Over three thousand

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To date I have posted almost 3100 posts on this blog. I don’t suppose many of my readers will have read them all or that many browse older posts either. I was browsing some of my old postings just for something to do. I had and have been doing much work at home lately as well as carrying out electrical work for others and it does take its toll. I do enjoy my work however but it is nice to be able to sit and relax afterward. I am not one who likes to read fiction, it was never an interest to me but give me literature about practical subjects and I am happy. With me, if I am reading something of interest it leads me to other things. When I am searching a word in a dictionary I often find myself drifting off and searching related words and their meanings too. Before I know it I find myself way off target if I am not careful. Life’s a bit like that for many of us, we aim for something but get sidetracked and we end up somewhere else, somewhere we never thought we would be. The funny thing is we end up preferring our unintended destination. When I first started with this blog I never thought I would ever have reached so many posts but I did. That is 3100 posts in almost as many days. On one or two occasions I have posted twice on the same day but that hasn’t been often. Sometimes I wonder if I will continue and if so for how long? I have been tempted on a couple of occasions recently to simply stop. A blog is basically a personal log for many, an insight into the often mundane things we get up to in our daily lives though some people use the platform for other reasons, and there will be many. So I was re-reading some of my old posts and they brought back to mind memories of when they were written and the things I had been doing at the time. I wondered how I managed to do some of them when I remember what was involved and that is the point, we often do not realise our own potential when faced with a seemingly difficult and daunting task. It just takes a little confidence. Almost 3100 postings since the middle of January 2009 proves a point to me anyway.

Shirley Anne


Writing on

I’ve not done any writing of posts on this site for almost a week. The main reason for that is my laptop has been out of action for a few days because of software problems concerning Windows 10. I wrote about this in a pre-written post published recently. The post was written days ago and that is the second reason for my not writing much. I usually write around five or six posts in advance. Most of those have now been published. Although the laptop has been fixed I am using the Android tablet to write this as I am having difficulty in connecting to the Internet, it’s a router password matter I haven’t resolved at this moment after many attempts. I think, though I’m not entirely sure, I might be using the wrong information. I am waiting for some family assistance. So I am using the tablet which is equipped with predictive text, something I am not used to as yet but I am learning fast. It is so good it presents many of the words I am about to write as if it is learning as it is used. Maybe. Although the tablet is a 10 inch one half of the screen is taken up by the pop up keyboard and if I magnify the text it becomes more difficult to navigate. I shouldn’t grumble, at least I have more than one means to get on line. The eighteen inch screen is much better though. The laptop has been wiped clean and Windows 10 has been installed and all is well thus far but I need to get on line in order to reinstall other software. So I am hoping that will be soon. In the meantime I am stuck with what I have.

Well I spoke too soon didn’t I? On Saturday morning I managed to connect with the router and began the long process of downloading the various add-ons, extensions and saved data when the machine froze. A reboot didn’t resolve the problem and in fact I wasn’t able to even get the sign in page! I returned the machine so that further investigations can be made. So now I am thinking there is a hardware fault. I it proves difficult I may have to purchase another. What a bummer! Until I can buy a new compute or have the current one repaired all my posts here may have limited content.

Shirley Anne


Nearly a milestone

Boat of Boredom
Boat of Boredom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s not much going on lately on the home front. I have been kept busy at work and have even had to turn down work because of the amount I have been getting. Many would say that is a good thing and it is if indeed much work was necessary. In my case I work more out of enjoyment than necessity. Work gives me something to occupy myself and to relieve the boredom of an otherwise dull existence. Life for me isn’t all dull though but unless I am occupied it can be very dull indeed. I did no work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and at the time of writing this nothing planned for the week ahead. Well that’s fine as it gives me the opportunity to do anything I like instead. Problem is there is little else I have an interest in these days, things to keep me active that is. I want to be active all the time and I suppose that is my problem. I do little reading, watch little television, almost never go to the cinema, in fact if I am sitting down for too long I simply have to get up and walk about.

