Dragging heels

E has never been one to rush things, always taking a long time to get something done. That is just her way but sometimes it infuriates me whenever we have planned to go anywhere she takes an inordinately long time getting ready. By that I don’t mean getting dressed or applying make-up but rather she finds things to do that should have been done say the day before. She hardly ever wears make-up anyway and getting dressed doesn’t take much time either, she simply drags her heels and wastes time. I am the complete opposite, always dressed well in time and always ahead of time for any event we have planned. E had suggested we go out on Monday morning in order to purchase a few things and to perhaps visit the garden centre for a coffee too. We actually left the house at twelve forty-five! We could have been there and back long before noon. We drove off in the van and our first call was to the electrical supplier to purchase some cable, a LED floodlight and a battery. I was greeted with a ‘Hello, long time no see’ quip from the guy behind the counter who hadn’t realised I had retired. Our next port of call was supposed to be to the timber yard to purchase the timber I would need to pack-out the safety edge equipment on the garage door (see yesterday’s post). However just a short distance before reaching the yard we had to pass by the pub/restaurant we sometimes visit when dining out and I suggested we make the detour and dine there. http://www.thatchandthistle.co.uk  By now it was around one forty-five and lunch time anyway. I had a garlic mushroom starter and E had some garlic bread. I had a simple dish of plaice and E chose barbecued pork ribs for the main course. However the ribs she found rather tough and overdone to the point of being burnt. She complained to the waitress who promptly removed her plate and brought the replacement which according to E was perfect. Although it had only been the ribs at fault she was given a full plate of chips (fries) and a salad too even though she had told them not to. She had already eaten much of those on the first plate and didn’t want more. I thought what a waste serving up food that was not going to be eaten. Usually the fayre is spot-on and we have had no complaints in the past. After our meal we drove to the timber yard where I purchased the wood. The rear of the van had been filled with waste cardboard for several weeks because there was no point in making a special journey to dispose of it. The waste depot isn’t far away from the timber yard so we took the opportunity to dispose of the cardboard. It was time to make the return journey home and on the way call in to the garden centre for our free coffee. I can take advantage of the two free coffees offered once every month because I am a member. Sometimes we would have something to eat with the coffee but this time we had already eaten. Whilst there we bought some potatoes for planting as we wish to grow them in the raised bed between the two greenhouses. Finally we arrived back home around four-thirty and E pointed out that there were some bluebells growing in the two flowerbeds at the front of the house. I had spotted some of them already as I have been looking out for any that might still be there after digging most of them out last year just as I have been doing in the rear garden also. I wasted no time and dug them all out. I am not one for dragging my heels when something needs doing.

Shirley Anne


Get in the way

Ocado internet shopping delivery in progress
Ocado internet shopping delivery in progress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came out of my bedroom to go downstairs just as E was leaving her room to do the same thing. She would be eating breakfast but I was determined to go for a walk instead. As usual I do eat a little something before I go out else eat breakfast and go out later. I was expecting the delivery of goods and as E was going out after lunch and wouldn’t be available to receive them I had to take my walk in the morning. It was already nine-thirty before I went through the front door so I couldn’t leave off taking my walk until later. I mention that I was determined to go for a walk because I didn’t really feel like going. I remember saying to E at the time that I was procrastinating and she laughed but I stuck to my decision and went. Tuesday was one of those days for me where I just wanted to relax but knowing I needed to keep up with the promises I had made to myself in maintaining  a more disciplined approach to exercise I made the effort. Yes, I did feel better afterward but I also felt a tad weary too. Anyway I know it was good for me. Thankfully the weather wasn’t bad which was a bonus. I had been waiting for the delivery of a new halyard rope for our flag pole for a few days and wondered why it hadn’t yet arrived. It was Tuesday afternoon, four o’clock when it arrived. I had placed the order online on Friday. It should have arrived on Monday morning being as it was such a small package. So much for Internet shopping. Yesterday, Monday (as I write this on Tuesday) I had purchased a replacement dishwasher over the Internet and it will be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday as I write) and could have been delivered today but for the supplier’s tight schedule. It appears they are very busy at this time. We could have paid a little extra to have it delivered sooner but there was no point in doing that. For a couple of weeks now I have been thinking about installing the circuit in the garage which will switch on the garage light during the hours of darkness whenever the garage door is opened. Somehow other things have gotten in the way and it is still not done. It’s one of those jobs which isn’t that urgent so it is taking a back seat in the scheme of things. Depending on what time the dishwasher arrives I shall be connecting it on Wednesday at some point unless it arrives late in the day in which case it will be left until the following day. This is the way things happen around here, some jobs get done immediately and others have to wait and they all have to wait if I am not in the mood to do them!

