Poems 8

I got to thinking yesterday
That things were going not my way
The many plans I had in store
Grew wings and flew out of the door!
It seems to happen frequently
As if my life was jinxed for me
But other times it goes quite well
Then pleasant stories I can tell.
So life does have its ups and downs
And I must never wear a frown
I’ll take each moment as it comes
And praise The Lord for what He’s done.

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 Sept 2004

I walk through life alone it seems
In melancholy wanderings, I dream,
For I have no-one yet to hold my hand
I’m just another lonely soul
Who’s living in this land.
Far be it so that I should give up hope
Some day perhaps I’ll see my cup fill up
But that time in patience I’ll abide
And try, as best I can,
My feelings hide.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Sept 2004

Over by the looney bin
There’s not much sunshine coming in
The ice is on my fingertips
There’s hairy monsters on my lips
I think I might just cry a while
Or wear my nightie upside down,
‘cos everywhere they’re coming in
Those loonies to the looney bin.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 Oct 2004

How long till I find happiness
The warmth of love surrounding me
The tender touch and kisses soft
Upon my lips?
For time waits not and I’m alone
No shoulder now to lay my head upon
Or cry a tear.
The pages of the calendar relentless
Turn each day
And still I yearn that one will
Mark the time someone will come and stay.

Copyright Shirley Anne 7 Oct 2004

I may come back once more
I don’t quite know
I’m not quite sure, it all depends on how I feel
And whether you are there or if you’re real.
The truth is out there someone said
And thoughts are swimming in my head
But I’ll not stir
I’ll lay here quietly upon my bed
And think of you instead.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Oct 2004

And now the possibility of meeting someone new
Who speak to me of how he feels
And his intentions true.
Perhaps he’ll be the one for me
Who knows? But time will tell.
I’ll be as patient as I can
For what will be will be,
Oh well!

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Oct 2004

And so it seems that once again
My life is empty,
Only dreams remain
Where once was plenty.
Oh yes, my copy book is full
But only those who want to waste my time
Take note that I am ‘on the pull’.
I’m led, half willingly, along that path
But know deep down inside,
That love, if it’s found there at all
Will never last.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Oct 2004

I’m very worried, can’t you tell?
Perhaps I hide it too darned well.
But deep inside there is a fear
Of what may happen, which is clear
At least to me it is, but you can’t see,
The turmoil that’s inside of me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 Oct 2004

Has now my burden lifted Lord
Will I be left alone?
Will no-one now demand of me
Will I be free to roam?
How troubled was my heart till now
And even now it hurts,
When I think of the love that’s gone
It’s more than I deserve.
I hope my future has in store
Love, peace, security,
With you Lord, guardian of my soul
I’m sure it’s bound to be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 Oct 2004

I sometimes wish my life would change
But don’t know what I’d do,
I sometimes feel that things are wrong
But know that isn’t true.
Why is it that I feel this way?
What is so wrong with me?
I have all that I want in life
It could not better be.
Perhaps it is my age you say
A phase we all go through,
Perhaps it is but nonetheless
I still feel as I do.

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 Oct 2012

Jesus the Saviour reigns
For all eternity
The Saviour of the world
Who died for you and me.

He came to set us free
From our iniquity
And change our hearts
To see the Father’s love.

He died for me
He died for you
That we might suffer not
The pain that He went through.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Dec 2012

Nothing to do at the end of the year
All of my plans are up in the air,
Things I once thought so important I see
No longer figure in life now for me.

For life is much more than a trivial thing
To be wasted upon the material being,
Life has a purpose, a spiritual goal
A means to salvation for my precious soul.

I sit and I think what’s my life all about
And I pray in my heart that there will be no doubt,
I go through the motions from morning ’till night
And live out my days just as well as I might.

But one day I know I’ll be called back to home
To the place I resided before I was born,
A room in a mansion is my destiny
That’s the promise my Jesus has given to me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Dec 2012

I’ll give myself a treat today
I’ll get up early then I’ll pray
I’ll thank the Lord for all He’s done
In giving me His only Son.

Without such love, without such grace
I’d be left in an awful state
For all my sins would weigh me down
But now I wear a special crown.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Dec 2012

Sitting here with nought to do
But all my thoughts are fixed on you.
I’ve tried so many times I’ve tried
To reach you with the love of Christ.

Your heart is hardened like a stone
And all you do is moan and groan.
I hope and pray your life will be
Forever changed so that you’ll see.

You don’t believe there is a God
His message isn’t understood.
You know your life will end one day
And that’s the end I hear you say.

But life is more than simply that
And one day you will realise.
God loves you and He longs to see
You with Him for eternity.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Feb 2013

Something nobody else has done
Nailed to a cross in the heat of the sun
Suffered the shame and the agony
He did it for you and he did it for me.
Why would anyone do such a thing?
Especially for all of the pain it would bring.
O such a love that is yours and mine
O what a Saviour for all of mankind.

Copyright Shirley Anne, Good Friday 29 March 2013

Happy in life
With cares but a few
No-one to sit with
But only you
Watching the couples
Walk by in the sun
Look at the children
Indulging in fun
Life isn’t bad
It’s as easy as pie
But who will be there
To mourn when you die?

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 April 2013

The wind blew cool as the day grew old
The sun was shining, so I’m told
But outside I was not to stray
For inside I was meant to stay
And the old wind still blows come what may.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 September 2013

If I did a lot of reading
Books I’d talk about each day
If I chose to roam the country
I would have so much to say
But these things have no hold of me
Have no interest on my part
All I need is food and shelter
And a peacefulness of heart.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 2014

Slowly but surely it nibbles away
At each precious second
In each precious day.
Turning around you don’t notice it’s gone
Your freedom, your choices
Your liberty won.
Deceived you are taken along with the flow
Then suddenly there is no place you can go,
Controlled you are led down the path of despair
There’s no turning back and nobody cares.
But wait, there is time to resist
There’s a path through the darkness
A path through the mist.
The choices you make as you open your eyes
Will determine salvation or end in demise.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 March 2016

My thoughts are fixed, my mind is set, I walk along the path with you.
My eyes are open, yet I cannot see, I feel your presence
Standing there right next to me.
I call your name, no answer comes, well nothing I can hear
I wait impatiently for you to whisper something sweet into my ear.
Why Lord do you not speak? Why Lord do you not say to me you care?
What can I do when all my thoughts are fixed on you?
I should know better, yes I know I should
For you don’t answer me in ways I thought you would.
But you are always there……….

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Feb 2017

If you could start your life anew
What would you think or say or do?
If everything you did before
Could be wiped clean and be no more
Would you respond and let it be
Or stay still blind and never see?
You may not think that this is true
But all these words apply to you.

Shirley Anne 21 Dec 2017

You’ll miss me when I’m gone,
You’ll miss the love we shared
And all the fun.

You’ll miss the tender times in moments past
When you and I together wished
That it would always last.

Well deep within my heart my love was strong
Despite the many times you hurt me
Knowing it was wrong.

Your stubborn heart was cold
Your eyes were blind
And stayed that way as you grew old.

When I am gone and you’re alone
Will you regret not acting
As you should have done?

When I am gone,
What chance that we shall meet again
And stay together love,
Or be forever apart?

Shirley Anne 20 Aug 2018