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I used to think my electrical work was very interesting and to be sure it was (and still is) but I am finding that is over the last twenty years, that I have found building work and construction interesting too. I say twenty years but in reality I have worked at building and construction almost as long as I did as an electrician and also a maintenance engineer. It is just that it didn’t major in my working life but now I am retired and for the latter couple of years before retirement I have been able to do more work in construction and building. I enjoy seeing my projects slowly coming along and the changes they make. We just had the first of our two May bank Holidays (I write on 7th), Monday being the holiday and although I could have just rested I decided to do some work on the concrete lintel my son had so kindly lifted in place for me. Essentially that meant cementing it in place and filling the gap above it with bricks and a cement mix (rather than mortar) so that when the supporting bars were removed the slab would be resting on it. That work was done on Monday (yesterday). Today I began by removing the three Acrow supports from the doorway area and then cementing in the gaps which couldn’t be filled until the first application had set. Once that part had been done I cut and fitted the wooden lintel on the inside behind it and wedged it in place with timber. I couldn’t complete that work as it required that some brickwork needed to be done first.

Looking at the picture you might think it isn’t parallel with the concrete one behind it but it is just the perspective. Their bottom edges however are not at the same level, the wooden one is a little higher but it will get a piece of timber screwed to the bottom in order to seal the cavity between them and in order that the cavity can be filled with insulation too. The inward facing area will also be covered with timber to seal it off from the room. Actually there will be a box section along that wall at ceiling level to hide all the pipework and electrical wiring anyway. At the top of the stone steps outside there was a hole in the brickwork. That happened because of my work on the inside making space for the concrete lintel so I had to fill that in today also. Whilst doing that job I spread some fine concrete over the riser of the top step to fill in the stonework which had been pushed back a little sometime in the past. It could not be pushed back out again in case it became damaged. The other sides of the riser can be seen from beneath and it will be concreted over to level it out. There will be other filling in to do on those steps and on the slab at some point later on……………………….Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus

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