Over three thousand

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To date I have posted almost 3100 posts on this blog. I don’t suppose many of my readers will have read them all or that many browse older posts either. I was browsing some of my old postings just for something to do. I had and have been doing much work at home lately as well as carrying out electrical work for others and it does take its toll. I do enjoy my work however but it is nice to be able to sit and relax afterward. I am not one who likes to read fiction, it was never an interest to me but give me literature about practical subjects and I am happy. With me, if I am reading something of interest it leads me to other things. When I am searching a word in a dictionary I often find myself drifting off and searching related words and their meanings too. Before I know it I find myself way off target if I am not careful. Life’s a bit like that for many of us, we aim for something but get sidetracked and we end up somewhere else, somewhere we never thought we would be. The funny thing is we end up preferring our unintended destination. When I first started with this blog I never thought I would ever have reached so many posts but I did. That is 3100 posts in almost as many days. On one or two occasions I have posted twice on the same day but that hasn’t been often. Sometimes I wonder if I will continue and if so for how long? I have been tempted on a couple of occasions recently to simply stop. A blog is basically a personal log for many, an insight into the often mundane things we get up to in our daily lives though some people use the platform for other reasons, and there will be many. So I was re-reading some of my old posts and they brought back to mind memories of when they were written and the things I had been doing at the time. I wondered how I managed to do some of them when I remember what was involved and that is the point, we often do not realise our own potential when faced with a seemingly difficult and daunting task. It just takes a little confidence. Almost 3100 postings since the middle of January 2009 proves a point to me anyway.

Shirley Anne


All electric

English: Leyton Electric Time was when 'The El...
Leyton Electric Time was when ‘The Electric’ was a municipal undertaking and electricity substations were built in the style of minor Greek temples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that could mean anything, no gas, no coal, no oil as sources of power and indeed many houses these days have only an electrical supply. However I am not thinking along those lines, I am thinking about the amount of electrical work I find I am undertaking lately, not unexpected as I mentioned earlier. I sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t an electrician, would there be much for me to write about? I am almost certain there would be. We all have something we can write about, we all have our own special experiences in life and it is nice to be able to share these things with others. We may think that nobody would find anything we say to be of interest but that just isn’t true. You would be surprised how even some of the simple things we write about are interesting to others. It may be that some of our readers wait anxiously for our next posting, well we can all hope for that I suppose. As for myself I simply like writing and what better way to express your experiences? When I first started this blog I found it difficult to find any inspiration, what to write about and someone suggested I write something about my daily experiences, about my work, my likes and dislikes, my hobbies (that’s always a good one), perhaps my religious beliefs and many more things. We can write about world events and those nearer home, holidays and celebrations, the list gets longer.

She Like Electric
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At the moment I am writing a lot about my job as an electrician and the things I am presented with each day. There is never a dull moment in my line of work. I get to meet hundreds of people each year and hopefully all that I have done for them will be appreciated and will have met their needs. Often I spend time chatting with those of my customers who are perhaps a bit lonely and in need of a little companionship. In the weeks to come I may be writing more about what I am doing in the garden but that will depend on the weather. Whatever I write about I hope my readers will get some enjoyment from it.

Shirley Anne

Nearly a milestone

Boat of Boredom
Boat of Boredom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s not much going on lately on the home front. I have been kept busy at work and have even had to turn down work because of the amount I have been getting. Many would say that is a good thing and it is if indeed much work was necessary. In my case I work more out of enjoyment than necessity. Work gives me something to occupy myself and to relieve the boredom of an otherwise dull existence. Life for me isn’t all dull though but unless I am occupied it can be very dull indeed. I did no work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and at the time of writing this nothing planned for the week ahead. Well that’s fine as it gives me the opportunity to do anything I like instead. Problem is there is little else I have an interest in these days, things to keep me active that is. I want to be active all the time and I suppose that is my problem. I do little reading, watch little television, almost never go to the cinema, in fact if I am sitting down for too long I simply have to get up and walk about.

