up realising I wanted to remove the hinges which were still fixed to the old door of the garage out on the front driveway. I had been thinking of putting hinges on a wooden chest which I was given when I left my employer twenty-three years ago! It had been used to store lead-acid batteries when in use but had been disposed of when a new system had been ushered in. I thought at that time it would be useful and for some time it was used to store odds and ends in the cellar. I had cleaned it last year and had left it in the gym empty. I fitted the hinges I had just reclaimed on the chest and it is now being used to store the ‘bed’ E uses when lying in the sun on the patio.

I screwed a spare knob to the lid to make it easier to lift. The rolled-up bed just about fits inside. There is an identical bed in the store room but we seldom use two at the same time. Waste not want not. I knew it was a good idea to take that chest all those years ago.

Shirley Anne