Poems 4

I wondered at the mystery
The truth that now has set me free,
The agony He bore for me,
The pure, pure love of Jesus.

I cried until my eyes were dry
For I had lived so long a lie,
Until that day I came on by,
The pure, pure love of Jesus.

But now my days are filled with joy
No wickedness do I employ,
For all that now has been destroyed,
Through the pure love of Jesus.

One day my life will be complete
And I’ll be there my Lord to meet,
I’ll bow the knee before His feet,
And worship my Lord Jesus.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Feb 2009

O Dear Lord the tragedy
Of those without an ear,
Who simply won’t accept the truth
Or arrogantly sneer
And in your prescence caring not
O Lord that you are there.

O That they all had eyes to see
The wonders of your love,
That you bestow on each of us
Whatever we have done,
And by your grace would reconcile us
Each and every one.

O Dear Lord the tragedy
Without you in their hearts,
That sparkle to light up their life
To give them a fresh start,
The Holy Spirit’s guiding strength
Which tips their apple cart.

O That they all would come to know
The pain and suffering,
That you dear Son had borne for them
To cover up their sins,
Perhaps dear Lord they’d realise
That you indeed are King.

Copyright Shirley Anne 22 Feb 2004

So fair is she
As sweet as any blossom on a tree,
A radiant star that blazes in the dark of night
Cascading all her love till morning light,
Her smile, her gaze,
Her gentle hand upon my face,
A touch as soft as morning dew,
A special bond of love meant just for two,
When she’s not here
It’s difficult for my poor heart to bear,
And so I wait impatiently
For my dear love to come to me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 Aug 03

There’s many things that I could do
To keep my thoughts just fixed on you,
But why should I endure such pain
When all I want is you again?
I could spend all my time away
And never see you day to day
But what’s my life without your love?
You’re sent to me from Heaven above,
You are the apple of my eye
Without you I’d just cry and cry

Five minute poem.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Aug 03

Well here she comes
Struttin’ her stuff
High heels and short skirts
Just ain’t good enough,
She got to move
Like she’s in the groove
This meat is tender
An’ she’s gonna prove,
If you got the time
An’ you’re in the mood
Don’t think this lady’s
Your average prude!

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 March 03

True love is to be treasured
Once found, to be grasped and held
For it’s worth cannot be measured
And in no way can be quelled.

So rare this sweet commodity
Like jewels in the sand
But it is there twixt you and me
O Fairest in this land.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Sept 2003

When we first met that winter’s night
So many months ago,
I must confess with deep regret
That I’d not wanted you.
But on that second time you came
Again, into my life,
And sat so close and held me tight
My feelings came alive,
Since then you’ve taken step by step
A small piece of my heart,
Until at last you took it all
And left me Cupid’s dart.
So much in love with you am I
I can’t get through each day,
Without I tell you this my love
You’re loved in every way.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 Sept 03

To a chair

Against the wall I stand alone
Relaxing now the day is done,
So many backsides rested here
On every day throughout the year.
However big, however small
Of course my size would fit them all
Long legged, short or fat or small
Each one could rest their weary loins.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Jan 2004

Vicky’s torment

What troubles me is I can’t see
True love and friendship there in front of me.
I shy away, pull back and hestitate
Have I upset her and is it too late?
Why do I feel this way?
Why do I put myself through all this pain and agony?
I need to trust her and her word
For deep inside my heart, I know that love is there.
I need to realise that someone cares
With love so unconditional, it hurts.
I know that deep inside of me there is a yearning
To be loved and be set free.
In all my life I’ve never known such love
So I should take a hold of it, I know I should.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Feb 04

Time wasted…

What opportunities I’ve missed along the way
Preferring to defer them till another day
Which never comes.
Such foolishness when I, my fondest wishes could by now possess
But don’t.
Alas, I have to be content with what I’ve got and just forget the past.
From this day forth, as on my way I go,
I’ll make the most of situations,
Then and only then, I’ll boast.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 2004

A tricorniansquirrelhornmakepieceteracottamogwheelspadeconnectioningtondaleandcompanylimitedcronjultripeooblidooblithingimumbobsit:- Or words to that effect

On my squirrelhorn and makepiece
Trundling by my looberstrom
Krilled by dawn and featherington
Teracotta mogwheel dumb.