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Yes, I am sitting down writing this but my mind is on other things, what to do next? I have been glancing at my blog’s statistics, specifically how many posts I have written and I discovered that as of today (Saturday) I have written and posted 2489. That’s a lot of posts since my first in January 2009. When I look back I am amazed at the way the blog has developed and the diversity of the posts themselves. If each of those posts were about a different subject that would mean nearly two and a half thousand subjects! Alas, I doubt I could write about so many different things so you will find much of my posts centre around a single subject but even so there are still many. I don’t boast that I am that knowledgeable on all the subject material except perhaps those in which I am well versed and experienced. Surprisingly though I don’t spend a lot of time at my computer and most of my posts, probably all of them, are written straight from the heart without much thought. The words just flow out. I have an active mind and find writing quite easy. One thing I have to say though is that I get bored easily and perhaps that is a good thing when writing blog posts for there is a fine balance between keeping my readers interested and boring them to death with posts that go on and on. If I write 400 words I am happy enough but once I pass 600 I am beginning to get bored myself. All in all I think I have done well in achieving this minor milestone of almost two and a half thousand posts. A few weeks ago when I was at a low ebb I seriously thought of closing the blog altogether but I am still here, for how long I cannot say. Maybe I’ll wait until I reach the five thousand post milestone before making that decision.

Shirley Anne


WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Phil Oakley)

A couple of days ago I received a brief message from the WordPress staff congratulating me on my fifth anniversary with WordPress. Since that day five years ago I have posted 2068 times! When I first began to blog I found I had very little to say and found writing anything interesting difficult. I would hope that will have changed for the better five years on! Well at least 271 people are interested as that number are currently subscribing to my meanderings here. It is nice to know that I have accumulated so many ‘followers’, it makes blogging worthwhile. If not for my readers I know I probably wouldn’t continue with the blog, it would be pointless to do so. So here I am today still plodding along. The greatest problem anyone faces when blogging is finding something to write about, especially if one posts as often as I do. Subject matter is limitless, it is simply finding something one finds interesting enough to oneself to write about. Currently I am writing about the adventures with the bathroom refurbishment E and I are involved with at home and the previous Wet Room project which was completed in late December. Occasionally I will post something about Christianity and especially salvation as a means of outreach to those who at present have no interest in such things. I try not to preach in these posts but simply present the argument. I am always open to discussion on that subject. Other things I write about are many and varied, like anniversaries! Whether I will still be writing posts in another five year’s time rather depends on whether I am still around of course but more especially if I have anyone interested enough to read them. I appreciate all those who bother to take the time to read what I have to say and I hope they will continue to find something of interest in what I write.

Shirley Anne

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Other bog deleted

Shirley Anne 146For quite some time I have had another blog running alongside this one but at Blogger. Last year or maybe it was late the previous year I decided to dedicate that blog to the one subject, God, Jesus Christ and salvation intending it to be an outreach for those or rather to those who are unbelievers. Outreach is something we as Christians are commanded to do, not asked but commanded and if we are faithful to our God we obey. We are called to be witnesses to The Gospel message and preach it to the world. There are many ways to do that and ‘blogging’ is one of them, however, using a blog for the purpose requires that unbelievers actually read what is written and to do that they need to visit the blog! Now it may be that some actually do that but I fear that most, although they may pay a visit will not again return. I see therefore no point in continuing with such an outreach on a dedicated blog platform as only Christians will read it if they visit and they do not need to. When I first came up with the idea of making the blog dedicated to outreach it was on my heart to do so because outreach is something close to my heart but to proceed without the approval of God, that is without His direction, is pointless and doomed to failure. I felt I had such approval but the good Lord allowed me to proceed with my plans probably to teach me. That having been said I feel that if I am to witness to the unsaved I have to be where they are. Now I do that in person of course and I do witness given every opportunity and at the appropriate moment but I can also do it on The Internet if I know people will be in a position to read it. This had led me to delete the other blog and to concentrate on this one alone. Many of the posts from the now deleted site have found their way to this one as drafts and I will publish them occasionally (as I have been doing on this subject thus far) in the months ahead. Notice I say ‘occasionally’ as I do not wish to alienate those I want to reach by overdoing things. I simply present arguments in the hope that those I wish to reach will read them. I want this site to be interesting to all who visit, not just a select few.

