Poems 5

I am indeed a precious thing
For in your love, I dance and sing,
You fill my heart, my very soul
Safe in your arms and in your fold
O my Lord Jesus, I’ll ever be
Part of your kingdom, I am set free.

I was awakened to the sight
Glimpsed I the truth and was filled with delight,
I reached out with a broken heart
You took my hand, led me apart,
I rest in your redeeming power
O my Lord Jesus, now and forever.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Nov 2002

I can see now clearly
How it was meant to be,
I can feel the freedom
Loosed from my misery.
One step on the highway
Both feet on the floor,
Not a life of dreaming
But an open door.
Taking then the moments
Each day has to bring
All the new horizons
And awakenings.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Dec 2002

High on d ‘rizon
Backdrop bright ‘n shinin’
Gazed upon a shadow frightnin’
Past a lone wolf cryin’
In the dead of night.
Around d hill like a lightnin’
Shone d moonlight a lightin’
Tightnin’ ‘cross a pool reflectin’
In d gloom, shone on shoe,
‘N a shadow castin’, pretty frightnin’
As ah go d moth ‘n bat a fightin’
In d moonlight like a lightnin’
‘N stumble ‘cross a field o’ rye
Wid ears a risin’ t d sky
Mah tattered cloak’s a cryin’ in d wind
‘N ah gotta lay muh head t ease d pain
‘N let it end.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Oct 2002

To a sparky…
I did aspire someday to be
The finest ‘spark’ the world had seen
I studied hard and passed my tests
For I would be the very best.
And as I journeyed through this land
With knife and pliers in my hand,
So many tasks my day would fill,
To challenge all my new found skills.
But sometimes though, I have to say,
A fuse would blow, to my dismay,
The fault I’d fix with great delight,
Then see the lamps all shining bright.
Perhaps I’m not the best there is,
When I can’t mend a broken switch,
But I will do the best I can
For I am no Magician!

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 July 03

Mike’s Lament

My wife is acting strange and I don’t know what to do
Maybe she’s found another and it’s making me feel blue,
She’s up to something, I can feel it in my bones,
She often stays away from home or wanders off alone.
Last evening she came home so late, ‘I’ve been to work’, she said,
She hadn’t been with mum and dad nor at her sister’s place.
I think she’s bought a house somewhere and stays there for a while,
So I will find out where it is and visit her sometime.
If that’s the case I think I am entitled to a share
For she would try to clean me out and leave my cupboard bare!

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 Jan 04

I’m too busy right now to see you,
I’ve too much to do today,
If only each day had more hours,
I might have some time left to play.
How is it that each precious moment
Is filled with our own selfish things
Not wishing to spend time with others,
Pursuing our own empty dreams?
For what is a life that is lonely
Bereft of companions and friends?
A schedule whose pages are empty,
Devoid of all meaning, it ends.
So make time and space for each other,
Defer things that stand in your way,
Live life to the fullest and savour,
Those friendships before it’s too late!

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Dec 2002

Is it possible that I am in love?
So long denied and wondering
Just what I am thinking of.

Softly you came to me, held my hand,
Your touch like water to a dry sponge,
And I was whisked to a foreign land.

My senses aroused to explore you,
Seen in each other’s arms and knowing
Where it was leading to.

New heights did my feelings ascend
Each day without you is a loss,
And I wonder if it will all end.

Don’t let me down now my lover
You have opened my heart again,
For I am not in love with another.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 July 03

I’m all at sea, quite literally
We’ll spend a day or two together
You and me.
We’re sailing off to Barrow Point
Where we can stop
And have a pint.
The day is fine and all is calm
Just like the pond
On Jacob’s farm.
With slightest breeze upon my face
I breathe the fresh salt air
In slowest pace.
And, later on into the night so dark
We’ll anchor quietly somewhere
And watch the stars.
When morning comes and gulls abound
We wake to warming sun
And screeching sounds.
We rise to breakfast, tea and toast
And check around outside but only
See the coast.
In afternoon the anchor’s weighed
And off we go amid the spray
We thoroughly enjoyed these days.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 June 03

I’m sitting here, I’m on a date
I hope that he will not be late
I feel just like a teenager again
With all the butterflies and all the aches and pain
And wondering just how it all will go
For goodness sake! I only hope he’ll show

I feel somehow that he’s not going to show
I’d better get myself all set to go
Why are some people’s attitude a pain?
I don’t think I’ll rush in like this again
I’ve wasted all this time, it’s getting late
And I am sitting here without my date.

