Poems 7

Over by the waterfall
There stood a fairy fair
With sunbeams shining through her wings
And flowers in her hair.
It looked as if her eyes were wet
But not from fountain spring
For they were teardrops for a love
That once her heart made sing.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 July 04

I could not see the love in you
To make me want to sing
But if the words you say are true
Such joy to me you’ll bring.

For oh so long I’ve wished to hear
The softness of a voice
Which whispered tenderly of love
That my heart would rejoice.

So given time I hope there’ll be
A love between us two
When you declare your love for me
And say ‘I do love you’.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 July 04

I lead a solitary life
Where once the closeness
Of a mate was mine
But now the closeness of a love is gone
And only loneliness remains
And Time just marches on.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 July 04

Is it the colour of their skin
Or the religion they are in
That reduces you to hatefulness so mean?
What gives you the right
To beat them all night?
Remember by whom you are seen!

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 July 04

Another one has gone
And I’m alone
A broken spirit left here
on my own.
So many lies are told
So many tales
I’m tossed about
As leaves within a gale.
My restless heart cries out
But hope is there
And I am lifted once again
From fear.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 August 04

Why does she cry?
Is asked by people passing by
Who wonder why.
Quite often I’ll not know myself
The reasons why
But still I cry.
It’s just a rush of hormones
Someone said
She’ll settle down when back at home
And lying on her bed.
But that’s just it!
I mean, the moments by myself
Give time to think.
My mind is on so many things
While lying there or washing at my sink
And so I cry.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 August 04

Young man you are so nice to me
Much more than I deserve
You know the age gap is too large
But still you persevere.
I wonder what will come of us
Will friendship blossom true?
For often moments in my day
Are filled with thoughts of you.
Maybe our paths will separate
As we go on our way,
But I will always think of you
In my remaining days.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 June 2004

Why was I born this way?
I don’t look as I ought
And feelings that I have
Just will not go away.

It is so hard for me
With family and friends,
And more so in my workplace
I’m sure that you can see.

So what am I to do?
And where am I to go?
It’s difficult these days it seems
When simply being ‘you’.

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 June 2004

I’m early today and wonder why
The clouds have left a clear blue sky,
My thoughts are jumping left and right
I’d stayed up almost through the night,
I’m thinking what will be, will be
When you have gone away with me.
My mind is in an awful mess
I’d spilt some soup all down my dress,
Life’s far too complicated now
But I will muddle through somehow,
I’ve left for now the high speed lane
For now I’m growing quite insane,
Up to this day I’ve had some luck
But now they’ve come to lock me up!

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 July 2004

What is this thing that’s happening to me?
It lifts my heart each day, as you can see,
I was alone and no-one cared, till you came along,
Your life to share.
I wanted you, it was so plain to see
And you took my hand to comfort me,
I am amazed how love has grown
Now we can share a happy home,
I hope our love grows more and more
And we’ll be happy that’s for sure.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 June 2004

I am a sexy girl
And I’m in town each day,
I have men’s heads a turnin’
As I walk on my way.
If only one would ask me
To go with him somewhere,
I might just go along
And then forget my cares.
I’m here, I’m here
Sweet Shirley Anne is here,
So come with me
And be with me
And let go if you dare.
I’m here, I’m here
And I am all alone,
So please somebody come to me
And take me home.

(Crazy things I once thought.)

Copyright Shirley Anne 22 June 2004

My love for you flows on and on
A never ending stream
A restlessness of ups and downs
A meandering dream.
It cannot cease to ever be
No thing can bar it’s way
No one can ever take your place
Within the heart of me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 August 2004

She sits alone and gazes at the mirror
Her deep red lipstick held toward her lips
The passions rise from deep within her being
As fires of lust pour out from that small stick.

Her heart cries out for love and deep commitment
But no-one comes along to hold her hand
She has so much to give and longs to share it
There must be someone for her in this land.

She’s found a friend, someone to share her thoughts with
Who only wants what’s best for her and yet,
He is so very much in love it scares her
But time will put his faithfulness to test.

