Itchy and scratchy

Okay now the show is over I can talk about itchy and scratchy. The cartoon itself is aimed at a younger audience which I think is deplorable because of its content, it is so violent and goes against all that I believe. As an adult I can laugh at the stupidity and impossible scenarios and not take anything seriously, which is what I do. It is much the same as any other slapstick comedy, one character gets hurt by the other and we laugh at it. Should we be offended or simply treat it as ridiculous? That dear reader is down to your own conscience. Now joking apart I cannot help be reminded of the  cartoon characters now whenever I feel itchy and at this time of year that is quite often for me. Having caught too much of the sun my skin in places has become rather itchy and I have been trying to resist scratching it but it isn’t easy. Come on now you probably do the same, you end up scratching it too. However I don’t leave myself at the mercy of my fingernails, I apply a suitable skin cream. There is another kind of itch which rears its ugly head at this time of year too, that caused by the constant battle with midges and other small flying insects which want to feed on my skin. I find an application of a lavender infused cream helps in preventing being eaten alive. On Wednesday morning, very early in the morning (it was actually 5.30) I had gone into the front garden to give it what has become a daily routine these past couple of weeks, a good watering with the hose. Well all went well for a few minutes then it was ‘Hey guys, here is another victim’ as the little mites began settling on my exposed regions. I had to keep wetting my arms to keep them off. Had I watered the garden later when it was in full sunshine I suppose there wouldn’t have been as many midges about. I don’t think they like the heat. I can relate to that. I persevered for the hour I was out there, I wasn’t going to allow a few insects to stop me. After returning indoors for breakfast I returned to the garden and sat on the bench there playing guitar for an hour. Strangely I wasn’t pestered this time. I guess the music sent them to sleep!

Shirley Anne


Sunday sunshine

English: Sunny Sunday sunshine
Sunny Sunday sunshine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was wondering if E would eventually make it downstairs before ten o’clock as she was now on crutches for a few days to allow her foot to heal and that made it difficult to get about. Anyway she did manage and was soon eating breakfast though I had to take it to the table for her. An hour later I went out for a late morning walk. It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze as I walked along the seafront. Surprisingly there were not many people about, at least at that place and time. I walked back toward the town centre but only because I needed the bathroom! The town centre was busy as usual, just like any other day of the week. I remember a time when Sundays were held as sacred, a day for resting, a sabbath. It was unheard of for anyone to work on a Sunday except if it was necessary as in the case of police, fire and hospital staff for instance. How times have changed and that because of a non-believing secular society. Anyway a short walk of four miles saw me back home. I found E had taken up residence on the patio to sit in the sun with her feet up. I made a couple of drinks and joined her though I sat in the shade. Eventually it was lunchtime, well one-thirty, and rather than have her struggle back indoors I prepared lunch and we sat outside to eat it. Unfortunately she did have to go indoors to the bathroom after a while whilst I collected a mattress for her to lie upon when she returned. It was pleasant to sit outside and we stayed there for a couple of hours when we had visitors call. It was our eldest son and granddaughter and they stayed for an hour or so until it was time for her bed. As she is only five and a half that means six-thirty. We returned indoors for an evening meal. Monday promised to be even better but I would be doing some work for a change instead of just sitting around on the patio.

Shirley Anne

Slightly burnt

Burnt by the Sun
Burnt by the Sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the first time this year I have succumbed to the effects of  the Sun’s rays. I failed to cover a more sensitive area of my anatomy from its rays, my upper chest. No doubt I could include the whole of my chest, breasts included but I am not in the habit of exposing those areas, not even in the privacy of my own garden. To say I am slightly burnt though is a bit of an exaggeration, it is more a redness that would certainly become sore if I am not careful. This morning, Wednesday, I applied sunscreen lotion to the said part in case it becomes exposed to the sun whilst I am out and about. In fact that is how my chest became red in the first place. I should have been more careful whilst out walking and I usually am. It is so easy to forget that the Sun’s rays are dangerous and are hazardous to our health if we become over-exposed to them. We need sunshine so that vitamin D can be chemically produced in our skin. There are other sources for the vitamin, namely in oily fish but we seldom eat oily fish too often, or as often as we should, though I did have sea bass for my lunch on Tuesday. I do in fact eat quite a lot of oily fish at home. How do the ‘Inuit’  people get their vitamin D? From oily fish of course for the sun, although it shines up there in the north, is not a real benefit to the people who live there because their skin is covered to protect it from the cold weather. They have to rely on fish for their vitamin D. Getting back to my own skin, I seldom if ever deliberately sit out in the sun these days unless I cover my exposed skin. I have endured the effects of sunburn in the past because of my own stupidity. Let’s face it, I am Caucasian and don’t produce enough Melanin in my skin for natural protection, I have to use lotions and that is what we all should do. It is still only early Spring and the Sun’s rays can only get stronger. When I arose this morning I watched the sunrise from my bedroom window. I didn’t actually get to see the sun until just after 6 o’clock. Yes I was up at that hour! The Sun had risen about 5 minutes earlier but my view is blocked by trees and some low-level buildings in the distance. As it rose its rays shone through the trees and although it was still reddish-orange in colour I could still feel the heat, even through the double glazing! Imagine therefore how much hotter it gets at midday! The Sun needs to be respected for it can really burn you if you don’t take care, something I shall remind myself to do this season when outdoors on a bright and sunny day, even if just on a walkabout.

Shirley Anne


First time

English: Street lamp. Aleje Ujazdowskie. Warsa...
Street lamp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have my bedroom curtains open during the night for a couple of reasons. In the winter months when it is dark and there are no leaves on the trees my bedroom is faintly lit by a street lamp in a cul-de-sac a couple of hundred metres away beyond the gardens at the rear of my house. Its light shines through the trees and results in a silhouette of moving shapes on my bedroom wall. It allows me to see what I am doing when I might be paying a visit to the toilet during the night without having to switch on a light. In some respects that is the more favourable option for who wants to be dazzled by a bright light when in a semi-awake state? Having the curtains open allows me to be greeted by the dawn when I awake, especially in the other seasons of the year. I live in a street which is orientated in an approximate ESE to WNW direction or if you prefer, the house faces roughly SSW. This means that the sun rises to my right from my bedroom window but of course I cannot see it during the winter months as it is too far south. There comes a time in the year when it finally rises directly in line with our street but then of course it is blocked from view by the other houses and the trees in the street and as ours is almost the first building in the street. There are quite a few houses beyond and toward the sunrise. Once the sun begins to rise  from a further northerly position the sunlight is able to shine into my bedroom on what is roughly the west wall of the room, that is the wall on my left as I look out of the window. Each year I eagerly wait for the first rays of the sun to appear on that wall for I know Spring is almost here. So it was that on Monday (9th) I saw again for the first time this year the thin line of bright sunshine on my bedroom wall as the light shone in from an acute angle. It was there for about twenty minutes then finally disappeared as the sun rose higher in the morning sky, each moment moving further southward as it did. As the weeks and months pass by the sunshine will light up more of the wall and will remain there longer as the sun rises from a more northerly point each day until around June 21st when it begins to rise further south once more. At that time the sun, if it isn’t cloudy, will shine on part of the wall which faces the windows and the west wall will be almost fully lit for quite a while each morning. It is nice to wake up to a bright room lit by sunshine, it sets the mood for the day.

This is the 2500th post since starting my blog…….

Shirley Anne