Thank you to all my readers and those who have added me to their list as subscribers and those who find the time to comment too. I hope you will all continue to do so.

Shirley Anne

Swap them around?

lol on a candy heart
lol on a candy heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea how many of my readers here pop over to Minkyweasel’s Musings but I wonder what would happen if I swapped content by moving all the posts from one site to the other? I’ve no intentions of doing that by the way just in case you got a bit worried (LOL) but I do wonder how many of my readers would still follow this blog. I fancy they wouldn’t. The reason I say this is because the two sites are completely different. Whereas this site covers all sorts of subjects, mostly about the things I do with snippets of other things like my faith and such, the other one is totally about God and Jesus Christ and doesn’t get a fraction of the visits this one enjoys but I persevere with it. I post there but once a week or so but here I post every day. I suppose the subject material on my other site holds less interest except to those who are of the Christian faith which kind of misses the whole point of the site because it is there as a witness for anyone who is not a Christian. So all you non-Christians pop over there and have fun! LOL. Seriously, the material is dedicated to the unbeliever so if you are such a person you will know what to expect but I hope that isn’t a deterrent but a challenge. I would hope though that all my readers (of whichever persuasion) would still follow this site’s posts wherever they may be located. It makes it all worthwhile knowing that you call in each day and I thank you all for doing so. I don’t follow many of your sites, mostly because I don’t have the time to follow them all but I try to make time for most of them, as many as I am able and I find many of them interesting too. So worry not that I will be moving material elsewhere as I value each and every one of you.

Shirley Anne

You gotta have something to do!

Neural Connections In the Human Brain
Neural Connections In the Human Brain

I am amazed at the progress we have seen in computers and what they have become. They are used in all areas of our lives from control and monitoring to medicine and communication. They are simply everywhere. The beauty about computers is the fact that are extremely fast at processing information and implementing any necessary resulting action. They cannot act as quickly as the human brain and even the most sophisticated of them, as yet at least, cannot process information as fast and efficiently as the human brain. What it can do much faster is crunch numbers, that is carry out complicated mathematical problems in the blink of an eye. Without computers you wouldn’t be able to do what you are doing right now, reading this post! I didn’t want to talk about computers though but you have to admit they are a study all to themselves. You dear reader no doubt run your own daily/weekly ‘blog’ and it obviously gives you some pleasure else you wouldn’t bother doing it. You also enjoy reading what other folk write in their blogs else you wouldn’t be here now reading this. Well you gotta do something to pass the time, you gotta have something to do that is different from the rest of your daily life but it’s all about communication with other human beings. We all feel that need to reach out to others in our lives whether that be face to face and talking, over a telephone or by the written word as here. We are drawn to those we like or perhaps what they write and what they have to say. Maybe we share the same interests or we have some common ground but sometimes we reach out for other reasons, perhaps we are lonely or just wish to make new friends and acquaintances. Well again, you gotta have something to do. Writing this has given me something to do, filling a small piece of my day before I move on to something else, in this case I am off to bed next as it is approaching midnight and I have to get up for work in the morning. Pleasant dreams! (I wrote this late on Monday evening by the way)

Shirley Anne

It’s a shame, seems a waste

Hildegard reading and writing
Hildegard reading and writing

Every week I somehow manage to produce seven posts and occasionally one or two more. I have found I enjoy writing short articles from my everyday life and other things I find interesting. When I first started I found it difficult knowing what to write about and my posts were very brief but as they say you’ve got to learn to walk before you can run. With many things in my life though I get bored and disinterested if I stay fixed on them for too long. Some things in my life I never tire of but the rest I find hard to stick with. Some of the things I don’t tire of are playing my guitar, riding my bicycle, reading informative material about almost anything I am interested in such as my Christian faith, science and  astronomy amongst many others. Although I like writing I find I have to write short articles rather than lengthy ones simply because I begin to lose interest in the writing and have to make it brief although sometimes I find I can write longer articles on occasion if the subject is one I am really interested in. Since I started this blog I have written many articles and as I progressed I think I have improved my talent for writing and content. Many of my previous submissions I would consider to be worthy of another airing and I feel it is such a shame that they may be locked in the past forever without anyone reading them. It seems such a waste. In that vein I would encourage my readers, especially those new to my site to occasionally browse its archives using the ‘Browse Archives’ box below  on the left of this page. You never know, there may be something there you find interest in. At the very least there are hours of reading material there to wile away the time on a rainy afternoon, even I do that sometimes. Most people who read my pages are themselves ‘bloggers’ and producing their own articles of interest I am sure, I know, I read some of them! There is a limit to what anyone can read or find the time to read but I think delving into the past makes for some interesting reading.

