I wanted to do a little more on the outside toilet project but had to stop for a lack of assistance. It was approaching lunch time and I reluctantly downed tools for the day. I hadn’t started work until after eight o’clock and my first objective was to remove the outer door and its frame in order to fit yet another ‘Acrow’ support bar beneath the stone slab and in fact had to instal that before I could remove the frame. First of all though the door itself had to be removed so that I could safely remove the frame. Many years ago I manufactured the door and installed it together with the frame. It proved difficult when removing the frame for I had made sure it was going to stay there! Over the years the fixing bolts rusted and resisted my efforts to take the frame down but after a while it was done though I had to saw the frame in a couple of places beforehand. The frame was so stubborn to remove a couple of bricks came out with it on one side.†

You can see the spaces at top left. The next task was to chisel away the bricks on the left of the other doorway to allow the installation of the concrete lintel at a slightly higher position than it had previously been installed.

On the right in the lower picture about halfway down the bricks stop. They appear white in the picture. The lintel will sit on them on that side. On the opposite side you can see where the red bricks stop before the next one steps back. The lintel will sit ontop of that stepped-back brick. The one above it had to be chiselled to make it possible. The one beneath it will be filled in with a piece of brick. It was at that point I had to stop for there was no-one to assist me in lifting the lintel up and there was no way I could do it alone or even attempt to. Before the work around the doorway could continue that lintel would have to be in place. I could have mixed some mortar and done some patching up but that wasn’t worth doing. I would be mixing a lot of mortar later and it could all be done at the same time. Well I potted around for a time sweeping up and disposing of the old timber then I salvaged as much of the door furniture that I could, the hinges and the bolts which were all in good condition save one small bolt which I abandoned. I had phoned my eldest son for his assistance but he wasn’t available as he was at work that afternoon. I was expecting the guy later in the afternoon who would be measuring for a new door. It would have been better had the lintels been installed but I knew at what height they would be. Until I could get them in place I would have to start on something else like preparing for a new ceiling for instance.

Shirley Anne


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