Shirley Anne

A day to be out in

Tuesday was another hot and humid day with wall to wall sunshine until seven in the evening when clouds began to appear. Evidently we were to have thunderstorms during Wednesday with some much-needed rain. I deliberately rose early knowing the day would be hot so that I could go for a long walk. I managed to leave the house at seven o’clock having forgone eating breakfast. I had a little water and nothing else. I carry water with me anyway should I get thirsty. Even at that early hour the warm sunshine could be felt. I arrived back home over two hours later but still not hungry. E had wanted to buy a couple of items of clothing, a lightweight summer top and matching loose-fitting pants and she suggested we go shopping for them whilst reminding me that I had wanted some walking boots and a waterproof coat. She obviously wanted me to purchase her items too but I was always going to do that anyway as she has little in the way of spare funds. By the time she had gotten ready it was eleven o’clock when we drove off to town. Just prior to leaving I received a call to do a small electrical job at an apartment close to home. I told the caller I would do it but it would have to be later in the afternoon as I was about to go shopping. I seldom go shopping with E because she is hard to please and my suggestions are not always appreciated. It takes a very long time to get around the shops because of her disability which over the previous two days had been aggravated by her left foot becoming swollen too. That put her on crutches until it would heal. Normally she has to use a walking stick to get around but this added problem had slowed her down considerably. She insisted we visit the store to buy the boots and the coat and I purchased both in minutes…


I got them both at half-price for a total of £95. We moved on to the next store to purchase her items but unfortunately only one was available, the top. Although we searched and asked staff the pants were not in stock. She looked for a substitute but gave up on the idea of finding something she liked. In the meantime I found a lovely ankle-length summer dress which I purchased for £50…

E’s top cost £32. She’d had enough of shopping so wanted to go home but I suggested we go for a meal instead. We went to a pub/restaurant we have come to like just out-of-town and it was lovely. Finally we returned home where I tried on the dress to check the fit but E reminded me of the job I had promised to do so I had to quickly change back into my day-wear clothes. I drove to the apartment and soon had the work done before returning home again to join E on the patio. Most of the time on the patio I spent in the shade. I’d had enough of the sun for one day.

Shirley Anne

Dreams, walks, weather and health

It was unusual for me to have had a dream on Sunday night, nothing to do with the day of course but for some time now I don’t recall having had a dream. Perhaps it was because I had written a post about dreams earlier in the day and had reminded myself about things. The very short dream I had involved an old friend or two, a bar, two strangers and a dark confined place in which it all took place. The barmaid was a friend who had moved out of the area a few years ago and has since stopped communicating. She never was a barmaid but worked as a safety officer for a large biscuit manufacturer so why she was serving drinks I have no idea. The other friend who has also moved away was socialising with me in the dream. We often socialised in the short time we knew each other, about six or seven years but she too has stopped communicating. In the dream she had put on some weight whereas she had been tall and slim. Behind us in the cramped space were two strangers who in the dream seemed not to be. The male was trying to attract my attention to his friend or partner’s face which appeared to have something wrong with it though I hadn’t noticed. On my right higher up and sitting on a bench were two more people who spoke with me but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. The rear of the bar was dark and empty, devoid of anything tangible. That was it, the end of the dream.

