A scorcher!

I have been following the World Cup football matches and so far (I write on 24 th) I have watched all of them live on television, all except one which I had recorded to watch later in the evening on Saturday. E and I had an evening at The Little Theatre in Southport to watch a young people’s dance academy’s presentation in which our granddaughter participated. It was held on two evenings, Friday and Saturday. The music was great and so were the dancers who ranged from about six to sixteen years of age with the older instructors taking stage in one or two of the routines. The theatre is run by The Southport Dramatic club and performances of music, drama and of course dancing are presented there throughout the year. It is a small theatre seating probably no more than five hundred people. For history click here¬†http://www.littletheatresouthport.co.uk/history/¬†. Anyway we didn’t return home until late but nevertheless I watched the recording of the missed football match though I have to admit I speeded up the replay a few times when the play became pedestrian in parts. Today, that is Sunday, I am presently watching the second of the three daily televised games, Japan against Senegal (screenshot below as Japan draw level at 1-1) having seen England’s win against Panama, 6-1. After that match I spent an hour on the patio in the scorching heat of the day before returning indoors to see the next game. I had gotten up early and after breakfast spent an hour watering the front garden before spending time out in the rear garden just relaxing mainly. As I am writing this the first half of the current game has finished. I have fifteen minutes to make a coffee before the second half begins. Once this game has finished I have an hour before the next one begins. This has been the same pattern for my days over the last week or so, I do all my relaxing, exercising, going for walks, work, shopping and chores in the mornings and watch the football in the afternoon and early evening. It works for me as although the weather has been great these past few days I find I cannot sit out in it too long before I get bored. If I get bored I look for things to do and watching a few football games conveniently stops me from working! No doubt when the games are over the weather will change and get cooler and wetter……….that will be just fine for me.

Shirley Anne


Not my style

English: Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed dancing a...
Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed dancing a ballroom tango. The couple, dancing for the USA, came third in the World Professional Standard Championship 2009. Photo taken in 2006 by Porfirio Landeros, Kwixite Media, in San Diego, California.

Since my youth I have been an active person, always on the go. I didn’t have much time for specialised exercises like running and other sports except swimming and cycling. I would sometimes visit the local swimming baths but more often you would find me riding around on my bicycle. I would travel miles on my bike. Being as I was in those days a very anti-social person insofar as I preferred my own company, I was never interested in anything that required more that one person being involved, me! I was a complete loner and isolated from everything outside my work and home life. I only took a slight interest in what my other four siblings were up to and I cannot remember what sort of things interested them. The four of them, all younger than I, flew the nest long before I did. I simply wasn’t interested. More about my life can be read in the pages above. One thing I used to like watching was people dancing though it wasn’t something I wanted to do myself, that was the last thing on my mind. It just wasn’t my style. So I went through life never really having danced and especially with a partner. Everyone has an aversion to something that others find absorbing I would guess, dancing being one of mine. When I think about it I know quite a few people who are extremely reluctant to get on the dance floor. Perhaps it is the desire not to make a fool of themselves and in such cases they need a lot of ‘Dutch courage’ to change their minds. I have done that much myself in days gone by I have to admit! I often wonder what it is that drives people to do certain things, for instance Bungee jumping, sky diving and other hazardous activities or things like dancing! People don’t do things that are of no interest to them, that is why I don’t dance.

Shirley Anne

I’ve always wanted to dance

Paparizou and dancers performing a choreograph...
Paparizou and dancers performing a choreography identical to the live Eurovision performance in the “My Number One” music video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things in life I sadly am unable to do with any convincing ability is to dance properly. Oh yes I can fling my arms and legs about with the rest but I would never call it dancing! As a teenager I was fascinated with choreography and how the dancers moved effortlessly in response to the music and I wished I could have done the same. I still love to watch dance routines of any sort and is probably why I love ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ on television. With proper training I think I could have made a good dancer given the opportunity but never mind, I chose a different path. Dancing is no easy activity though and requires plenty of stamina, fitness, co-ordination and skill. It is also an excellent way to exercise, there aren’t many overweight dancers around! So I have to make do with watching others dance instead. ¬†Choreography is all about interpretation of the music so unless you understand music it is impossible to produce anything that is pleasing to the eye. Do I like the choreography more than dancing? Probably but only because I cannot dance.

Shirley Anne