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Yes, I am sitting down writing this but my mind is on other things, what to do next? I have been glancing at my blog’s statistics, specifically how many posts I have written and I discovered that as of today (Saturday) I have written and posted 2489. That’s a lot of posts since my first in January 2009. When I look back I am amazed at the way the blog has developed and the diversity of the posts themselves. If each of those posts were about a different subject that would mean nearly two and a half thousand subjects! Alas, I doubt I could write about so many different things so you will find much of my posts centre around a single subject but even so there are still many. I don’t boast that I am that knowledgeable on all the subject material except perhaps those in which I am well versed and experienced. Surprisingly though I don’t spend a lot of time at my computer and most of my posts, probably all of them, are written straight from the heart without much thought. The words just flow out. I have an active mind and find writing quite easy. One thing I have to say though is that I get bored easily and perhaps that is a good thing when writing blog posts for there is a fine balance between keeping my readers interested and boring them to death with posts that go on and on. If I write 400 words I am happy enough but once I pass 600 I am beginning to get bored myself. All in all I think I have done well in achieving this minor milestone of almost two and a half thousand posts. A few weeks ago when I was at a low ebb I seriously thought of closing the blog altogether but I am still here, for how long I cannot say. Maybe I’ll wait until I reach the five thousand post milestone before making that decision.

Shirley Anne

Trying out a different theme

Test Drive Off-Road
Test Drive Off-Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was just thinking….I have used my former theme for this blog since I began blogging back in 2009. I have made many alterations along the way but never yet felt inclined to change the theme itself. So here is the one I have chosen for a road test. It is somewhat of a departure from the old theme so will take time to getting used to. Comments would be appreciated.

Shirley Anne

Mucking about

English: Mucking Flats. The flood defence wall...
English: Mucking Flats. The flood defence wall at Mucking Flats with the River Thames at high tide. The arable farmland to the left is at least a metre lower than the water level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My readers may have noticed that I have changed a few things on this blog such as the colour of highlighted text which is now purple rather than blue. I think the change makes the presentation more alive. Readers may also note that my pages bars above have been rationalised, some pages have been removed as they have been inactive, that is no-one seems to be looking at them. Those which are left have been reorganised a little and have lost their numbering or lettering except the first six which are still numbered one to six. When I first started this blog I had so many pages up above that I had to number them if I wanted them to be in a specific order and I discovered that when number eleven was reached it ended up in position number two, twelve would be in position three and so on. This is because the software doesn’t recognise that number two should be in the second position. It is using the binary system. To get around the problem I had to number from one to nine and then change to letters if I wanted more pages in the order I wanted then on the page. It was far too cumbersome and didn’t really make the presentation easy on the eye. I remember WordPress indicating that the problem of not being able to place pages in the order wished without them being jumbled up would be sorted out one day. Well that day never came as far as I know. As an example, ‘My Story‘ would be displaced by another page if it that page was entitled¬† ‘Gallery’ as ‘G’ precedes ‘M’ in the alphabet. I might not want the pages displayed in that order. I had to number the pages or affix a preceding letter to get around the problem. Over the last couple of years I have rid the pages bars of excess baggage and today, Saturday I have reduced the pages to a more suitable minimum. Unfortunately the first six pages remain numbered in order to keep them in the order I wish to present them. I hope the small colour change doesn’t distract my readers anyhow. Mentioning readers, I notice they come from all around the world and from many diverse places. Some countries represented have only one reader as yet but some have quite a number, places like the USA and Canada for instance, not to mention my own country, the UK. I had no idea I was so popular! I thank them all and especially you who are reading this right now, thank you. Now I must stop writing and get on with some domestic chores. Such is life.

By the way the picture has nothing to do with the post, except for the connection in the title.