I had planned to walk into town early the following morning so I retired to bed early too but couldn’t drop off to sleep for some time. It had been very windy for a few days and was to continue that way for another day. I dislike the wind but was determined to take the walk anyway as the plan was to buy some toiletries. I wanted to walk all the way there and back simply for the exercise which is what I did. There was no hurry, I had no appointments and had nothing to do at home that I was in the mood to be doing so I took my time. I took the more sheltered route to keep out of the wind as much as possible by walking the back streets. I like walking there because I take in the scenery, the buildings (I like architecture) and also the private gardens along the way to admire the plants. Surprisingly I was only away from home for an hour and a half.

‘I’ve had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we’ll both sit here until I feel unwell.’

I was sitting in the lounge when the house phone rang but I didn’t answer it. If it was for work they would call my mobile phone. Well my mobile phone rang a minute later and it was the doctor’s surgery asking if I would like to receive a vaccination against shingles. At first I declined but then changed my mind and accepted the offer. It is free anyway. I would receive it late in the afternoon. I only accepted the offer because as a child I had contracted chickenpox and could therefore be at risk. The virus which causes chickenpox can lay dormant deep in the nervous system for years and if it re-emerges can cause shingles. The vaccine is offered to adults over the age of fifty……………I just squeezed in………Ahem…….(I was born in 1945)

Then I received a call for my electrical services despite my still not advertising! It was a small job I would do on Thursday.

Shirley Anne


English: Morning Sunshine
Morning Sunshine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazing start to the month of May has seen us, that is where I live (Southport UK), enjoying almost entirely wall-to-wall sunshine. As I write this on Monday 8th we have had yet another sunny day with the rest of the week possibly remaining that way. Should I have spoken too soon? Time will tell but I am enjoying it while it lasts. It isn’t that I mind dull and wet days but sunshine is good. However that has meant I have had to water the gardens manually with the hose pipes but I’m not complaining. Things were to happen this week, a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning for a quick check-up and to arrange for a repeat prescription of hormones, the curtains to be fitted on Wednesday, the carpet to be laid on Friday and the furniture to be delivered on Saturday. That meant I had to do my shopping on Monday. I had ordered a floor (standing) lamp which I had been informed might arrive on Thursday. I wanted to purchase some casual flat-heeled shoes for general use in summer and I couldn’t be sure I would get the time to buy them at the time in the day I preferred to go shopping, the morning. Before setting off to the shops I did a spot of painting with primer on the cabinet drawers where I couldn’t paint them the previous time.  I took the mile or so walk into town and shopped around for the shoes eventually buying all three pairs in the same shop. Yes I bought three pairs and all for £26. One shop wanted £40 for one pair of similar quality! Having purchased the shoes I went to Nero’s for a coffee before walking back home. It was warm in the sunshine at 9 o’clock in the morning but quite cool in the shade of the trees along the route I had taken. Thankfully it was mostly in the sunshine I walked. Returning home I over-painted the drawers together with the other side of the shelf with gloss paint and that was all that was left to do as far as the painting went. The rest of the day was spent on the patio and later watering the two gardens. I had no electrical work for a few days and had cancelled my advertisement for the week so I could have the time to myself and finish off the lounge project.

