Here we go again

It was Saturday the thirteenth and much cooler than it had been during the week. By the end of the following week we were told to expect it to be much warmer, up to 18 deg C. Now that was good news but my greatest concern lately has been the lack of rain. It is the growing season and plants don’t grow if if is dry. I had been watering the rear garden nearly every day this past week especially as I had bedded new plants. The front garden hadn’t been watered as often but it was a due today so the first thing I did after breakfast was to do just that and a spot of weeding at the same time. When I went indoors I made a coffee and sat on the patio in the rear garden whilst the sun was shining. Even though it was sunny the easterly wind tempered it somewhat. I spent only enough time for drinking my coffee for I had been contemplating what I might do for the rest of the day and I had an idea. It was something I have intended doing for quite some time but it got shelved when my projects took preference. On the corner of the house nearest the patio there is a room which is beneath the kitchen. I had sealed it off a couple of years ago after I had bricked-up an internal door which used to give access to the now refurbished utility room. It was more a case of security at that time and the entrance wasn’t really needed. My intentions were to convert the room into a toilet for use when out in the garden to save having to come indoors to the first level wet room. Here is a picture I took today showing the access to the room.

There is a black wooden door which is kept closed and locked because the white door (blue on the inside) has no lock. When I had finished my coffee I put on my overalls and cleared away the accumulated cobwebs and debris that had covered the area and went inside to see where I had left-off working and what needed to be done. Yes, I am thinking about doing that conversion into a toilet but with a simpler plan than I had two or three years ago. I had plans to remove the white door and brick-up the entrance as well as removing the outer door and bricking that up too. I was then going to put a new pvc door to the side of the building which faces the Plot adjacent to the patio. Now I think it would be easier and far less expensive to just replace the white door but still remove the black outer one. I took the following pictures before I did anything else.

The entrance beneath the white door had been concreted but the remainder of the floor still had the same fire clay tiles as elsewhere in the cellar rooms but unfortunately many of them were damaged. The floor sloped toward the entrance and if it was to be used it would have to be levelled out first. My first job on this new project was to therefore lift up and remove all of the tiles which I managed to do easily with the help of a pick axe. I moved them all to the concrete plinth where I store all materials of this type and other things I intend to either use or dispose of later. Notice the ‘permanently temporary’ patchwork ceiling! It had been intended as a temporary measure until the room could be refurbished, honest! The beauty of this project is the lack of urgency to have it completed and the fact that it is under cover yet gives ready access to the fresh air and the garden bench!

Shirley Anne