Finglingting and fusimumble
Scorching tangled mooglestripe
Corn and oobla tangimanpole
Cronge my ooglitooglitipe.

Perm and mangled herbidantrop
Tri my cornian hatpinbob
Formilang a doobliwotsit
Corpuling a mingled sod.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 03

Come with me to a land of dreams
Where the joys of life fill an endless stream
And laughter is the antidote
Of all that hinders healthy growth
Where children run around and play
Filling each moment of their day
And little birds fly high aloft
Where sunshine’s rays are warm and soft
To a place far off from drudgery
And a place that’s fit for you and me
So far away from the toil and strife
It must be someone else’s life!

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Dec. 2002

Couldn’t hold my love this morning
Couldn’t hold his hand in mine,
Couldn’t say how much I loved him
For I never had the time.
When he comes again tomorrow
When he gives his love to me,
When he stays with me forever
Oh so happy I will be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 04

Don’t want your empty promises
Don’t want a pack of lies
Don’t want your sexy pictures
They only make me cry.

Don’t want you ‘cos you’re lonely
Don’t want your luggage too
Don’t want your hoards of children
I want just only you.

Don’t want a one night stand love
Don’t want a quick fix trip
Don’t want a hollow feeling
I want relationship.

Don’t want a loveless partner
Don’t want a frozen heart
Don’t want to feel rejection
I want a lasting love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Dec 03

God most high and mighty
Look upon this child
Love, protect and guide him
In this eventide.

Watch his tiny footsteps
As he goes to bed
Keep the evil one at bay
As he lays down his head.

Watch him as he sleeps Lord
Fill his dreams with joy
For he is a gentle soul
My darling little boy.

When he wakes tomorrow
Guide him through the day
Let your love surround him
As he goes his way.

Let him grow to love you
Let him learn your ways
Then he will be happy
The remainder of his days.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2000

Gone are the days of youth and strength
Now comes the time of age and rest,
No more the frantic, hectic pace
Now is the time for saving grace.
The Autumn leaves begin to fall
Now you can say, ‘I’ve done it all’,
No more the speeding carousel
You’ve done your share and done it well!
And so the twilight of your years
Brings happiness as well as tears
But all these things will pass away
And you will reach that final day.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 Feb 03

Feeling down and lonely
Walking through the day
No-one taking notice
As I go my way.
Pain lies deep within me
Torturing my soul
Why did love desert me
Left me all alone?
Routine my companion
Eats away the hours
Nothing left to do now
Gone those ivory towers.
But a strength within me
Pushing from inside
Keeping new horizons
Firmly in my sights.
Still sometimes I’m lonely
But sometimes I’m glad
Now I’m only thinking
Is it all that bad?

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 Dec 02

For many years I tried and tried
To stem the feelings deep inside,
‘Twas all in vain as you can see
The new and effervescent me!

I longed to be the person that
Would not hide things beneath my hat,
So many things I hid from view
It was all that I could do.

Throughout my life I’d dodge and swerve
It took it’s toll upon my nerves,
A life of fear and trembling knees
Afraid that you’d discover me.

Until one day I took a chance
And went out ‘dressed’ without a glance,
I felt so free, just like a bird
No longer did it feel absurd.

And now I’m wondering what’s in store
As I go out through my front door,
Each day a new experience
For Shirley Anne’s alive at last!

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 June 03

Ever since we met that day
You felt a deep attraction,
And wondered if you’d see again
The source of your affection.
Had you but tried to seek me out
I think that you’d have found
That I was not that far away
And often was around.
And then one eve you found once more
The subject of your thoughts
You took a chance and made a pass
And hoped that I’d respond.
Well now you know just how I feel
I’m so in love it’s true
Now we can be together love
Forever, me and you.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Sept 2003

How easily it is to hurt
And feel the world against us,
How tender we are deep inside
Where nobody can see us.
An angry word, a nasty look
The tears well up
And we feel lost.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Dec 08

How empty is my heart now you are gone
And I feel so alone without your love,
How meaningless does my life seem to be
Without your tender love to comfort me.