Shirley Anne

Not going my way but…

English: Bluebell wood
Bluebell wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a free day on Tuesday and as the weather report looked promising I was determined to get into the garden and attempt to remove more of those pesky bluebell bulbs, Bluebells are nice to be sure but they spread like wild-fire and eventually will take over the whole garden if left. I am at the end of the main flowerbed but there are still hundreds of plants to dig out yet. As soon as I had finished breakfast and checked my email box I donned my overalls and boots and began the work. It wasn’t long before the weather changed from being dry to being misty with a very fine rain sporadically. I managed to dig out the area to the left of the little oak tree (see previous posts) but it was hard-going for many of the bulbs were beneath the tree roots and I had to dig deep. Using the fork helped but it snagged on the roots so most of the work had to be done with just the trowel. I lifted out around two hundred bulbs of various sizes many in clumps. My plan was to cease working before twelve o’clock and then go shopping in town for some new underwear, bras and pants. I wanted black ones as I had but few in that colour. Anyway I received a call asking if I would repair a couple of ceiling light fixtures in a little flat a couple of miles away. I had worked there before for the couple neither of whom shall we say are very bright and I have a little difficulty in explaining things to them. Don’t misunderstand me here, it is simply how they are. It is a medical condition. They are lovely people and I was only too happy to fix their lights. I would have to delay my shopping for a while. After packing away the garden tools I removed my overalls and boots and drove to their flat. I was there for an hour, though the work hadn’t taken me that long. Soon I was on my way back toward town to do my shopping. That means I find a parking place out of the meter zone and walk the rest of the way but it is only a half-mile or so. I went into the department store and found my way to the lingerie floor. I was spoilt for choice when I saw the bras on display, there seemed to be much more there than at my last visit a few weeks ago. I had difficulty in finding my size and colour among the racks but fortunately a member of staff was close-by to help. After explaining my requirements she found them in seconds and I took three different pairs (of bras) into the changing rooms to try them on. The first one was tight so I called the lady assistant who changed them for the next size up. The next three fitted perfectly so together we went to the check-out desk to carry out the purchase. Thinking I was purchasing only one the assistant asked which one to which I replied ‘all of them’. I purchased two packs of pants and briefs, that is five of each. They come in packs of five. I had been enjoying some cheerful banter with the assistant and during the conversation she complimented me on my complexion and when I mentioned my age she couldn’t believe it. Her friend had thought I was about fifty. How nice. I got back home mid-afternoon and didn’t bother with lunch and my evening meal was small. I seem to be eating far less these last few days and I feel better for it. Better still though I am losing pounds where it matters!

Shirley Anne

Ho-hum and all that

'I've had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we'll both sit here until I feel unwell.'
‘I’ve had to book my appointment two weeks in advance, so we’ll both sit here until I feel unwell.’

I had a lousy weekend, especially on Saturday. I was suffering with aches and pains and although I had been sweating a lot I felt cold most of the time. I was well-wrapped up but that didn’t seem to make much difference. I went to bed around ten and a boyfriend called me in response to a text message I had sent him. I had to tell him I was in bed and about to go to sleep so the conversation didn’t last long. The following morning I was as right as rain (odd expression that one) and rearing to start my day. I felt so much better so I guess the warmth of the bedclothes and my seeming strength and ability to shake everyday illnesses off did the trick. Anyway the point was I felt great. I had an electrical job to do for the guy in whose house I had worked the previous week but didn’t have the time nor the inclination to do it on the same day. It would have meant working all day and I was tired after I had finished the job I had been doing. I went along at nine o’clock did the work and finished around noon. I had received another call while I was there. It was from an old guy living in the next town who had a problem with his kitchen light and switch. I did the work and drove back to my own town to do some shopping, nothing special, just toiletries which I buy in bulk so that I don’t have to shop for them often. I drove home but left again immediately without getting out of the vehicle. I had forgotten to get diesel fuel for my van. I arrived back home fifteen minutes later and during that time E went out somewhere for the afternoon. When I got indoors there was the package containing the new shoes I had ordered late on Sunday! Now that’s what I call service. Strange thing about this is the fact that I had been experiencing problems with the company’s signing in pages when ordering. See yesterday’s post. More nice high-heeled stilettos. I opened the box and put them on to walk around in them to check they were the correct fit. They were perfect, so much so I didn’t want to take them off because they were so comfortable to walk in. Now these are high heels and yes they are over five inches but they really are comfortable. I have to add though that I am used to heels. Just a couple of pairs of my shoes are higher and they are hard to walk in but I will soon correct that with practice. Over the years I have tended to wear heels at four and a half inches so was never happy wearing anything higher but that is slowly changing. I used to think I would never wear high heels as I got older and most people my age wouldn’t think of it but I don’t look my age or feel my age either. After I had put everything away and sorted out my business paperwork I went outside to dispose of the cardboard and plastic waste and noticed some more bluebell shoots poking out of the flowerbed. I went inside to collect the keys for the garage then came out with tools and kneeling stool to begin digging out the bulbs. There were more than just a few but I persevered and dug them out, well all the ones that I could see. There will be more I’m sure of it but if there are they will show up soon enough. I returned indoors for something to eat as I had missed lunch. I’d had a very light breakfast too. It was only four o’clock so too early for my evening meal. I decided to have a bowl of fruit but gave up on it after only two mouthfuls. It seemed I wasn’t hungry so I put the bowl in the fridge to eat it later. Even now at six o’clock as I write this I am still not that hungry but I will eat. A text message had arrived but I hadn’t noticed. It was from the boyfriend asking if I was feeling better. Ah, that’s nice.

