Not at home

When it comes to the Internet or rather those we are in contact with through it, is always seems that everybody disappears come the weekend. Not even a quick message. Come Monday morning however the email box is full. I have noticed that I have lots of ‘friends’ between Monday and Friday but none of them are at home at the weekend. Is it just me or do others have the same experiences? Maybe they are writing to me whilst at work so that they don’t have to use their computers at home. I get this a lot from my male admirers. Hummm…I wonder why? Not that I am concerned in the least but it does make me think.

Shirley Anne x


Time for yourself

In the hustle and bustle of life, the seemingly endless merry-go-round we ride each day, do you take time out? What have you done for just yourself today? For many people work is their whole life, everything revolves around it. Others have a more hedonistic lifestyle but whatever kind of life you lead do you ever just take time for yourself or indulge in something you would not normally indulge in? Perhaps it is some quiet moments of meditation, maybe a favourite book or magazine. Perhaps it is listening to your favourite music or going for a walk . Whatever it might be do you do it alone and enjoy the lack of interference from others for a spell? I think many people, at least in the Western World, sometimes push themselves too hard. It is good to relax and get away from it all for a short time. It serves to recharge the batteries so to speak and makes you ready to take on the World again.
Be kind to yourself……………

Shirley Anne x

What rocks your cradle?

Are you consumed with a specific passion, desire, occupation, hobby or is it the daily prssure of life which takes up all your thoughts? Are you blind to what’s going on around you or have you little interest because you are concentrating on something else? Do you take time out from the treadmill, the job, the daily chores and give yourself a break? More and more I find myself doing this. Whether it is an age thing or not I’m not sure. I see children pre-occupied at play and adults going through the motions of whatever it is they are doing. Are there any dreamers out there? Are we resigned to the drudgery or do we do something about it? I love fantasy and adventure but is it in my own life? To some degree I think it must be in all of us. There is more to being human than just being a part of the whole mechanism of life. We think and in doing so we dream, plan and decide. We are not machines. We have things that rock our cradles. What’s rocking yours?

Shirley Anne x

Life’s Journeys

In my previous post I mentioned something about life, whether it is the journey through it or the final destination. We can only experience the journey until we take our final breath, which I suppose then is the destination. Some of my friends both present and past are taking or have taken an unusual journey in their lives. A journey which will most certainly change and has changed their lives for ever. These friends are transgendered and specifically transsexual. (You can read about Transsexualism in my pages and links). Their journey will be much like my own journey (see my pages) but with differing personal issues. The journey isn’t an easy one to make and it isn’t one that is taken lightly or on a whim as some people might think. It is difficult for many people to understand what it means to be transgendered and transsexual because they don’t have that experience themselves. What they lack is an education in these matters and it would be a good thing if they could take the time to read about the condition and perhaps in doing so gain a real understanding. Life is in itself a journey and we learn as we go along. Everthing we learn makes us more wise, more informed and more well balanced as a human being. Enjoy your own personal journey but consider others who’s journeys are not so easy to make.

Shirley Anne x

Another one’s gone

It’s Monday again and yet another week is over. I was just thinking about my life, your life, everybody’s life and where we are all heading. Nothing deep here so don’t worry that I’m going to start preaching. I don’t do that anyway. No, I was thinking about life and the way we all strive to meet our own goals, whatever they might be. Nothing wrong in that of course, we all have ambitions of one sort or another. We set our minds to achieving something and work at it until it is completed, then we move on to the next goal. Each day we go through the motions of life almost without thinking about it. We are happy if things are going our way or as we would like it and we moan if it doesn’t. Such is life, but what is life all about? Is it just a compilation of all our daily struggles or is it something more than that? Is there a purpose in what we do and if we did something completely different would it matter at all? After all, we none of us do exactly the same things and yet we all run the same course and arrive at pretty much the same destination as everyone else. So is life just a measure of our daily struggles, accomplishments and experiences or is it a celebration of something more noble? Is it the journey or the destination?
There goes another weekend………..but where?

Shirley Anne x


Do you ever want to throw your cellphone into oblivion? Mine hasn’t stopped ringing all day. This morning I was up to my eyes in work and off it started, one after the other, call after call. Maybe I should employ a secretary!
Do you ever wish you could do without the cellphone? Remember the days when you could leave your house and stay anonymous till you returned? Once we managed but these days it seems we cannot do without them. When I take my vacation in June, my phone is staying at home!

Shirley Anne x

A treat

A no work day that turned out fine. My van had to go for it’s first service today after twelve months! I have only travelled 4 thousand miles in it though. Anyhow I took it to the service station and my ex. followed a few minutes behind me so she could bring me back home. Well we came home via town and I had a pair of shoes re-heeled there. Work was in progress on a new driveway we are having done and all was ok. After an hour or two the van was ready to collect so my ex. took me back to pick it up. Next door to the service depot is a store that sells satnavs, hands-free kits for cellphones and all sorts of goodies for the motorist. We called in to have a peek and I ended up buying for myself a new satnav and a hands-free kit for my phone. These are items I had in my previous vehicle and come in very handy for my line of work, especially the phone but when that van got wrecked in an accident late ’07 I never got around to putting new ones in my new van. So I treated myself and indulged. To top it all I have had a couple of job requests today so things are looking ok. and I’m back to work tomorrow!

Shirley Anne x

I have nothing to say

In the words of the great Oliver Hardy, ‘I have nothing to say’……………….except that it is a wonderfully, gloriously sunshiny day! Now I am waiting for somebody to louse it up!
Every day should be a special day whether it rains, snows (what’s snow?…LOL), blows a gale or whatever. We tend to major on the minor instead of the other way round. Enjoy this life, you don’t get do do it again.

Shirley Anne x

Thin end of the wedge?

Toady I am sitting on my butt again, not because I want to but I am forced to. I have noticed a sharp drop in job requests recently so it appears the ‘crunch’ is finally filtering down to me. Why should I get away with it? Anyhow it gives me a chance to see what full retirement would be like. I don’t like it! I don’t think I am the type who likes to do nothing all day so if I did retire voluntarily or not I am sure I would try to find some sort of interesting things to do. Maybe visit far off friends and spend some time with them. Maybe get involved in community issues, trans issues(? Perhaps), something at any rate. I think most people do not give consideration to what they might do if they had to retire and when it actually happens they are taken by surprise. I am hoping however that my short journey into doing nothing will indeed be a short one.

Shirley Anne x

Lazy Days

Why do I do it? I go to bed late or should I say early? It was 03.15 when I went upstairs! That meant a sleep-in for longer than I’d wished. Consequently I got up late and missed breakfast. Starving hungry (I shouldn’t say that – I don’t really know what it means to be starving), I proceeded to cook dinner. Now it it mid-afternoon and I’m sitting on my butt writing this. I must get my act together and go for a drink…LOL.

Shirley Anne xxx