Now that the summer’s partly over
She sits and thinks about the days gone by
Another year of loneliness is passing
She smiles but wipes away her many tears.

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 August 2004

I don’t know what to do,
My life is empty now
That I’ve lost you.
Whereas before,
When you were here,
Beside me,
I’d give my love
And pour it out for you
But now an emptiness so cold
Surrounds me,
And I can find no pleasure any more,
It’s true.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 August 2004

In dreams I wandered through the night
Content and locked away from all reality.
Mine was a hope not known when in my waking hours
Where only strife and pain grew strong
And hope was dashed to pieces
Like the rocky shore of some remote and lonely place
That bore the anger of the ceaseless waves
Bombarding day by day.
From all that could my spirit break
And yet not capable was I my fate to steer
I ventured out so bold and free from fear,
Such foolishness, but no, I held on tight
Till all my dream was gone,
Then I awoke reluctantly to face the dawn
And yet another day alone.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 August 2004

If I said that I loved you
Every word would be true
But you’ve broken my heart
And I’m all alone and blue.
The saddest thing of all my love’s
Not knowing the reasons why
And I lie upon my bed each night
As tears pour out my eyes.
Tell me why did you treat me
All those years the way you did?
‘Cos I’ve tried for oh so long to know
But you have kept it hid.
There are so many reasons that
My love could turn to hate
But my darling that could never be
For my love’s far too great.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 August 2004

Sitting by the river on a sunny afternoon
Watching all the boats go by
This lovely day in June.
Basking in the sunshine, relaxing quietly
When suddenly you came my way
And brightened up my day.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 August 2004

Don’t come ’round here
With all your shouting and bawling
Foul words from your mouth
And your fingers a’ clawing.
Count one through to ten
And calm yourself down
There’s plenty of space
For us both in this town.
Whatever’s upset you’s
Got nowt due to me
Just ask anyone
And then plainly you’ll see.
I offer my hand
In friendship to you
So please stop your crying
And make amends, do.

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 August 2004

Who really cares or gives a damn
About this girl and who I am?
Who reaches out with loving arms
Embracing me with grace and charm?
Who takes the time to be a friend
When broken hearts are on the mend?
Who’ll telephone to say hello
And all my troubles wants to know?
Who’ll be there when I need them most
When all seems hopeless and a loss?
Who will support me when I’m down
And make me smile and lose my frown?
Who’ll be there when my troubles show
Supporting me when others go?
Who’ll help me when my heart is sad
Rejoicing when I’m feeling glad?
Who’ll love me to the bitter end
And always be a loving friend?

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 August 2004

I get so much attention
From all the boys in town,
If I am wearing only jeans
Or in an evening gown.
You’d think they’d make a pass at me
You’d think they’d try it on,
But by the time their mind’s made up
I’m out of here and gone!

At the Coach and Horses, Maghull

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 September 2004

I’m not so sure these days
That if I remove my ‘stays’
My flesh will not be drawn
Toward the floor,
For many years ago
As I’m sure you all will know
My figure did enhance
The clothes I wore,
Because I was then, young
My curves were very strong
So I had no need
To hold it all in place.
But now, as you can see
I’m a different form of me
And my outline takes the
Smile from off my face.
Still time just marches on
And those days are long since gone
And my frame needs all
The help that it can get.
So I pull the laces tight
With all my strength and might
And I lay exhausted,
Gasping on my bed!

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 September 2004

I’ve searched for love and looked in vain
Throughout my life it’s been the same,
No matter whom I’ve met or places been
It is the same old story,
Love’s nowhere to be seen.
Why should it be so hard to find,
True love for me that’s of the lasting kind?
It seems as though I’m in a dream
For in my life there’s nothing
And even though I try my best
‘Tis only me at Christmas
Who’s there to fill my stocking.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Sep 2004

I have a life so full
So full it’s overflowing
I’ve not a moment to myself
But don’t know where I’m going!
It’s filled with shallow things
Which are of no importance
If I could get a proper life
On that I’d take a mortgage!
The things that interest me
Are not much liked by others
I try to make some friends
But don’t know why I bother!
So all in all you see
Despite the seeds I’m sowing
There’s nothing down for me
When the storms of life are blowing!