Shirley Anne

I am reminded

There are now 106 followers of my blog and 30 have subscribed to email notification of any new posts or comments so they don’t miss a thing. I looked at the most recent follower’s blog (I do look at all my followers blogs) and was reminded that I should again thank all of you who bother to look in and especially those who have added me to their ‘must read’  list, my followers. Whilst I am unable to reciprocate in all instances because I already follow many myself I do make every effort to at least look in when I can. I always respond to comments though and that in itself often prompts me to look at the blog of the person commenting. So yes, I do thank all my readers, followers and those who comment for they make my posts worthwhile. Whilst I have your attention, this is not my only blog, I do have another which sadly doesn’t attract as many followers as this one. I’ll let you search for the link, should you be interested, which is on this page. Thank you all once again.

Shirley Anne x

My other blog

English: Blogs on JoopeA
English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This blog is graciously visited by many people from home and abroad and some of them leave a comment, for which I am always grateful. I am not sure how many of my readers are aware that I have another blog too. The links to it are on this page or here at http://wwwminkyweaselsmusings.blogspot.co.uk/ . I place this post here partly for information but I would nevertheless love to see some of you over there too. I  read other people’s blogs of course and many of them have more than one blog site, some even have three or four! I don’t know how they manage to do that unless they have all the time in the world are retired or it is part of what they do for a living but whatever the reason I have every admiration for them, it must require a lot of dedication. I know that maintaining my blogs is difficult at times. Even so, writing for many blogs must take a tremendous time but answering comments too? Well done is what I say! I often wonder why people ‘blog’ at all. It is a form of social contact though, a way to connect with other people and also a way of reaching out to them with messages of hope, support and encouragement. We all need these things in our lives and it is nice to receive that wherever it comes from. People actually do need other people and this is a great way to make new friends and exchange different ideas about life and things in general. I try to accomplish that in this blog but my other blog is dedicated to one subject only. I see many other blogs being used in the same way. Like-minded people will enjoy reading on the same subject that interests them and may find new subjects of interest along the way. It makes the world go round. I subscribe to a few blogs but although I don’t subscribe to all that I visit, the ones I read regularly are listed in my ‘Favourites bar’ under ‘Blogs‘ on my browser so they are frequently visited, actually every day! This way I can keep my email inbox a little easier to handle! By subscribing by email can prove to be an error as some folk, being prolific writers soon have your inbox very full indeed. This was a case in point recently with a blog I really like so I had to ‘unsubscribe’ to that site. I still look in every day though but I do it manually instead, as I do with several blogs I regularly visit. I think subscription is a great idea if you don’t subscribe to too many and the authors don’t write that often. Everyone will find the route that suits themselves. I enjoy the blogging experience and hope that those who visit my sites will enjoy what they read there.

