Now you see it

See what? Well if you compare the above with the picture below…

The plant that was there on the left has now been removed. Sadly it died back and for a couple of years we made attempts to keep it going but in the end there was more dead wood than live. The other two plants seem indestructible

The taller plant against the wall is a tree, one of three we have around the garden and presently (8 th) in bloom sporting little white clusters of flowers. The bush to the right is bearing red berries at this time. It was Saturday and during the morning E and I set about digging out the dying shrub and pruning others around the garden. I had already been in the garden just after seven o’clock in order to water the lawn, giving it a good soaking in the process. Once that was done I went into the front garden and gave that a good soaking too. Late in the afternoon I watered the rear garden plants and the lawn once more. Having not had rain for weeks apart from the one day a week ago it has been necessary work watering the gardens. E had gone to see her brother as it was his birthday. He lives with his mom so she was able to visit with her too. Whilst she was out I watered the garden and re-potted this little plant

It hadn’t been doing very well no matter what we tried to help it. Compare it with its twin in the picture below 

They were originally planted at the same time a couple of years ago. It may be that we need to re-pot the twin also but for the time being it is thriving. Apart from doing household chores that represented my Saturday. I did take time out on the patio though, it wasn’t all work!

Shirley Anne



The Urgent Need for Repentance (2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.)

The love of God is not for some or a select few, for the rich or the poor, for people from a particular country or society—but rather it is for everybody. God’s love is accessible to anybody who prays with a pure heart and a genuine desire for salvation. In this verse from 2 Peter, we read that God is waiting with infinite patience and mercy for everyone to learn about him and come to him. He wants to welcome us warmly to his home, just as the lost son was welcomed by his father in the Gospel of Luke (see Luke 15:11–32).
God is always calling us to come home—to respond to his love and mercy, to participate in his kingdom. God does not want anyone to lose the chance to receive salvation; he is patient and kind and merciful. At the same time, that does not mean that we should put off the decision! Like a football game, our lives are on a clock that is counting down. One day the whistle will blow, and our earthly lives will come to an end. For some, that will be today. For others, that may be some time from now. We don’t know when our time on earth will end. So it is vitally important that we trust in Christ today as our Lord and Saviour. Heaven and hell are both real (Jesus talked about both). The choice is ours: We can turn to Christ or go our own way.

Taken from NIV Essentials of the Christian Faith

Heaven & Hell (song)
Heaven & Hell (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you afford to wait? What if something should happen to you which prevented you from turning to Jesus? It would then be too late. You may fancy yourself to be a gambler, someone who likes to take chances and risks but this is your future we are talking about, a future in hell or a future in heaven. There are no other alternatives and remember that eternity is a very long time. Actually time won’t exist, it will simply be a fixed state, you will exist permanently in one place or the other. Which is it to be? The choice is yours and time is running out and get this, the offer is free! God will accept you just as you are, just ask Him.

Shirley Anne

Still warm

Finally cold foggy winter days, even a bit of ...
Finally cold foggy winter days, even a bit of rain, until now we had warm weather. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here we are almost in the middle of December on the thirteenth as I write and it is unseasonably warm outside, though it has been raining a little. With temperatures hovering around 9 deg C accompanied by very little wind it feels more like a bad summer’s day rather than the end of Autumn. We tend to associate December with Winter but in fact it only marks the beginning of it. A friend living in New York tells me she is experiencing temperatures as low as -1 deg C. No doubt we will have that sort of weather in the months ahead. The first three months of the year are all about Winter. I always look forward to March when we begin to see things warming up again. Tulips, daffodils and snowdrops lie in wait and already there are daffodil shoots emerging from beneath the soil. Yesterday I removed the remaining apples from the trees. They wouldn’t get any larger than their small size and many had already found a spot among the border plants below and on the lawn. I had reaped a small harvest of larger apples a couple of weeks ago and some of them went into apple pies I made which were then frozen. The rest I ate with ice cream over a few days, delicious! Maybe I’ll eat the pies when the colder weather appears to remind me of the warmer days passed. Surely I will eat them anyway before Spring. My favourite time of year is about to end, that is mid-November to mid December, late Autumn, though each of the seasons I like also in their own way. There is only one aspect of the weather I don’t really like, the wind. Other aspects vary in their affect upon me according to my mood I guess. High humidity comes in high on my dislikes too when it is hot that is. Because fog is the result of high humidity too but when it is cold I do not mind fog at all. It has been a little misty here where I live on one or two days recently but we’ve yet to experience the dense fog other parts of the country get. As I am writing these last few words the sun has put in an appearance just to let me know how quickly the weather can change from being cold to becoming warm. We are told to expect continuing warm weather for the next few days. That’s nice.