Copyright Shirley Anne 7 Sep 2004

How will love begin?
Two strangers in a crowd
Passing glances, smiles
In trances,
Looking, wondering what will come
When first they speak amid the din,
The cacophony of noise around
As they release the passions
And the thoughts within.
Sometimes mere words are not enough
And just the softness of a touch
Will light the fire,
To bring about the closeness
That they seek,
Their heart’s desire,
And love begins

Copyright Shirley Anne 13 Sep 2004

How many times must I come to this place
Where once we two were lovers?
Memories haunt me, yet still I come
Thinking that perhaps it is not over,
Accepting not that the passage of time
Will keep us apart,
Hoping for a new tomorrow
That we will overcome the weaknesses of our hearts.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Sep 2004

I question this, I question that
I often wonder where I’m at,
I sometimes have the eyes to see
The many things that bother me
And yet as each day passes by
There are some things that make me cry,
The starving child, the poor blind man
The war-torn lands where hatred reigns
I find myself in total loss
I’m empty even with my lot,
For what the world’s in need of most
Is less of greed and more of love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 22 Sept 2004

I walk through life alone it seems
In melancholy wanderings, I dream,
For I have no-one yet to hold my hand
I’m just another lonely soul
Who’s living in this land.
Far be it so that I should give up hope
Some day perhaps I’ll see my cup fill up
But that time in patience I’ll abide
And try, as best I can,
My feelings hide.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Sept 2004

How long till I find happiness
The warmth of love surrounding me
The tender touch and kisses soft
Upon my lips?
For time waits not and I’m alone
No shoulder now to lay my head upon
Or cry a tear.
The pages of the calendar relentless
Turn each day
And still I yearn that one will
Mark the time someone will come and stay.

Copyright Shirley Anne 7 Oct 2004

I may come back once more
I don’t quite know
I’m not quite sure, it all depends on how I feel
And whether you are there or if you’re real.
The truth is out there someone said
And thoughts are swimming in my head
But I’ll not stir
I’ll lay here quietly upon my bed
And think of you instead.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Oct 2004

And now the possibility of meeting someone new
Who speak to me of how he feels
And his intentions true.
Perhaps he’ll be the one for me
Who knows? But time will tell.
I’ll be as patient as I can
For what will be will be,
Oh well!

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Oct 2004

And so it seems that once again
My life is empty,
Only dreams remain
Where once was plenty.
Oh yes, my copy book is full
But only those who want to waste my time
Take note that I am ‘on the pull’.
I’m led, half willingly, along that path
But know deep down inside,
That love, if it’s found there at all
Will never last.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Oct 2004

I’m very worried, can’t you tell?
Perhaps I hide it too darned well.
But deep inside there is a fear
Of what may happen, which is clear
At least to me it is, but you can’t see,
The turmoil that’s inside of me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 Oct 2004

Has now my burden lifted Lord
Will I be left alone?
Will no-one now demand of me
Will I be free to roam?
How troubled was my heart till now
And even now it hurts,
When I think of the love that’s gone
It’s more than I deserve.
I hope my future has in store
Love, peace, security,
With you Lord, guardian of my soul
I’m sure it’s bound to be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 Oct 2004

I lay my weary head to rest
On pillows soft upon my bed,
The day is over, work is done
I need my rest to soldier on.

I close my eyes and dwell upon
The day’s events and then I’m gone,
I’m drifting into fantasy
In dreams far from reality.

I wander through strange lands and scenes
And know not that it’s all a dream
But in the morn when I awake,
Full realising my mistake…..

I lift my head and rub my eyes
And gaze upon a clear blue sky,
Through frosted windows of the night
And see the sunshine warm and bright.

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 Oct 2004

I’ve been neglecting you my Lord
I have to say,
When only once each day
I come to you in prayer.
But I know that you know all things
It’s true,
And I know also that I cannot hide from you.
I am about to join the ranks of lonely people
Who have no-one to comfort them each day
But I know one thing Lord
That is so true,
That you are with me always
And I love you.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Nov 2004