I received an email from a friend living in the USA that she has finally decided to leave her current boyfriend who is actually her fiance. He seems impossible to live with, has mood swings a drink and drug problem and mistreats her. He ridicules her in public and belittles her to his friends and family. Not a nice guy and I am surprised she stayed with him so long. She wrote telling me she was moving out and has already found a house to purchase which she likes and has been approved for a mortgage. Over the years I’ve known her she has struggled in finding a decent relationship and those she formed a relationship with didn’t respect her. She is a lovely girl, generous and humble, honest and trustworthy, outgoing and full of life but it seems the good people of this world are the ones who get a bad deal sometimes. I am very similar to my friend in that I too have found it difficult living with someone I love who doesn’t always treat me well. I often feel taken advantage of because I am generous to a fault and gentle in spirit but it still grieves me. I wrote this poem last year which reflected how I felt and still feel. It is listed among the other poems on this site.

You’ll miss me when I’m gone,
You’ll miss the love we shared
And all the fun.
You’ll miss the tender times in moments past
When you and I together wished
That it would always last.
Well deep within my heart my love was strong
Despite the many times you hurt me
Knowing it was wrong.
Your stubborn heart was cold
Your eyes were blind
And stayed that way as you grew old.
When I am gone and you’re alone
Will you regret not acting
As you should have done?
When I am gone,
What chance that we shall meet again
And stay together love,
Or be forever apart?………………………….Shirley Anne 20 August 2018…. Hearts don’t break by themselves, people break them. People can be very cruel and hurtful. What pleasure is there in mistreating another person? What is to be gained? When you go out today wear your best smile and be kind to others. As Jesus commanded, LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Shirley Anne