A nice day for pottering

I could make any day a nice day in which to potter about but usually I have something bigger to do or something more important. That’s not to say that pottering about is less important for I believe pottering about is beneficial to our well-being. We can wander about aimlessly without being under pressure and find so many little things to do which ought to be done but get left behind in the great scheme of things we call our lives. It is in the execution of these small tasks that we often find the greatest pleasure. Monday was the beginning of yet another week though for me that has begun more and more to be of less significance as each day is taken the same. I often forget which day it is I have to say. I have been taking a break from heavy work, from projects, from anything inside the house lately and have concentrated mainly on working (and pottering) in the gardens. If you’d have asked me five years ago what I like about gardening I would have told you I hate gardening. How times and attitudes have changed for me, now I enjoy the work no matter what that work might be. I treat gardening as a never-ending project and work at it in the same way as with any other project I undertake though those projects obviously do end. At the beginning of this week I have nothing set in mind to do so I suppose I will be pottering about a lot. This morning (4 th) I emptied out one of the two industrial bags which are filled with the sand I removed during the construction of the pit in the cellar a couple of months ago. 

It occupied the area where you can now see a dark wet space right of centre in the picture above. It was the same sized bag as the white one top centre  which is still full of sand. That one will most probably remain there for some time because it is out-of-the-way where it is.. The emptied sand was put into smaller plastic bags and is now stored in the garage to the right out of the picture. The area in the picture is that which is first seen when exiting the cellar into the rear garden. During the Autumn leaves accumulate  mostly on the right in the picture so I have been endeavouring to keep it as tidy as possible to make sweeping the leaves up easier to do as well as making it less of an eyesore. I took the following pictures on the day of things around the garden.The apples beginning to grow,

Under the apples trees,

Under the little oak tree,

Behind the apple trees the potatoes and rhubarb (of which some has already ended up in a rhubarb crumble),

and finally some of the baby beetroot plants we put into this raised bed and elsewhere

The beetroot are those without the flowers in case you were wondering!

Shirley Anne



An Angel?

English: Angel of the Revelation
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I looked at a picture that had been posted on AOL which purportedly showed an angel in the womb of a mother-to-be. The ultrasonic portrait of the foetus was in the foreground but there appeared to be a face in the background looking onto the baby. Well that was the claim. It was suggested that the image was that of an angel who was watching over the unborn infant. Now angels are Gods messengers, that’s what the name means, but why one should appear so tiny and only as a head is anyone’s guess. Angels, it is claimed, can manifest themselves as living beings, humans, but they are far from human. Accounts of angels appearing in the flesh are recorded in The Bible, the most remembered account being that experienced by a young virgin called Mary who was informed of her forthcoming pregnancy and the birth of Jesus Christ. This was the angel Gabriel who had also informed Elizabeth of her pregnancy after years of being barren. She bore a son called John who became known as John the Baptist. Many other accounts of angels are found in the pages of Scripture. The picture in the womb probably bore an accidental  similarity to a face which prompted the angel claim. People read so many things into what they see with their eyes. When pictures from the Martian exploration satellites were processed some of them appeared to show faces in the rock formations but they are obviously accidental comparisons caused by the angle of the light shining upon them coupled with the shapes of the rock formations themselves. It has even been suggested that some of the formations strongly resemble constructed buildings. Famous faces such as that of Elvis Presley have been seen in such photographs according to some views. Angels do not hide from us but they are normally invisible and only manifest themselves when instructed by God to do so. People have entertained angels without realising it on occasion. Angels have no need to hide away in pictures and photographs do tell lies now and then.

Shirley Anne