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For one reason or another I found myself a little under the weather yesterday and took the opportunity to have a complete day of rest. I even retired to bed earlier too and my head hit the pillow at nine-fifteen. It didn’t take long to fall asleep. Friday morning saw me up at ten before six and ready to go. It wasn’t for a walk though as I had decided to take that later or on Saturday morning instead, no, I was going to get the floor in the new outside toilet project finished. When I say finished I mean as close to the door opening as possible for I wanted to leave that small area until later. So after a little breakfast I put on my overalls and boots and went outside to set things up. We had rain yesterday, quite a lot of it and according to the forecast we would get more today (26 April) but it would be later rather than sooner in the day. I only needed a couple of hours to do what I wanted and fortunately it was bright and sunny when I started at seven-thirty. However the sunshine didn’t last long and clouds began to appear but I plodded on. It took two full mixer loads to finish the work. I had to place some temporary shuttering, basically a couple of pieces of wood weighed down with heavy tiles to form a stop.

I had just about enough mix to do it. During the mixing of the second load rain began to fall but it was extremely fine and short-lived. The remaining small area by the door won’t require the use of the mixer I shouldn’t think but may use it anyway. I managed to pack everything away and clean out the mixer by nine-thirty to return indoors. The rain didn’t fall again until after ten-thirty at which time it was pouring down hard. I was so happy I managed to do what I had set my mind to complete for it would be Monday morning before I would do any more work. I was going to take another long weekend off from work for a change…………………..Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus

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