Fun with words.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 June 2003

I love my little sister
I love her very much,
We have so much in common
And both in God we trust.

I love my little sister
She’s very dear to me,
And though we are apart just now
Still in my heart is she.

I love my little sister
I love her little ways,
And I will always love her
In each and every day.

I love my little sister
For evermore she’ll be,
My darling little treasure
My lovely, sweet, Vicky.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 Feb 2004

Let not time so pass you by
When evil deeds of men do reign
But let your good ways spreadeth out
For good will yet return.
You know not what there is to be
Within your mortal life,
What is to be they say, will be
The fruit will fall when ripe.
To gather in the harvest, first
You need to sow the seed,
So wait not on the wind and rain
Go forth and take no heed.
The ways of God you cannot tell
You’ll prosper or you’ll fall,
Whatever you may gather in
May be, or not at all.
Be glad for what you’ll gain in life
Be thankful for your days,
Remember times of trouble, for
Abundant they will be.
Be careful though of what you sow
Your Lord is watching you,
You’ll pay the price for wickedness
And evil that you do.

Ecclesiastes 11

Copyright Shirley Anne 1990

Off to the north lands I must go
To fields and mountains clothed in snow
Where roams the furry polar bear
Whose darkened eyes have little fear
To places glistening in the ice
A frozen Winter’s Paradise
Where man has often feared to tread
But seals lay down their sleepy head
The Northern Lights so clear and bright
When sun has lain down for the night
So cold those places where the wind
Has whipped up snow and hid the land.

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 Dec 02

I cried a lot today
Couldn’t help myself
In any way.
Emotions took control
And I lost my hold
On reality.
Tears flowed so heavily
As all my thoughts
Took sway.
I wasn’t loved
And no-one cared
About my day.
The world has turned
Against me,
And it’s not my day.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 April 2003

I chanced upon a little mouse
As I departed from my house
He sat upon the garden fence
And gave me not a second glance.
His eyes were fixed upon the cat
Who walked with me along the path
But pussy’s eyes were caught elsewhere
From little mouse’s gazing stare.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 03

Your love is all I need
To last my whole life through
For it to me is everything
And in my heart such joy it brings
That all I need is you.

Your love I treasure most
In each and every way
For it brings me such happiness
Like nothing else I must confess
And gets me through the day.

Your love is over all
Against it nought can stand
For it’s more mighty than the sword
And I ask you my dear sweet Lord
To spread it o’er this land.

Your love will conquer all
It is the purest kind
No other love compares to it
For your love is the ultimate
And there for all mankind.

Your love is who you are
The greatness that is you
There is nobody else beside
There is no place that we can hide
From such a love as You.

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 Feb 2004

How hard the road I travel,
How difficult the way,
How great it seems, the obstacles
That I meet every day,
How weak am I in spirit,
How gentle I in thought,
How easily I’m overcome
Not being as I ought.
I need the strength within me,
To face things as they are,
To not be frightened at the thought
And run away no more.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 March 2004

I gazed upon that tranquil scene
Where willows guard the quiet stream
That runs from mountains cold and high
Whose snowy peaks scratch pale blue sky
And eagles soar above the clouds
Which loose their rain on drying grass
I wondered down among the trees
To fields of green and Eidelweis
And came upon a little house
Which nestled almost out of sight
As smoke escaped from chimney small
And ivy cloaked it’s tiny walls
Then on that morning as I trod
Upon those fields of verdant sod
I chanced upon a wondrous sight
As night time gave it’s way to light
A million diamonds shining out
Of countless snowdrops ‘round about
The air was still, so crisp and sharp
And filled with music of the lark
And shadows lay so long and low
As sunshine glanced from off the snow
I could remember not a day
When Nature spoke in such a way

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Dec.2002

Oh darling come on back to me
And end these tears of misery,
What’s in the past is dead and gone
You are to me the only one,
Oh listen to my call to you
Before you bid our love adieu,
And think about the times we shared
And show me just how much you care,
Fear not my love that I’ll not be
Here, waiting, for your company,
Life is too short and this you know
How much I really love you so.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 Oct 03

I’m sitting here and dreaming
And all the while I’m thinking
What my life will be
When you are gone from me.
I’m leafing through the pages
Of memories and feelings
And wonder when it was
That your love, I did lose.
There was no rhyme nor reason
Why you turned cold and freezing
And still I do not know
Why your love grew so cold.