Shirley Anne

I love writing

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some years now I have enjoyed the writing experience. It all started around 1970 when I first began to socialize and mix with people. I had been employed since 1962 and my work took up most of my life. I preferred working to socialising so my main contacts were with those I met in the course of my work. I shied away from making friends, always preferring my own company but eventually I stopped being a recluse and ventured out into the world. My experiences prompted me to write poetry and I became a prolific writer of love poems and poems about those I had met. None of these poems are on this site, yet that is. Being of a personal nature I have been reluctant to publish most of them. Many were written about and for my future marriage partner E, who is now my ex-partner. The words contained in those poems still apply though. I cannot stop loving the person just because  we are divorced. I attempted to write short stories over the years but failed miserably. I am not really a writer of prose. My writing these days is confined to my blogs although there is a short story in my pages above. I have added a couple more pages dedicated to my poems and songs but have yet to copy into them from my written compositions. I get tired of typing them on my computer but hopefully I will make some progress on that score soon. The reason I have added more pages rather than just adding poems to the existing pages is simply to keep the pages reasonably short in length. I may fail in that respect as I don’t want too many pages in the space above. When I first started writing this blog’s posts they were very short in length but as time went by and I gained more experience they became progressively longer. Even so I don’t like writing too much in my posts because I don’t wish to bore my readers with very long posts. I tend to write between 300 and 500 words but that is sometimes excelled on occasion. At the end of this sentence I have already reached 370 words for instance. Now I have said that someone will probably count them all! Even I didn’t do that, it is done automatically by WordPress. I find that writing is very relaxing and it keeps my mind active too trying to think of what to say, although most of the time the words just flow out. As I am writing one thing down the next sentence is already forming in my thoughts. In other words writing becomes easier the more I do it! Now I am up to 456 words. The hardest thing when writing is having something to write about and when I look back in the blog’s archives I am amazed at the variety of subjects I have touched upon these last couple of years. I had thought it more difficult sometimes to have only one subject to write about, as in my other blog but I have found the opposite to be true, at least for the subject matter over there. It is up to you if wish to take a look. I dedicated the other blog to be a witness for God. Here I write about anything that comes to mind or events that happen in my life. The main thing is I enjoy it all and hope that my readers get something out of what I write. Now I have come past the point where I should be closing the post as it is beginning to get too long. I could go on but I’ll spare you all that. The post has reached 635 words.

Shirley Anne

Minkyweasel International (well partly)

Nanjing Foreign Language School
Nanjing Foreign Language School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah I wish but in fact I get so many people from around the world looking in. Welcome to you all and I hope you have found something of interest for you whilst browsing around my humble site. My visitors come from Europe, AsiaOceania or AustralasiaAfrica and North and South America. Individual countries are too numerous to mention. I am grateful to everyone who visits. I would of course like them to make comments if they have the time even if it is only to say hello. Our cultures around the world differ immensely and it would be nice if some of those cultures rubbed off in the comments too. We all see things differently I’m sure so reading someone else’s views can prove to be very interesting. Most of my visitors hail from the UK for some reason or another. I don’t know why that is so because my url isn’t country-specific just as most blog aren’t, so why aren’t more of my visitors from other nations? Possibly it is the language barrier in many cases and although these days it is very easy to translate languages using one of the translating services like Google have, probably not many use them. It stands to reason that anything written in a specific language is going to receive more response from those who speak the same tongue. For instance I don’t speak Japanese or Chinese so I am unlikely to come across blogs written in those languages. Blog sites are linked by the tags that are placed in posts and not by the main content of the post but even so searching sites through tags is just as difficult if they are in a foreign language I suppose. Of course searches can be made through subject matter, that is categories too, but I don’t think it can be done across languages. I can only assume that some of my visitors are all able to speak English even when it isn’t their native tongue. Minkyweasel may be international but not totally so I would assume.

Shirley Anne

This is what true Christians are up against

There is a war going on in the ranks of human beings and especially those who are Christians. The greatest problems we face as Christians in trying to witness to the unbeliever are generated by ourselves………….

The offices of The Gazette newspaper on Saint ...
The offices of The Gazette newspaper on Saint Catherine Street, Montreal, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children—  with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.”        Psalm 103:17-18 NIV1984

Christianity in Transition and Karma (an article written in The Montreal Gazette recently by a friend of mine…..I pray for her daily)