Shirley Anne

Computer madness

To be exact not only was the computer acting crazy so was the site I was connected to. Let me explain. On Thursday I opened my account at ‘Very’ and bought a new pair of shoes which arrived on Friday. Excellent service I thought and these were the shoes I actually bought, not the one shown in the other post…new-heels-1

And believe it or not they cost a mere £9.50 or thereabouts. The heel height is as I said, four and a half inches and they are lovely to walk in. Today, Sunday as I write this, I decided to invest in some new nylon stockings, six pairs of one type costing £4.50 a pair and five pairs of another type costing £3.50 a pair or thereabouts and with postage they cost me almost £46 I think. I didn’t make a point in remembering the detail. I used a different site, one which specialises in the sale of lingerie, stockings, corsets and other feminine wear. They are called ‘Stockings HQ’, what else? I have an account with them and it is where I purchase all my stockings. I had no problems in carrying out the purchase. Later again I decided I liked a certain pair of shoes I had seen on ‘Very’s’ site and started to make the purchase. I have an account with them but for one reason or another my details were not recognised. After several attempts to put things right and not succeeding I decided to give up but when using the computer to connect to another site not related to shopping I noticed there was a conflict between the systems which auto-fill some of the sites I visit. Chrome is the culprit for often auto-filling data as another program is already doing it. I didn’t set it up that way, well not purposely but the effect was annoying to say the least. I was finally able to re-visit Very and make the purchase…….. new-heels-2

I think the heels are five inches. I say that because the information had not been put in the advert but looking and comparing with the first pair they are higher. This pair cost me over £48 including the postage at £3.60. Why did I buy them, when I have all these in one wardrobe…. pics-455

and others, not all stilettos, in another wardrobe? Simple, I love shoes. In the picture above there are eleven pairs but there are actually thirteen pairs. Two of them are out of sight to the left. The pair at the extreme right are the highest at five and a half inches, the red and the white pairs are five and a quarter inches. The next group is around four and a half. The pink and fawn ones together with the next black ones are four and a quarter inches high and those out of the picture are three and a half. Now I have two new pairs! Anyway after making my purchases five minutes later the computer crashed and needed a re-boot. This is the old machine running Windows 7 which I prefer. The Windows 10 machine isn’t much used except for when I have to update security or Windows, which does it automatically when switched on. So there you have it, a bad day at the office.

Shirley Anne

Lipstick and stuff

I got up early on Saturday morning so that I could be in town around nine o’clock. I pretty much hate being in town when it gets crowded later in the morning and for the rest of the working daytime hours. I have never liked crowds but of course they are unavoidable sometimes. It is worse when out shopping I think though I’m sure not everyone feels that way. As for shopping, well I have to admit I am not over keen but do prefer shopping for clothes rather than groceries. My visits to town are infrequent as you might have guessed and on this rare occasion it wasn’t to buy clothes. My main reason was to visit a couple of banks in order to deposit some cash, £1,000 in one and a mere £50 in another. I have to say at this point that I don’t usually walk around with that much cash in my purse. As it turned out the banks were my last ports of call. The other reasons for being in town were to purchase toiletries, cosmetics and a pair of slippers (that is indoor low-heeled slippers for my friends in the USA). That meant three different shops for although I could have bought the toiletries in the same place as the cosmetics they are less expensive in another store. Toiletries included toothpaste, mouthwash and moisturizing cream of which I use a lot and as far as I know it can only be purchased in the one store where I live. I buy some cosmetics in a store and some in the local indoor market. The lipsticks I buy in a store.

Lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed some more lipstick and my usual brand and shade were not available and I asked the assistant if they had stopped selling it. The answer was that some shades were no longer stocked because they are trying to promote the sale of another of the same manufacturer’s products. The lipstick I usually wear is  Maybelinne Super Stay which supposedly lasts 24 hours. It doesn’t and only will if  you don’t eat or drink! The new product is a matte lipstick which, according to the assistant, is supposed to last longer because it is matte. I bought a few and will try them out. I love wearing make-up and feel quite naked without it. I next bought the pair of slippers before going to the banks and that was it, finished shopping for a few more weeks. E buys in the groceries by the way! Whenever I shop in town I usually park my vehicle a half-mile outside and walk in the rest of the way to avoid parking charges. After I got home had sorted myself out I put on my boots and went into the garden to do a little more work in the plot…..Plot 5

I removed the shuttering and levelled the ground in the middle of the concrete base, filling it with some hard-core. More hard-core will be put there once the walls are built in order to aid drainage of the soil that will be in there.

Shirley Anne

Out for a stick

It wasn’t a warm day on Wednesday, cloudy throughout though remaining dry through the daylight hours. It was a day for staying indoors and getting some work done on our mini-project, redecorating the top room. However, that did not happen because I wanted to go shopping for a ‘stick’. A stick? A USB flash drive which many will know as a memory stick perhaps.

English: USB flash drive Deutsch: USB-Speicher...
USB flash drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed to back up the data on my computers and until recently my old 4GB stick held enough storage space to accommodate a back-up but only on my Windows 7 machine. It wouldn’t have enough free space to back-up my Windows 10 machine or even enough space if it was empty. I had attempted to back-up the Windows 7 machine but it failed through a lack of space. So I decided to go and purchase a larger capacity stick. I had kept promising myself I would get a stick with a higher capacity for over two years but never seemed to get around to doing it! Some weeks ago I had mentioned to E that I intended to purchase a replacement garden clock. The old one had ceased to work earlier in the year. Having a clock out in the garden is very handy when out there for any length of time perhaps doing some garden maintenance. We chose to position the old one on the back wall of the patio where it could be seen from almost anywhere in the garden. The new one would go in the same position. E was going to tag along of course but didn’t get dressed until very late in the morning. We finally left the house around 11.45 . First stopping to post her mail then we drove out-of-town to a garden centre about five miles north. A clock could be purchased there. Although there is a garden centre nearer to home E wanted to go to this one to take advantage of a free coffee and a discount on goods purchased. I just went with the flow. Soon we were driving back toward town and to the store where I could purchase a memory stick. I bought one with 128GB memory, more than enough for backing up both computers. Off we went again but into the town centre. E wanted to pay off her store credit card balance and I decided to purchase a couple of black knee-length skirts whilst in the store. By now it was approaching three o’clock and we went home for a late lunch.

