Not waiting

I guess you could call me an impatient person but not in everything. Certain things do aggravate me and annoy and for those I get impatient but the reality is I have more patience than even I believe. Whether this is due to my getting older or being influence by my Christian faith could be debatable but I rather think both apply. When things don’t go quite to plan I sometimes feel angry but as the old saying goes it is better not to worry about those things over which you have no control but concentrate on those you have and know the difference between them. In my latest project I felt I was being held back because of one small obstacle and it really was a small obstacle. As I couldn’t speed up the process I carried on with other just as important tasks. If you’ve been reading my latest posts you would know I was waiting for help to lift a concrete lintel over a door opening. My eldset son told me he would help when he had the spare time but within a few days at most. Yesterday (May 4 th) he called the house phone in an attempt to contact me as he had been trying to all day long on my mobile phone. Both of us couldn’t understand why he wasn’t able to get through for my phone was on and active and with me. It didn’t matter now that he was able to reach me at last and he told me he would be along around 8 pm. Well true to is word he came and it literally took him less than a minute to raise it into position almost completely without my help! He stayed a while and chatted with E and myself before returning home. His work commitments and his wife and daughter take most of his time and rightly so. I couldn’t thank him enough for doing that small thing for me which would enable me to get the work around the doorway finished. The coming week or so would hopefully see the new door installed. The picture shows the lintel after the work I had done on Tuesday which was to fill-in the gaps from Monday’s work. More on that tomorrow.

Today, Sunday, I spent an hour or so potting-on a plant and doing a little garden maintenance before spending time on the gym equipment. The rest of the day was spent resting.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus

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