Ours was a brief encounter it is true
But that did not stop me from loving you,
Your promises I’ve kept here deep inside
Until you come and stay here by my side.

Copyright Shirley Anne 13 July 03

No matter what I do
No matter what I say
The passing of each second
Brings another day.
No matter how I feel
No matter who I see
Each precious moment of my life
Is brief, then gone away.
I know I can’t escape
I know nowhere to hide
For if I leave this place
What’s on the other side?
So all I have is you
And all you have is me
So let us make the most of things
And give your love to me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 Feb 2004

Mere words cannot express my love for you,
You are the morning sun upon a field of dew,
You are my passion and my heart’s on fire
Without you, I am just a funeral pyre.

I’d lay my life upon the line for you,
There’s nothing I’d not do to prove it’s true,
So darling come and hold me in your arms,
For that’s the only place where I belong

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Aug 03

How sad my heart was on that day
You said you’d leave and go away,
How mixed the thoughts conveyed to me
Of what you felt things might have been.

You talked of moments when we’d met
And how so much you had regret,
That you had let a chance slip by
To be together you and I.

But then you found me once again
And thought that chance you could regain,
So when we met that second time
You clung to me just as the vine.

We talked, embraced and then we kissed
Whilst realising what we’d missed,
Your circumstances had sinced changed
Since first we met that winter’s day.

But then you thought it could not be
That you might come and stay by me,
Confused, not thinking, you’d resolve
To reject my undying love.

My sweetest love I wanted you
And so I said what you might do,
You have the time, you have the space
To meet your problems, face to face.

Now rest assured, my love is strong
And I will wait for you my love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Aug 03

I love the snow on postcards
The lovely village scenes,
The horse drawn sleighs
The children’s plays
And all that Winter brings.

Gone are the days of Summer
The sunshine in the park,
The walks by streams
And daytime dreams,
The singing of the Lark.

Each Season has it’s merits
Each different from the rest,
The rain, the snow
The wind that blows
How my life has been blessed.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Dec 08

I rise up at the break of day
So slowly now, I have to say,
When once I’d jump on to the floor
I cannot do this anymore,
My stiff old limbs need time and space
And some time I must put on my face,
I pop my pills and exercise
With arms and legs all stretched out wide,
Then after washing this old skin
My nourishment I must take in,
And then I’m off out to the shops
To buy in things I haven’t got,
I struggle home with bags galore
And drop them quickly on the floor,
Then after a refreshing drink
My dirty cup goes in the sink,
I rest awhile then put away
The things I’ve bought myself today.

Copyright Shirley Anne 7 Jan 2004

Oh will my life now be
Not as before
But now an empty one for me?
Times change and so have I
And now my dreams
Lay unfulfilled, I cry
But wait, all is not lost
I chose this path
No matter what the cost.
I have someone to guide
I’m not alone
And do not have to hide
So now I walk that path
And moving on
Forget a troubled past.
Someday perhaps I’ll find
My peace, my joy
And happiness of mind at last.

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 Dec 03

Just what is going on inside their heads?
They must have seen it all before, ’tis said,
But no, their curiosity aroused, they seek
To ridicule and hurt the ones they meet.
What simple minds, what childishness they show
When you or I their foolishness expose,
They cannot see beyond their very noses
What are they all about one just supposes?

Copyright Shirley Anne 28 June 03


We praise you our Lord Jesus,
We praise you Lord above,
We sing your name and glory,
In your redeeming love,
We praise you and adore you,
You are the King of kings,
We give you all the glory,
O Lord of everything.

We lift our hands to worship,
The one who gives us life,
We praise our heavenly Father,
For Jesus, Lord and Christ,
Our love will never falter,
For you Almighty King,
You are the King of Glory,
And lord of everything.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1991

I have become a part of you
And you, a part of me,
Love cascaded over our hearts
And washed us through.
Our lips reached out to kiss
Each other’s soft, wet mouth,
Our bodies close, our arms entwined
In loving tenderness.
The sweetness of it all
When we are lost in love
Has no comparison
That would for me enthral.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Nov 03

I came across you in my dreams
And followed you through all the scenes
Of places where I worked so long ago.

