Still waiting

It was May 1 st, a dull and damp morning but there was hardly any wind at all, say 1 or 2mph. A fine rain was falling as I left the house five minutes before five o’clock to go for my walk. I had walked two miles before I could lower the hood on my jacket. It stayed pretty much dry after that and as the morning progressed it even brightened up for a spell. It didn’t last though and the rest of the day remained dull but at least it was warm. It didn’t matter to me for I was going to spend a few hours inside the room on my project. I had phoned my eldest son yesterday to ask if he could help me instal the concrete lintel as I couldn’t do it by myself. Unfortunately he couldn’t at that time but said he would call me later. However he forgot due to his work commitments (he is a police officer). I couldn’t call on his brother to help as he lives in another town, actually the city of Manchester over forty miles away. My eldest lives just less than three miles away. Anyhow I called him again this morning and asked if he was available on Thursday at any time. He would send me a message giving me the time he would be able to come which would probably be in the afternoon. So the work of installing the lintel was left on hold again. I wanted to do some work however and decided to fill in the ends of the cavity walls where the old wooden door frame had been installed. To do that I had to mix some mortar by hand in a large bucket and fill in the gaps with pieces of cut brick. A few years ago we had the cavity walls filled with insulation which was blown in through numerous holes that had to be drilled in the seams. However in this part of the walls the insulation hadn’t completely filled the cavity so I filled the cavity using polystyrene which we had stored up in the loft area in a bag. The polystyrene was in small pieces which had been used to cushion articles sent through the post and would be ideal for the job. Years ago polystyrene was used in cavity walls as insulation but new fire regulations prevented it from being used thereafter. As it is extremely unlikely to catch fire in this instance (at the bottom of a wall which is isolated and remote from any heat source) it would be alright to use it. Once I had filled in the gaps and relaced a couple of bricks on one side I rendered both sides with fine concrete. That is why I didn’t ask my son to call today as the repairs had to remain undisturbed whilst they dried out. The concrete is the dark section in each picture.

E had been busy doing other things so I decided to eat out for a change and then purchase some fibreglass insulation to go inside the ceiling spaces between the joists when I instal a new plasterboard ceiling. Whilst out I forgot to purchase the wood preserver to use on the ceiling timbers when I strip off the old ceiling. I will have to purchase it next time I am out. The guy came yesterday afternoon to measure up for a new plastic door and frame. He told me someone else would call next week to make a more detailed measurement by which time the lintels should hopefully be in place. The door would cost me £600 fitted.

Shirley Anne



Author: Shirley Anne

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