With more than 1,000 people protesting in a demonstration on Sunday against a North Carolina pastor who made anti-gay comments last week, some of his 100 or so congregants applauded him in church, according to a report on msnbc.com. Apparently, though, leaders of other churches are trying to distance themselves from him, feeling that his outrageous statements will hurt their more moderate anti-gay efforts.
Sigh . . .   When will all these folks understand that not everybody believes their Bible is the inspired work of a god and that their interpretations of it are relevant or realistic? Really, where do these folks get off thinking that they can impose their superstitious belief system on everybody else? Of course they have a right to believe what they want, but they simply should not have a right to use their beliefs to spread hate and discrimination.   It’s obvious to me that much of Western society is in transition (there’s that word again). Many people have moved on from the superstitious belief system expounded by people like the North Carolina pastor who preaches fire and brimstone if you don’t believe what he does. But some haven’t moved on.  Still, fundamentalists are not united on these issues — some are far more liberal than others. Those with extreme views are becoming more and more isolated, which is probably why their extreme comments go viral sometimes.   Which is not to say the essential message of Christianity is lost or irrelevant. The bottom line has always been to love thy neighbours, regardless of who they might be. It’s the bottom line in most spiritual schools of thought — and those religious institutions that lose sight of it ultimately lose followers. Which explains why only 100 people are showing up in that North Carolina church while more than 1,000 were protesting against the pastor outside the Justice Center . . . Sounds like karmic justice to me.


The great lost chord of modern civilization is forgetfulness of the fact in nature of universal brotherhood, which means not merely a sentimental or political brotherhood; it means that we are all of one common cosmic or spiritual origin, and that what affects one affects all . . . – G. de Purucker (end of article)

Whilst in some respects I understand what Jillian is saying I feel she is missing the point somewhat. Many of us will have heard about the North Carolina pastor who voiced such an unloving sermon and as a result will now thinking his opinions are those of the true Christian Church. They are most emphatically not! In her article Jillian agrees that and indicates that the main anti-gay movement within the Church has been harmed by what this pastor has said and I agree with her on that point. However the Christian message has never been one of hate thy neighbour, whether gay or not. Many Christians think that just because Scripture shows us that homosexuality is a sinful way of life that it gives them the right to judge and condemn participants. It doesn’t! Neither is it appropriate to marginalize people for believing in other things or making a stand against their rights to behave as they wish. A true Christian does not do these things. A true Christian reaches out in love whilst being a faithful witness for Christ Jesus. This means pointing people to what God is saying and what God is commanding from us all. Decisions on lifestyle and belief always should rest with the individual. Being a witness does not mean pushing the faith down the throats of unbelievers but it is a duty and a commandment to explain and deliver the Gospel message to non-believers. From a Christians point of view it should be as an encouragement for sinners to repent, not something to turn them further away!

Jillian mentions (quite correctly) that not everyone believes that The Bible is the inspired Word of God but what she should have said is that non-believers in God think that way. Christians believe it is, or SHOULD do. I read Jillian’s posts quite frequently and I have found her to be very caustic sometimes when writing some of her articles. Firstly, in this article, she appears to accuse all Christians of being ‘fundamentalists’ as if being a fundamentalist was wrong. It isn’t wrong for Christians cannot turn away from the fundamental teachings encompassed in Scripture, they either have to believe it is God’s Word or not. Some conflicts  do arise in interpretation sometimes but the tenet of content is unaffected. Remember, fundamentalism isn’t an invitation nor a free ticket to stir up hatred and discord with non-believers. Secondly, Jillian renders Scripture and belief in the Faith as all superstitious nonsense. This is a personal and direct attack on the Christian faith and ultimately God. Personal opinions should be kept out of good journalism. Present the facts and let the people choose one way or the other. This should be the case in presenting The Gospel too and it would be wiser for all those ‘fundamentalists’ to consider that fact.

Jillian redeemed herself in her concluding remarks though recognising that what has been voiced by an over-zealous pastor is not what the Christian message is all about nor is it the same opinion of all people of the faith or anyone with an inkling of common sense and humanity. Love thy neighbour even if he has six heads four arms and is green-skinned!

The war is not between human beings. It is a spiritual war being waged out of our sight and it is a war for souls, lost souls who need redemption.

“But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children—  with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.”    Psalm 103: 17-18 (NIV 1984). I just wish Christians would remember to obey his precepts and do all things in love as He commands, maybe then the unbeliever will respond to the Gospel.