Shirley Anne

Stuck inside

Although it was nice having warm and sunny weather it was refreshing when the temperatures returned to normal for the time of year on Tuesday. I don’t like it too hot and felt uncomfortable in the 24 C heat on Sunday and Monday when I had some electrical work to do in the morning. Thankfully the work wasn’t strenuous but it still took me four hours to complete. E and I dined out mid-afternoon and spent an hour or two out on the patio when we returned home. We had set our hearts on buying new furniture for the patio and had seen what we wanted in the ‘Homebase’ store so on Tuesday morning we drove to the store ordered and paid for it and now wait for its delivery as I write this on Tuesday afternoon. We could have bought it over the Internet but for something so large I would rather see it first. This is a drawback with using the Internet because you can never tell what things look and feel like close-up. Eventually we drove back home after making a detour and had our lunch. By now it was raining and we were more or less confined indoors so I suggested we use the time to carry on with the repairs to the ceiling and wall in one of the top rooms of the house. In earlier posts I talked about the damage that had resulted up there because of the leaking roof which was repaired a few weeks ago. The wall needed papering over and the ceiling needed a coat of textured paint……Top room damage


Top room repair


Top room repair 2

More textured paint will have to be purchased as there was only just enough to cover the patch on the ceiling. We papered the wall with some embossed paper we had stored in the cellar. It will be painted over later. The main problem with this room is that it is filled with cardboard boxes which will have to be sorted if we are to redecorate the room. It needs redecorating and a new carpet laid once the work is done.

Shirley Anne

Easy come…….

…………….and easy go. This has been the story of my finances these past few months, I earned the money and it was immediately spent on my domestic projects. I am happy to report that very little of my savings has been spent which is a good thing. I haven’t completely finished spending though. On Friday morning I had one electrical job amd after lunch I continued to finish the plastering I had begun a couple of days earlier. I had been repairing the damage to the ceiling and wall in one of the rooms at the top of the house which had been caused by the ingress of rain water through the roof. I found I needed some more plaster to finish the job so E and I went to buy the extra plaster but ended up buying other things too. E had wanted some bird seed and an extra feeder to hang beneath the bird table we had bought a week ago. We decided to buy a bedside table lamp for use in the small bedroom whilst we were in the spending mood. The money I had earned at the job I did in the morning covered the cost of everything we had purchased with some to spare. They had effectively cost me nothing. When we got back home I plugged in the lamp but I couldn’t see a switch on it with which to turn it on. I switched on the wall socket switch and the lamp didn’t work. It wasn’t faulty however, I hadn’t realised it was designed that way as it came on as soon as I touched it. I didn’t know it was touch-sensitive operated unit! Bedside lampWe had bought the lamp because of its weight and its looks, its weight so that it would be less likely to be knocked off the table! I had plans to finish the plastering on Saturday or Monday depending on whether it was dry enough to skim it over. I am not a plasterer by any stretch of the imagination but I can say I am getting better at it and the work looks professional compared to my first attempt many years ago. I am not afraid to try new things and the only way to learn is to do it! That approach has saved me thousands of pounds over the years and has made me capable of doing many things in the process. Some tasks though I leave to those more capable. Well I can’t be good at all things!

Shirley Anne

No more please!

English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections
View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My purse has taken quite a beating these past couple of months and needs a little time to recuperate. I have been spending as if my life depended upon it but the time has come for a rest from major spending sprees. On Wednesday morning E and I went out shopping initially for another tub of plaster in order for me to finish off that ceiling and wall repair I mentioned in yesterday’s post but I added that I wished to buy a pair of shoes too. E drove us to the shoe store down buy the sea front and I found the pair of shoes I wanted in minutes. They were flat-soled shoes for general walking about and will be used mostly when I am at work. However E decided she wanted a pair of shoes too and I ended up buying both pairs. Off we drove to the retail park a mile or so down the road and bought the plaster but while we were in the park I decided to visit the electrical store where we had recently purchased my new large-screen television. I wanted to see if I could buy another couple of televisions for the newly refurbished bedrooms at home. We looked at two different models each with a 32″ screen, one at a higher price than the other at which point a salesman showed us another with the same sized screen at an even lower price. I placed an order for two of them and paid the £258 asking price. The would be available for collection either Saturday (which will be today as you read this) or early next week. By now it was lunchtime so we drove to a nearby pub/restaurant and dined there. When we arrived home we spent some time burning stacks of paper printed upon which was information too sensitive to chance recycling it. Later I went on-line for a time using my old computer which runs Windows 7 but when I attempted to use the computer running Windows 10 I found it couldn’t connect to the Internet even though it was connected to the router! I contacted my Internet provider after many attempts trying to resolve the problem with no results but I got nowhere with them. At the time of writing this the issue was still not resolved but it had to be a software problem of some sort. A day in the life of yours truly!

