The first of two

It was the first of the two long weekend breaks we have in May. The first and the last Mondays are both considered a national day off work for those who are not self-employed. In that respect it didn’t affect me whilst I was self-employed and even less so now I am retired. Each day is pretty much the same as the next throughout the year. I do take breaks at the weekend and occasionally at other times depending on how I am feeling and that is usually during my busier working days. My current project is one such case where a lot of the initial work has been strenuous. Digging up the floor and reconstructing it in concrete and replacing the ceiling panelling for instance is strenuous work when one has no labourer other than one’s self! So on this weekend (4 th – 6 th May) I didn’t work on the project on Saturday and may leave off the work until Tuesday morning. It all depends on how I feel. I did however get some gardening duties out of the way today (Saturday). There were some shrubs that required pruning back as they had become overgrown to the detriment of other plants nearby and of course there was the perpetual removal of weeds great and small which grow at phenominal rates if left too long. I could spend all day just weeding then have to return the next day for those I missed! I tend to pluck them out as I come across them.It was after lunch I decided to mow the lawn and at last I have gotten used to the controls on this my third use of the new machine. It is partly work and partly pleasure riding on the mower instead of having to push one along. In the afternoon I spent a couple of hours on the patio in the bright sunshine. It was only spoiled by a wind blowing from the north though I was almost completely shielded from it and it wasn’t that strong anyway. It did however temper the temperature and kept it at 11 deg C. In the shelter from the wind and in full sunshine it was much warmer.Before returning indoors I gave the garden plants a good watering especially those in the long border (shown on the left in an old picture) sheltered beneath that huge tree in my neighbour’s garden which can miss getting rained upon once the tree is in leaf and the wind isn’t favourable……………Shirley Anne





Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus

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