Shirley Anne


WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Phil Oakley)

A couple of days ago I received a brief message from the WordPress staff congratulating me on my fifth anniversary with WordPress. Since that day five years ago I have posted 2068 times! When I first began to blog I found I had very little to say and found writing anything interesting difficult. I would hope that will have changed for the better five years on! Well at least 271 people are interested as that number are currently subscribing to my meanderings here. It is nice to know that I have accumulated so many ‘followers’, it makes blogging worthwhile. If not for my readers I know I probably wouldn’t continue with the blog, it would be pointless to do so. So here I am today still plodding along. The greatest problem anyone faces when blogging is finding something to write about, especially if one posts as often as I do. Subject matter is limitless, it is simply finding something one finds interesting enough to oneself to write about. Currently I am writing about the adventures with the bathroom refurbishment E and I are involved with at home and the previous Wet Room project which was completed in late December. Occasionally I will post something about Christianity and especially salvation as a means of outreach to those who at present have no interest in such things. I try not to preach in these posts but simply present the argument. I am always open to discussion on that subject. Other things I write about are many and varied, like anniversaries! Whether I will still be writing posts in another five year’s time rather depends on whether I am still around of course but more especially if I have anyone interested enough to read them. I appreciate all those who bother to take the time to read what I have to say and I hope they will continue to find something of interest in what I write.

Shirley Anne

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Post number 2000!

Water drop
Water drop (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

This evidently is my 2000th post according to Word Press. When I started to post on 14 January 2009 I never imagined I would stick to writing at all but here I am still plodding along.

I went to do a small electrical job on Monday morning and whilst there the guy showed me some other work he wanted me to do. Now at one time I would have taken on the work as long as I had the time but I still get annoyed when people get me to their house to do a specific job then begin to pile on the extra work expecting me to do it there and then. I politely told him that I would do it at some other time and left it at that. If he really wants the job doing he will call me again. I try my best to limit what I do in my electrical work for a couple of reasons, my age, my other commitments and I simply don’t need a great volume of work.

E and I are currently involved with renovating and refurbishing the bathroom upstairs in our house but we are only at the preparation stage at the moment. In the afternoon we set about dismantling the woodwork in part of the floor that had been constructed by someone else. The original floor level was seven inches (about 155 mm) below the present level and was seemingly raised for easier access because previously one had to step down into the room. It had been done professionally but for some reason part of the floor had been reconstructed more recently perhaps after water damage just prior to us buying the house but as you can see from the video I posted two days ago it was a botched-up job. We have measured up for new joists and floorboards and in the next few days we will purchase them. In the meantime we stripped out some old skirting board, cut off an old lead gas pipe and a section of lead and copper pipe that used to supply an upstairs kitchen sink with hot water. We stripped out that kitchen together with the many other sink units that were dotted about the upstairs rooms when we first moved in some 25 years ago. We removed a few more floorboards so we could see the layout of the existing pipework under the floor. Whilst taking some of the stripped-out timber downstairs to where we are storing it in the cellar I noticed some of the wood was damp. Fearing the worse I thought the wet room floor was leaking for it is directly above this room. I set the shower to cold water flow and switched it on whilst E watched for leaks. Sure enough there was a slight leak around the hole in the wooden floor around the drain assembly! I took the removable part of the grid out so I could to assess the problem. The drain was full of water as you might expect as it effectively a water trap but that water level is well below where the leak was found so it had to be the grid. Now the outer square of that grid is well sealed to the floor tiles so the leak had to be around the removable circular centre. I spent a few minutes applying some grout on the underside and around the top and hopefully that will cure the problem. So the shower is out of use for 48 hours from the time of writing this on Monday evening. When we first used the shower a few days ago we saw no leaks at all.

Someone telephoned me on my mobile phone asking me why my house phone wasn’t working. I tried to call home from my mobile phone and true enough it wasn’t working. E did the same but she took the phone out of the room and dialed 1471 (which is the number we use to find out the identity of the last caller here in the UK). The phone sprang back to life! Meanwhile my mobile phone started playing up. It does this occasionally for no apparent reason but I think it is because it is essentially a computer and the software is the problem. Anyway, switching it off completely then re-booting it solves the problem. If it isn’t one thing it’s another!

