TV madness

E an I have a number of televisions around the house, far easier you might say than having to cart one between rooms! Joking apart, many people have more than one television in their homes these days as they have become reasonably low in price to purchase. Last April we bought two identical sets for use in the bedrooms. One has since been used a few times as it is in the room our youngest son uses when he visits. It may have had around fifty hours of use. The other was placed in the guest bedroom we had refurbished early last year but that unit has hardly been used at all, probably less than ten hours. This is that tv shown working on the day we installed it.They each cost £129 which isn’t a lot of money for a 32 inch screen but it is the principle of the matter, we expect them to work as they should else they are not fit for purpose. I was in the room on Tuesday morning updating the security on the Windows 10 computer which now sits alongside the television and I thought I would watch the tv whilst doing that. Then I discovered it was faulty. It wouldn’t respond to the remote control which by the way worked with the other television and neither would it respond to the other remote control. We took it to Currys where we had purchased it but they after checking it out advised we contact their repair department. I did that on my return home and now as I write this I am waiting for a reply. I have received an acknowledgement to my email. Whilst at the store I asked if these televisions have in-built usage timers which would reveal their usage to the repair engineer. I was told that certain manufacturers do incorporate such devices and they can use the information to assist with guarantees to determine if the machine has had fair usage or not. It isn’t rocket science to be able to incorporate a timer to count usage time, one small chip……as long as it doesn’t go faulty too! I was told many years ago by an electronics engineer that most electronic devices that go faulty do so within the first few months or not at all. This television didn’t get out of the starting block!

Shirley Anne

Update: As the tv was out of guarantee it could not be replaced. They (the service department) say it isn’t worth repairing and we were offered a sum of £79 in lieu. That has been paid into my account. So a new machine (as it hasn’t been used for more than ten hours) is thrown on the scrap-heap and your’s truly has paid in essence £50 for the privilege of not being able to use it! If I was able to take it back to the manufacturer (Seiki) they would most probably exchange it. That however isn’t possible. The lesson here is to use something as much as you can during the guarantee period and if it goes wrong it should be replaced/repaired free of charge.


The next day

Following on from yesterday, the day started early as we were awakened at 7.45 by the front door bells. We were expecting the delivery of the new bed for the room we have refurbished though not at that unearthly hour! We were expecting it to arrive sometime in the afternoon as we thought the salesman had said. E went down to answer the door as there was no way I would after being woken up and having not had the time to even get washed and dressed. E has no such qualms. The two guys took around fifteen minutes to set up the bed before drinking the coffee E had made for them both. New bed

Once I had breakfast I went for a walk and posted some mail for E along the way. I had some business to attend to and some purchases to make. On my return E and I got down to removing everything from the small bedroom including the furniture. We found a way to store it all temporarily on the landing outside the room but we had to dismantle the bed before we could store it. The next task will be to remove the carpet and get the room ready for painting. As it was Thursday E went shopping with her mom in the afternoon whilst I went next door to set up the new television for our neighbour who is eighty years old and hasn’t a clue about such things. By coincidence she had purchased a smaller version of the set I had bought recently so setting it up wasn’t a problem. Well setting up the television itself was easy but I had to sort out the mass of wiring behind it for the Sky box, video, Playstation, external speakers and such. The Sky box had to be removed as it was faulty and a new one had been sent. Unfortunately it was completely different from the old one and I had no idea how to install it so I didn’t. I felt that should be the responsibility of their engineers so that was arranged over the phone. Although I had the television working I couldn’t get it connected to The Internet, for some reason it wouldn’t recognise the router’s password or pin number no matter how many times I tried.  I had no problems connecting my own set so I had to assume her password had changed. I asked my neighbour if the password had been changed but she hadn’t a clue about that either. She kept giving me the password for her Sky connection. It took quite some time for me to explain that the Sky connection had nothing to do with connecting the television to the router. Her Internet provider is BT and not Sky even though she has the Sky connection. I had been there for two and a half hours and got back home just shortly before E returned from her shopping spree. Hopefully the Sky engineer will sort out my neighbour’s television connections when he calls next week.

Shirley Anne

All things new

It has been quite some years since I bought a new television but as the one I mainly use went faulty a week or two ago I had to buy a replacement. The old one was unrepairable and more than ten years old. So on Sunday we waited for the delivery of the new television for the front room lounge. It was to be delivered between 12.45 and 16.45 but in fact it arrived at 1.30 in our case most unusual for most of the time anything getting delivered here comes late! We hadn’t paid for the television to be ‘installed’ as that would have cost us an extra £35 but we did expect it to be unpacked and the packaging removed as explained by the salesman. The two guys dropped it off and wanted to leave immediately until we told them to take away the packaging. I signed for it and they left with the packaging. Assembly was very simple, all I needed to do was affix the two feet on which it stands then lift it on to the table and plug-in the mains and aerial leads. The most difficult task was to fit the batteries in the remote control and they wanted £35 to do it! Soon we had it connected to the Internet and checking the set’s features. It is a little larger than the one I had there temporarily for a few days and if you notice it stands on the wooden table top we had made earlier in the week as it’s feet would have been too far apart by 6″ to simply sit on the glass beneath it……..New TV 2

Just a little bit bigger…LOL. It has a 65″ screen whilst this little fellow has only a 22″ screen which is more than adequate for use in my bedroom where it is normally kept. I can remember when a screen that size was what many of us were used to having in our lounges. Funny how things change. The very first television my parents bought had only a 12″ screen!