Shirley Anne

Following yesterday’s post

Monday was a very hot day. very humid at first but less so later in the afternoon. The carpet fitter arrived in the morning and finished before noon as I mentioned in a previous post. I had no electrical work as I had half-expected and probably won’t for another week because I withdrew my advert for some time off. Well the first thing I did whilst the carpet was being laid was to give the gardens a thorough watering knowing that it was going to be very hot. Starting in the front garden and then going into the rear garden later. Whilst watering the rear garden the fitter appeared and asked if the carpet he was about to lay was the one I had purchased. It was, but I wondered why he hadn’t asked that question when he first arrived and I was in the front garden where he had parked his van on the driveway. He told me that it would take him a further twenty minutes to lay it which just about allowed me to finish watering the garden. I packed the hose away and went to the top of the house to see he still had a few minutes of work to finish. Here is one of the pictures I posted two days ago..Top room carpet 2

Although it looks as though it is blue it is in fact grey overall, combining coloured spots of black, white and grey. E had Robbie (robot cleaner) clean the carpet whilst she had lunch. After lunch I decided to go for a walk but just before doing so I called the young builder called Ben who had been employed by E’s nephew to do the work on the roof a couple of months ago. He and a friend (who is now living in Australia) had done all of the brickwork when we had a lot of work being done on the outside of the house back in 2010. They had rebuilt our perimeter walls at the front and other walls within the front and rear gardens at the time. He is a good worker and really just a nice guy to have working for you. Anyhow I couldn’t speak to him directly and had to leave a message instead. I wanted some work doing on the garage brickwork where it has been leaking and alterations to the felt covering too.. I went for my walk and in doing so decided to go in another direction from the one I might usually take. I walked up to the top of the road and then turned left toward the village. I had walked only a short distance in that direction and I saw a pick-up truck parked at the kerb. I seemed to remember having seen the vehicle before and as I approached and to my left there was a guy on his knees and pointing away from my direction. He was doing some work on the paving slabs in the gardens of the apartment block there. I was about to continue past then realized he looked like Ben. I called out his name and he turned around. It was Ben! I couldn’t believe it, what a coincidence or was it fate? Sometimes I think we are led to do certain things rather than that they are chance happenings. He would call around on Tuesday evening to look at the job. I continued on my walk changing half-intended directions a few times. I ‘bumped’ into an acquaintance, a guy I had not seen for some time who strange as it was had been doing the same as myself, going for a walk. I mentioned a couple of days ago that this happens quite often when I go out walking. When out I walked along one of my favourite roads hereabouts, Rotten Row. It is laid with flowerbeds throughout it’s length but sadly these days only on one side of the road, a case of the local authority crying poverty. The diversity of plants are amazing, there is even a banana plant growing in the shelter of a hedge backdrop and surrounded by other plants. No bananas though! I didn’t think they could grow here unless under cover. Banana in Rotten Row

Shirley Anne

Almost 3000

Back in January 2009 I tentatively wrote my first post here on WordPress. This post is number 2993. I can’t believe I’ve written so much! Hopefully my posts have become more interesting for my readers. I try to keep them fairly short as I know folk have other things to do with their time but I hope their visits are rewarding. Anyway I just wish to thank all of my readers once again for their continued support. If any of them have spare time on their hands I am sure there are enough posts here to browse and ward off boredom.

