Today (Sunday) I went for a walk, something I do often. I had not been out much lately due to my not being too well so I welcomed the chance to get out and get the exercise. It is all too easy to sit down in a cosy room when the weather is bad so it is important to be disciplined. Today however it has turned rather colder than of late with a biting easterly wind making it feel even colder. By the time I returned home I looked the picture of health with nice rosy cheeks and all but slightly dishevelled because of the wind! I think it is important to have some exercise each day and I try to do that. Once upon a time not so long ago I frequently went for a run but don’t feel the need to do that any longer, a good brisk walk for a few miles does the trick. Whatever exercise you take, enjoy it!

Shirley Anne x


New things

I am trying to improve my blogsite as much as possible to generate interest for those who visit. I have added more pages, more poems, more links and blogroll items. If you wish to be included on my Blogroll or have any interesting links I will be pleased to look at them and add them if I think they are suitable. Enjoy my pages and posts as much as I enjoy putting them there for you.

Shirley Anne


Lately I seem to be in great demand, at work anyhow! Everybody wants Shirley Anne to work for them. Mustn’t grumble about that though! Partially I am in it for the money of course but I enjoy the work and meeting people.
If I go out I seem to attract attention, often uninvited attention, especially from guys. Am I just easy to approach? Probably! I am a very gregarious girl and I can make friends very easily. It is nice to be popular of course it is but it must be for all the right reasons, yes?

Shirley Anne

Constant Battle

Have you noticed in your corner of the world how there is such a constant battle against forces of evil? The news is replete with stories of violence, abuse, robberies, muggings, burglaries, hate crime otherwise known as homophobic crime. The list seems to be endless. Knife crime seems to be increasing day by day. People in my town are frightened to go out at night or visit the town itself sometimes.
Yet there are many good things happening too. It appears to me that these days there is a distinct lack of respect for other people in some quarters and an unashamed disregard for the law. Where is it all going to end?

Shirley Anne