Just about complete

I have yet to refit the two wall lights but as far as the room being completed is concerned it is finished. I am looking for a small unit to place against the wall opposite and facing the windows on which I will place one of the two table lamps I propose to purchase in the near future. It will stand near to where the guitar is in the next to bottom picture. As I write this on Saturday evening the furniture arrived earlier today and at last I am able to actually sit in the room again! Here are the pictures…

In the two top pictures you may be able to just see the red covered top of a four-legged stool standing between the sofa and the cabinet. I am in the process of painting a base unit I made yesterday for the stool to stand on. It has four recessed holes for the legs to sit in and it will spread the load when anyone sits on the stool to prevent the legs digging into the carpet under the weight. The stool is only there if I wish to use the computer while it is on top of the cabinet instead of on my lap. Now that the work is mainly complete I am already thinking about another project I can start in the weeks ahead. Maybe I’ll just shelve the idea for a while.

Shirley Anne


Nowhere to sit

Having been told by the carpet fitter that he would arrive at eight-thirty on Friday morning I duly arose early. I waited for eight-thirty to come, then nine-thirty and I was about to give up on him arriving any time in the morning when ten minutes later the door bell rang. It was the fitter. There was no apology nor explanation, only a cheerful smile. I simply accepted that he hadn’t kept the appointment and let him get on with the job. I made him a strong cup of tea with little milk just as he likes it and thanking me he began the work. I popped in a few times to see the progress and chat with him and he was only too pleased to chat. Maybe it is his ancestry which makes him a chatterbox like myself though I hail from different stock. Although he was born in this country I have been led to believe his family are of Italian origin, and Italians like chatting. He is a pleasant person and has been to our house four or five times over the past few years laying carpets as well as the artificial turf we have on the patio. Soon the work was finished and he had taken a mere hour and a bit to do it.

Yes it is a pale grey colour and is designed to match the grey pattern of the wall paper. The curtains match the colour of the stripes around the ceiling as well as the other colour on the wall paper. I spent around twenty minutes vacuuming the new carpet of all the bits and pieces that are produced in laying carpets and having to empty the vacuum out twice before I let Robbie (in the picture) vacuum up the smaller bits I had missed. I had to empty his tray three times, well he is only little! I often wonder why carpet fitters don’t vacuum the new carpets after they have laid them. Maybe it only happens in other countries? While Robbie was busy wandering about the room I began to move the furniture in, the small cabinet, the coffee table, the television and its table, the guitar and the new floor-standing lamp. Now those things are all very well and good but I couldn’t sit on them (well maybe the coffee table) and be comfortable. I received a message on my phone informing me that the settees would be delivered between eleven o’clock and two o’clock the next day, Saturday as arranged. Well I hoped so.

Shirley Anne

Wheels in motion

Talking about redecorating one of the lounges in yesterday’s post set me thinking seriously about getting the ball rolling, setting the wheels in motion as it were as I had nothing else to do on a dull Monday morning. What a difference the weather turned out to be on Monday compared to the previous two to three days. It was much cooler and windier though I will say it brightened up later. Not one for hanging about too long before making the decision to get the lounge redecorated I made immediate steps in that direction. Before I could do anything however I received a call telling me that the photo cell sensor unit I had ordered had arrived and was ready for collection. As it happened the existing sensor had resumed working as before but I still followed through with the purchase and drove there to collect it. It will be a useful stand-by should one of the two installed units fail. Pity it cost £75 for the privilege but there you go. So getting back to the lounge…..I organised an appointment with Hillary’s who’s representative will now be coming along on the 20th of this month, three days hence in fact, to measure for bespoke curtains and to install them at a later date. They have to be made to suit because the windows are of unusual dimensions. At the same time I will decide on the colour. That arranged I proceeded to check out the local furniture stores over the Internet and finally selected at least for the time being the sofas I want, one three-seater and the other a two-seater from DFS. They cost me £1700 in their sale offer. I paid up front. The suite we have at the moment consists of a three-seater sofa and two armchairs but having a two-seater instead of two armchairs saves space and for this room will be more suitable. I have chosen from the Mendez range in the colour ‘Bordeaux’ which as the name implies is a rich crimson red. They, I have been informed will take around six weeks to manufacture and deliver, plenty of time to be getting on with the decorating. Whilst I was out collecting the sensor I drove to a decorating supply centre and purchased some cover stain (for covering the existing mahogany stain on the woodwork), some gloss paint and wallpaper paste. I didn’t purchase the emulsion on that visit but will collect some later and neither did I purchase the wallpaper. Now I have ordered the furniture I can decide on the colour of the wallpaper and later on the carpet. I will need to decide on the colour of the wallpaper before I have the curtains made too. So it starts…. After I had dropped the materials back home I went to the pub for lunch and at the same time phoned my decorator friend. He told me he was quite busy but maybe could do the work in a few week’s time. I just have to remind him later on. I see him at the pub sometimes too though he wasn’t there on Monday, well he would be working at that time of day! I had thought about doing the work myself but I will have enough to do stripping the room and getting it ready to work in and of course any electrical work that comes in. Later in the afternoon in fact I received a call to do some electrical work the following day which all helps to lessen the cost of the decorating.

Shirley Anne



Well I suppose we can now say yes to the small bedroom project. We had been waiting for the carpet fitter to lay the carpet on Monday morning so that we could bring back the furniture into the room. The guy came on time as planned and less than an hour later it was finished. Whilst he was here I asked him if he would be interested in laying the artificial turf when it arrives and he said he would. I showed him the patio so that he could see the surface where the turf would be laid. We talked about the adhesive that would be needed and he told me he would source that at a cheaper price than we would otherwise have had to pay if we bought it ourselves. When the turf arrives I have arranged to call him so he can see it and then set a date to lay it. In the meantime E and I cleaned the new carpet and brought the furniture back into the room. Small bedroom 16

Small bedroom 17

Small bedroom 18

The bed needed re-assembling as did the wardrobe. We needed to carry out some minor repairs to the wardrobe and level it so it would stand erect, we also had to adjust the door catches as they had always been a problem in the past. The reason the bed is empty is that we are waiting for the delivery of a new mattress on Friday. E went out after lunch and I was at a bit of a loose end until I remembered a job that needed doing at the top of the house. If my readers will remember we had two roof leaks repaired recently and the ceiling in one of the top rooms had been damaged because of the ingress of rain. Six years ago we had roof repairs and a lot of other works going on around the house but the roof leak hadn’t been discovered though we thought it had. The ceiling was not repaired at that time as there was no time to do it. However it got left and almost forgotten about, shelved for another day which never arrived! It was fortunate in a way that repairs weren’t done as the recent leak would have necessitated it being done again. I had a tub of ready-mixed plaster in the house so I used it all to patch up the area. Naturally that was only to be the base and a top coat of plaster would be applied later. Both the ceiling and part of the adjoining wall had been damaged.Top room damage

Six years are a long time to leave before doing a job but in this case it saved doing the job twice!

Shirley Anne