Shirley Anne aka Minkyweasel

All’s well

A "Tropical Breeze Delux"[sic] ceili...
A “Tropical Breeze Delux”[sic] ceiling fan, made by Moss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It was a bitterly cold Monday morning as I drove off to the first job of the week and the only job of the week at that point in a township eight miles away. Saying it was bitterly cold, it wasn’t that bad but certainly bad enough. I arrived at the house ten minutes before the appointed time of 9 o’clock but had to wait outside in my van for someone to turn up to let me in the house as the house itself was unoccupied and empty of furniture. A guy about ten years my junior arrived and let me in. He was the father of the owner, his son, who was in Norway with his fiancé, a Norwegian girl but who would be moving in soon. The father had been busy trying to get the house decorated as well as carrying out some repairs. My job was to remove four ceiling fan units and replace them with standard ceiling roses and pendants and to replace a broken power outlet. I was there for a little over two hours and I got a call from someone living in my home town asking if I could do some work for them. I left the first house and drove to a local electrical supplier to purchase a few items for my van stock and whilst there I noticed a loaf of bread, a tub of butter and a toaster alongside of which was a sign which read ‘Help yourself to a slice of toast on us’. The drinks were already free, as they are at my usual electrical supplier’s outlet. As it happened I was feeling a little hungry since breakfast had been five hours ago so I made myself a slice of toast whilst being served. I drove off to the second job but only to assess what was needed. I was met by an elderly couple at their apartment. They required a new doorbell arrangement, a table lamp repaired and four replacement lighting units beneath their kitchen cupboards. I invited the lady to accompany me to the supplier so that she could decide which items she preferred to have installed and to pay for them too. Normally I would have bought everything myself and then levied the charge later but I wanted her to know just how much things really cost these days by letting her purchase them. I drove her back to her apartment and arranged to carry out the work on Tuesday morning. I suppose I could have done the work that afternoon and would have done in the past but I have promised myself to cut back on the amount of work I will do each day and give myself a break. As it is I am doing work at home at the moment though I take days off my schedule for this. I drove home for lunch. There were only two guys doing the brickwork as the third had come down with a bout of food poisoning last Friday and had evidently been too poorly for work. The rebuilding of the wall has been rather slow but as I write this on Monday evening there are only a couple of courses to lay and hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. E’s nephew called in the afternoon to discuss with the guys what was to be done with the redesigning of the steps approaching the front door so that the work can be carried out once the wall is finished. Once the base is done, and that won’t take long, laying the stone slabs should be pretty much straightforward. So all is well and things are beginning to take shape at last.

Shirley Anne

Just couldn’t tell him

Français : Vente de fonte d'art à Dommartin-le...

I went to do a small electrical job on Wednesday morning last week. It was simply to fit and connect two ‘Victorian‘ type wall lanterns which I did with no fuss. A third lantern existed on the third wall where they had been mounted, that is three walls each with a lantern. I was informed that there was nothing wrong with this third lantern so there was no need to check it out. Well that was what the guy had told me. Indeed the light appeared to be working just fine. Each of the three lights had an extra wire connected which were supplied by a wall switch inside the house. When this switch was turned on all three lights would come on irrespective of whether their own individual built-in motion detectors had them switched on or not. In other words it acted as an override switch in case they wanted the lights to remain on for any length of time. As all three were linked by these extra wires they would all light up if any one of them was activated. That is the way the circuit was designed to operate. When I left the house everything seemed to be working as they should but late on Thursday evening I received a call from the lady of the house who told me that all three lanterns had switched on automatically in the evening but had remained on. Now either the override switch had been left on inadvertently or one or more of the lantern’s motion detectors were at fault. I couldn’t call to the house on Friday as I had been too busy but I told her that I would be there on Saturday morning to check things out. I disconnected the linking wires and discovered the two new lanterns I had fitted were working perfectly but the third lantern wasn’t. This was the one I was assured was not faulty. Yes, it worked when the supply came through the extra wire, the one linking it to the other two and the override switch but its own sensor didn’t appear to be working. The guy kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with it and he couldn’t understand why I said it wasn’t working properly. He also told me that the original lantern that was fitted at high level had only one wire connected to it when he had removed it and he wondered why the replacement was working with just the one wire. Actually it couldn’t, actually there were four wires, one live, one neutral, one earthing wire and the fourth was the linking wire to the other two lanterns. I was told by his wife when I was there on Wednesday and again on Saturday that the guy was suffering with Alzheimer disease and although he seemed to know what he was talking about he didn’t realise that he wasn’t. There was no way I could tell him, no way I could explain the circuitry even though he kept asking. It just wouldn’t register. Such a shame for the poor guy. Needless to say I levied no charge for my visit. The lady said that they would purchase a new lantern to replace the seemingly faulty one and that her husband would fit it, something he is capable of doing so I was informed. It is only a simple matter of connecting each of the four conductors into its respective terminal once the base plate has been screwed to the wall. I might add here that he had in fact fitted the two base plates for the two lanterns I had connected, though upside down, yet he didn’t want to connect them. I am waiting for another call for help now as I write this on Saturday late in the afternoon whilst waiting for the guy to call to check my window and door. I have a feeling he isn’t going to show for the second time but I might be wrong, there is time left still.

Shirley Anne