Shirley Anne

And so starts another week

Just a small post today, I haven’t felt up to writing much in the last few days as you will have gathered from my previous post and the main reason is that lately I have been finding it difficult to get interested in anything. It isn’t depression although being in this state of mind would indicate a depressed personality, a detour from my usual self, so I suppose looking at it that way I could be seen as somewhat depressed. However if it is depression it isn’t clinical depression. A simpler way to look at it is to say I have been in the valley rather than walking on top of the hill. Life does have its ups and downs but fortunately my ups are more frequent than my downs. Today marks the beginning of another week (although that day is really Sunday) and I am sure I shall be climbing up to the top of that hill. I have no idea what the week has in store, who does? I have nothing planned, nothing prepared, nowhere to go, nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it! At least I am feeling a lot better. Do I need a change of scenery? No. Do I need someone in my life? No. Do I need sympathy? No. Am I anxious? No. Do I really need anything? No. Do I need to be understood? Probably. Am I expecting that something will happen? Always!

Shirley Anne

Post script: Yesterday, apart from I think 1 or 2 matches to be played in the lower divisions, marked the end of the current football season. There was much jubilation for some and much sadness for others. I had kept an occasional eye on the television sports program but was doing something else on the computer. I had it in mind to visit the pub, the first time since Tuesday but I knew it would be packed with football supporters. I have nothing against football supporters of course but I don’t go to the pub to sit in such a noisy environment unless it happens to be a party so I left it until early evening before going. There were still many folk there watching the replays and commentaries but after an hour most of them left. I was sitting alone, although there were many people there whom I knew. I got talking to a guy who was visiting the town for a few days and we were getting along quite well. He passed a remark saying how glad he was that he had visited the pub and how much he enjoyed my company. I was just being me! A short while later another local guy came in with a girlfriend, not, he was quick to tell me, a romantic affair! Well I know he is married. She and I got along like a house on fire and we were having a ball. I think I might have caused her to suffer stomach pains after keeping her laughing for so long. I have a way with words as they say but I was only telling her about some of my escapades in life! I had a great time and in the process made two new friends. I am glad I went and now all that I’ve written in the above post can be put into the past and forgotten about. I hope the next time I lose interest in things will be a long time coming. Didn’t I say I was expecting something to happen?

Shirley Anne

Short stories

A Haunted House and Other Short Stories
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I was sitting at home on Thursday afternoon quietly contemplating my life and my situation. I had not much sleep the night before, I guess that was because of the days events and the devastating news of someone I knew who had been murdered the evening before. I heard of the sad story whilst watching the news on television. It is at times like these that we take stock and especially so when we have time on our hands. I should have been working at home but I’d been out to do a job for someone else and was feeling very tired. My mind full of enthusiasm but my flesh wasn’t up to it and I resigned myself to taking it easy instead. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 and drifting in and out of a few cat naps. One program was about the merit or not of short stories and introduced a couple of short story writers to give their opinion as to why they wrote them and if they thought they were well received by the reading public. One or two of those readers, when asked, were very supportive of short stories and talked about how they encouraged the reader to get into the story quickly, why they were not kept waiting to discover the plot as it were and how much more enjoyable they were as opposed to having to spend days reading a standard novel. Each to their own though, not everyone thought the same. I got to thinking that much of what we do here in our blogs are essentially short stories, clips, snap shots and random experiences in our lives put to the electronic page. I find reading other people’s blogs fascinating for the most part although some, probably my own too but hopefully not often, can be a little boring. It all depends on the reader though doesn’t it? We can only guess what our readers think unless they respond in a comment. I say that because I do have a lot of readers each day but of course not all of them comment. I might be swamped trying to answer in response if that were the case. I have never really enjoyed reading fiction always preferring facts which I suppose is why I like reading blogs although I will read short stories because, well, they are short! When blog posts begin to get too long I begin to lose interest but I try my best to stay with them if the subject is particularly of interest to me. With that in mind and the fear of driving my readers away I now close this post having written what I wanted to say and having reached 455 words.

Shirley Anne