I didn’t know you then of course
We’d never met and all because
You were an infant in your mother’s arms.

How strange that you were there with me
For I had been alone and couldn’t see
The love that poured out to me from your heart.

Although the years between us are
Quite numbered I just couldn’t care
I think together we were meant to be.

Now I’m awake I wonder if
My dreams were only full of myth
But I will know when I see you today.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 April 2009

I cannot see the way ahead
When all my world surrounding’s dead,
When all my hopes and all my dreams
Are dashed to pieces at my feet.
I need a new start in my life
That lifts me to ascending heights,
A new love I can call my own
Without the fear of things unknown.
Perhaps in time I can let go
Of recent love that took it’s toll,
For at this moment, I am lost
When all I do is count the cost.
O Life please take a hold of me
And show me how it’s meant to be,
Give me a sign of brighter days
So all my pain might go away.

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Sept 03

I can’t let go
Though try I might
To win the fight
I love you so.

Why did you say
That you and I
Would be as one
Then go away?

My heart does moan
For you and I
Should be together
Not alone.

I can’t move on
Until I know
Without a doubt
You’ll never come.

So I must prove
That in each day
I’ll find my way
Without your love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 Sept 03

A little here a little there,
Nothing to do, no-one to care
My life this way just seems to be
Something inevitable for me.

I sit and watch, I sit and stare
Without a moment left to share,
Why is it so, why should it be,
That there’s no-one to care for me?

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Sept 11


I’m comin’ home dear Father
I’m comin’ back to you
I’ve done my share of roamin’
And I was so lonesome it’s true.
Wandered from you for a season
For I thought that I would win through
But without your love to guide me
I would just be empty and blue.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Oct 2011


Jesus came into my heart
And made a change in me
I was like an empty vessel
There for all to see
Came to dwell inside my heart
And set my spirit free
Jesus came into my life
To show that he loves me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Sept 2011


I called out to my Lord
To take away my pain
I cried out to the Lord
To take away my shame

He is my Lord
He is my God
He is my all
And all I want

Down on my knees I prayed
My heart poured out to Him
My tears He wiped away
Forgave me all my sin

He is my Lord
My Saviour King
He is my Lord
I worship Him

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Sept 2011


Hold onto my hand
Walk a mile with me
I will take you places
You’ve not seen

Set your spirit free
Put your trust in me
You will see how faithful
I will be

You are the child that
I died for
Precious but you don’t see
Take hold of my love
Take hold of my life
And come to me

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 Oct 2011

(The first song I ever wrote)

As the tide washes over the sand
So your troubles will all be washed away
By the grace of the Lord’s saving hand
You’ll be brought unto the day.


For He loves you, yes He loves you
And He wants you by His side
Yes He loves you, really loves you
And His love will never die

So take heart in the Gospel received
Let Him lead you down that path to life
Come to Him with your sorrow and grief
Let Him fill you up inside.

When you come to the end of the road
Full of joy and gladness you will be
For the Saviour you’ve come to adore
Waits for you in majesty.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1990


I am calling to you
I am calling to you
I am calling to you my God
I am calling to you
Draw close by me O Lord my God
I am calling to you

I am down on my knees
Lord please answer my pleas
I am down on my knees O Lord
I am down on my knees
Lend your ear to me O Lord
I am down on my knees

Lord take hold of my hand
Lord take hold of my hand
Take me by the hand O Lord
Lord take hold of my hand
Lead me to the Promised Land
Lord take hold of my hand

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Nov 2011


Deep as the oceans
And high as the mountains
Is your love my Father for me
I never earned such love
Never deserved such love
But it was given for free
What can I say Lord
To thank you and pay Lord?
My sin it was taken away
There is no debt now
No price to be paid now
How wonderful God is to me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 Nov 2011