And then there was an update: The problem was resolved later in the evening when  E discovered her computer wasn’t connected either! We reset the router and all was back to normal. Now I am almost certain that Windows 10 was more the problem as both E’s new computer and my new computer both run Windows 10. The other of my computers runs Windows 7 and had no problems with connecting to the Internet.

Shirley Anne

A treat for me too

After E and I had been out shopping on Wednesday I thought about the new ceiling light fitting we had just bought for the small bedroom redecoration. That unit is grey/silver in colour and in fact had been the only one the store had left in stock. Small bedroom lightOther units of the same design but of a bronze colour were more plentiful and would match the furniture in my own bedroom. I decided I would return to the store on Thursday morning and buy one and that is what we did. My lightI fitted them both on Friday afternoon. Whilst we were out we looked at some bird tables that were on sale and ended up buying one of those too! Both E and I have wanted a bird table for quite some time but we just never seemed to get around to buying one. Bird tableWe are now wondering when the birds will realise it is there and stocked with seeds! We are considering sinking a natural stone slab in to the lawn on which to place the table permanently. For the moment we have left it on the path as you can see. I will take a close-up picture later when it is resited. After we returned home on Thursday E set about painting the wood work with its first coat of gloss paint but I decided not to work until after lunch. She went out shopping after lunch and I began painting the walls with the first coat of emulsion. I completed the room in three hours but during that time our neighbour asked if I could help her to sort out a problem with her new vacuum cleaner which I did. The walls will need at least one more coat of emulsion, probably two, before I can even think of applying the top coat which will be grey in colour. Well here is part of the room showing the first and second coats as of Friday after E had just painted the lower half of the walls and as you can see the original colour is still evident. Coats of paintPerhaps the final colour will cover it but I am thinking a third undercoat might be best before the final coat is applied, either that or two top coats. On Friday we also removed the radiator from the wall so that the wall could be painted as well as the radiator itself.Radiator 2E painted that too! She does her bit as you can see.

Shirley Anne

A schedule

English: Gentaur schedule
Gentaur schedule (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we are to get things done by a certain time we need to have a schedule, a plan of operation which hopefully will run smoothly. Often we have to depend upon others who may let us down for whatever reason and then our plans go awry. All we can do is reschedule or adjust our plan. We have been fortunate with our little domestic projects and things have generally gone to plan. Currently we are redecorating one of the bedrooms and we have no-one else involved who might upset our schedule except for the person delivering the carpet and the fitter who will lay it. Aside from that we are expecting the delivery of a replacement mattress for the bed which won’t interfere with the work. Our responsibility is in the decorating itself so if the schedule is upset we will only have ourselves to blame. With this in mind we have given ourselves plenty of time to get the work finished long before the carpet is delivered and laid. The door has been cut and re-hung and the wood work has had its undercoat as I write this on Wednesday so all that remains to be done is to paint the walls a couple of times and give the wood work  its top coat of gloss paint. We have twelve days to do that. I have to fit a new ceiling light and door handles too but they won’t take long to do. Today, Wednesday as I write, E and I went out and bought the carpet, that is paid for it in advance, bought a new mattress and a ceiling light. Whilst we were out we bought two small bedside lamps for the bedroom we had finished refurbishing recently.  We also bought vinyl silk emulsion in grey (slate) and white gloss paint. We have to paint the walls with a white emulsion undercoat before we can paint them grey but we have plenty of white emulsion in storage at home. Hopefully I can now give my purse a rest for a while but as I am still considering the purchase of some artificial grass for the patio so that may have to wait.

Shirley Anne