Television stand

Shirley Anne

Looks like it’s going

30.15 million viewers watched Den Watts serve ...
30.15 million viewers watched Den Watts serve Angie divorce papers (Eastenders Christmas 1986). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here in the UK we have a ‘soap opera‘ called ‘Eastenders‘ which supposedly centres around the lives of typical people living in the east-end of London. It is all a bit tongue-in-cheek but it does portray some of the things which might be a part of anyone’s life no matter where they live. This year and month mark the 30th anniversary of the series. As with most productions of this type there is much going on at any one time in the lives of the various characters but that is essential for the production to be entertaining. It would be a dull drama if nothing ever went on. It is broadcast for a half-hour four times a week under normal circumstances with repeat episodes on another channel or ‘On Demand‘ via the Internet for anyone who wants to catch-up on things. Early last year one of the young female characters (Lucy Beale) was murdered as the character was to be written out of the series and this was a good way for her to depart.

EastEnders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone who watches the episodes had been kept in suspense regarding who killed her until last Thursday when finally all was revealed. The normal half-hour of the ‘soap’ had been extended to an hour at the very end of which we got to see who the murderer was. Or did we? Well no, another special half-hour ‘flashback’ episode was broadcast an hour later where we discovered the real murderer was in fact not the woman we thought it was but her young son. He had killed his older sister. The plot thickens as they say. I never used to follow the series intently but a few years ago that casual viewing became a regular thing and now I watch it all the time. I was compelled therefore to watch Thursday evening’s episodes having waited for so long to find out who the murderer was. So there I was five minutes into the start of the evening’s viewing when out youngest son phoned to tell me that there would be a few visitors on Friday evening to view the car he is selling and could I make sure the interior was clean. He didn’t stop there but wanted to chat about unnecessary details. Nice timing son! He asked if I too was watching ‘Eastenders’ but still insisted on chatting away. I told him all would be fine and we would look after his request and that he should now hang-up so that I could watch the tv. Children do have a habit of calling at awkward times. So finally we nay see the car gone from our driveway after the six months it has been standing there. I told him when he first left it there that it would still be there six months later for he lacked the initial determination to sell it straight away.

Update: Of the four people who wanted to buy the car none turned up but gave some limp excuses through text messages. So unfortunately the car remains on the driveway for now.

Shirley Anne

Quite tiring but nice

New Bicycle 1


On Saturday morning I was able to take my bicycle for a ride, the second time this year. The first outing some weeks ago was fairly short and this one wasn’t too long either but I managed just over five miles. I rode through local side streets and along the main road through the town centre to a point north on the coastal road not having to stop once, even for traffic lights. Somehow I managed to arrive at each set whilst they were on green! Fives miles isn’t really that far but without making any excuses I am not exactly a Spring chicken am I? My bicycle is steel-framed so is quite a heavy machine to move, it isn’t meant for distance unless you’ve all day at your disposal. A couple of other factors need consideration too, I am out of practice not having ridden much since September and I also exercise a lot on my treadmill as I had done on Friday. Once I had decided I’d gone far enough I turned back home along the coastal road only to find I was riding into a head wind so the ride back took a little longer. A few young guys whizzed past me on racing bikes and I remembered the time I could do the same but I just plodded on regardless. I have no axe to grind and even if I did I wouldn’t be able to nowadays anyway! I ride for pleasure whilst getting some exercise at the same time. By the time I got back home my legs were aching a little. I had been wearing a track suit under a lightweight waterproof jacket (mainly to keep the wind from penetrating my clothes) for it wasn’t that warm at 7 or 8 degrees with a light wind at 10 mph making it feel even cooler. Once indoors I had to remove all my top clothes quickly as I was beginning to feel too hot. My face was a picture of health with glowing red cheeks. It was at least a half hour before I could bathe and dress for the day. E had gone to Manchester a couple of hours earlier and didn’t arrive back home till late afternoon. I was home alone again and watching some short videos on YouTube in the afternoon when there was a knock on the lounge window. My eldest son had come to unpack a new television for E and set it up in the rear lounge. Why she hadn’t asked me to do it is anyone’s guess but no matter, I was happy to see my son, though he didn’t stay long. E does competitions on her computer and has won many things in the process but it takes up many hours in her day. She evidently enjoys it but it isn’t something I would do. Nevertheless she has in the past won a two-week holiday for four in Bermuda, a king-sized bed, a video camcorder, a bicycle and many more things besides. This time it was a 40 inch flat screen television with full HD and 3D capability and it even connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi through the router! They even supplied a pair of electronic 3D glasses which, when not in use,  are charged through a USB connection in the rear of the television. Can’t be bad can it? We didn’t have a large screen television for the rear lounge so I guess it was a good prize to win. I don’t know how she does it.

Shirley Anne