Shirley Anne

An awful lot of them out there

The IMP Log: The Very First Message Sent on th...
The IMP Log: The Very First Message Sent on the Internet (Photo credit: FastLizard4)

There are many people out there in Internet Land who would have the rest of us believe they know everything there is to know about their favourite subject. Much of what is written is opinion or misguided information. I suppose by now all of my readers will know that I am a Christian for on occasion I promote Jesus in this blog, as I did yesterday. I try not to post on the subject too often for obvious reasons but feel it right to do so sometimes. At the moment that is about once a week. What I write is based on the fundamental teachings of The Holy Bible without any self interpretation on my part, sticking only to the facts contained therein. The point of the exercise is to point people to God, to Jesus Christ and it is up to them if they respond. It’s a little like commercial advertising where a presentation is made to encourage further investigation or a possible purchase. That is all as a Christian I am supposed to be doing. It is part of being a Christian. However there are those who like to preach about the many things concerning the faith. Some of those do it with authority because they are scholars or men of the cloth as they say but many are simply lay-preachers and their presentations and arguments quite frankly leave me somewhat puzzled at times. I am no expert but I know enough to see errors in their interpretations and presentations, in fact as Christians we are specifically told to search the Scriptures for ourselves to verify what we are being told, The Holy Spirit being our guide. Many of these people are out there writing articles for posting on the Internet but the reality is, most of their readership is already Christian so unless their purpose is to edify the Church outreach is pointless. There is the danger of misleading those who have little or no understanding about the subject and in many cases they do more harm than good. It is the Churches responsibility to teach newcomers to the faith, all we are called to do as individuals is to proclaim The Gospel Message. I have used this subject as an example of course but there are many other subjects where self-interpretation is prominent over the actual facts,

Shirley Anne

All mixed up!

English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections
English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know what is happening with my blog. Recently and for no apparent reason I have been unable to view my drafted posts (ones not yet published). Today I find I cannot view my home page after I have signed in but just get returned to the sign-in version. As I have access to the dashboard I am able to write and respond here but something is definitely wrong. It isn’t my browser, which is currently I E either as the same thing happens on Chrome and it isn’t the computer as the same thing happens on my tablet which runs Chrome by default. Someone said the problem lies with my ISP (TalkTalk) and according to the messages I have received in a forum on the subject TalkTalk have supposed to have done something about it. It’s all a bit of a mess. I wish someone would fix it!

Shirley Anne

Other bog deleted

Shirley Anne 146For quite some time I have had another blog running alongside this one but at Blogger. Last year or maybe it was late the previous year I decided to dedicate that blog to the one subject, God, Jesus Christ and salvation intending it to be an outreach for those or rather to those who are unbelievers. Outreach is something we as Christians are commanded to do, not asked but commanded and if we are faithful to our God we obey. We are called to be witnesses to The Gospel message and preach it to the world. There are many ways to do that and ‘blogging’ is one of them, however, using a blog for the purpose requires that unbelievers actually read what is written and to do that they need to visit the blog! Now it may be that some actually do that but I fear that most, although they may pay a visit will not again return. I see therefore no point in continuing with such an outreach on a dedicated blog platform as only Christians will read it if they visit and they do not need to. When I first came up with the idea of making the blog dedicated to outreach it was on my heart to do so because outreach is something close to my heart but to proceed without the approval of God, that is without His direction, is pointless and doomed to failure. I felt I had such approval but the good Lord allowed me to proceed with my plans probably to teach me. That having been said I feel that if I am to witness to the unsaved I have to be where they are. Now I do that in person of course and I do witness given every opportunity and at the appropriate moment but I can also do it on The Internet if I know people will be in a position to read it. This had led me to delete the other blog and to concentrate on this one alone. Many of the posts from the now deleted site have found their way to this one as drafts and I will publish them occasionally (as I have been doing on this subject thus far) in the months ahead. Notice I say ‘occasionally’ as I do not wish to alienate those I want to reach by overdoing things. I simply present arguments in the hope that those I wish to reach will read them. I want this site to be interesting to all who visit, not just a select few.

Thank you to all my readers and those who have added me to their list as subscribers and those who find the time to comment too. I hope you will all continue to do so.

Shirley Anne