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Dec 03

A wind has filled my sail
And I can live again,
Becalmed so long, I drifted
But now my heart is lifted,
And every day a new horizon
Sun-drenched lands and desert islands,
A wind has filled my sail
And I can love again,
The reason why I can?
It’s all to do with my new man.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 July 03

I get the warmest feeling
Whenever I’m near you,
It’s just enough that you are here
So stay with me, please do.

I don’t know if it’s friendship
I’m not sure if it’s love
Could be a combination
Is what I’m thinking of.

So if you really like me
As much as I like you
Let’s find out what develops
And let the love shine through.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Dec 03

I think about your love both night and day,
That special ray of hope which came my way,
You lifted me from anger and despair,
And showed to me in every way, you care.

Now every time we meet is never dull,
Your love pours into me, it’s wonderful!
You’ve filled a heart left empty by another,
And I will hang on to your love forever.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Nov 2003

It was said once before
As I lay on the floor
Holding elbows and knees in such pain,
That my acrobat tricks
And my juggling sticks
Would bring jeers, ridicule and disdain
I continued to plod
Like a silly old sod
Even though all my youth had but gone
Till my legs did give way
On that sorry old day
So I handed it all to my son!

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 Dec 2002

The wind called out ‘n beckoned
‘N leaves filled the air around,
Swirls upon the ground
‘N it chilled the bones,
‘N along came Sally
Feet shufflin’ in the cold damp ground,
Hair in her face
‘N her clothes a blowin’,
‘N just as I was passin’
There came a bolt o’ lightnin’
Strike the ground all ’round,
‘N she ran frightnin’
‘N the wind just kept a blowin’.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 Nov 03

Like uh sledge hammer smatterin’
All the time she’s chatterin’
Make mah heart beat, miss a turn
Mah eyes fixed in glazin’ stare ‘pon her curves
‘N all the time ‘am there, fixin’ stare
‘N mah whole flesh burn.

Copyright Shirley Anne 20 Nov 03

How many ways can I tell you I love you?
How many times till you know that it’s true?
Never before in my life has there been love
Until that day I responded to you.
Oh what a joy in my heart I do feel now
Knowing that you and me were meant to be,
You’ve brought a love that is precious to me love
And it will always be your love for me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Sep 03

Empty promises, all things said and nothing done,
Selfishness or just forgetfulness?
But still you’re shunned.
It seems that everywhere you go people are still the same
They don’t want you to take part in their life game.
So what do you do?
Keep on trying, because it is the only way for you,
Until that day the time has gone
And you are finished with life’s run.

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 May 2003

From happiness to misery
From laughter unto pain,
From loving arms on sunny days
To left out in the rain.
Those times have gone
For oh so long
They’re just a memory,
A future in your warm embrace
Was never meant to be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Nov 03

How could my love desert me?
Well I will tell you now,
His hands were tied but in his mind
His love for me stayed true.
And all those things he promised
Will work out by and by,
I simply must be patient
And not break down and cry.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Sep 03

My weakness is my love for you
You made me happy
And it’s true, that on that night
When we did meet
You took my heart and
Swept me off my feet.
What can replace my love for you?
There’s no-one else,
I’m feeling blue, because you left me
For another,
Now I’m so lonely for I’m here
Without my lover.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Oct 03

Nothing much to do
Just want to let go
And come to you.
Just drifting along
Waiting for the time
I’ll have a song
In my heart.
Just thinking of you
You’re on my mind
And I love you so.

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 April 03

The pain still lingers on
And more so since you’ve gone,
You’re always on my mind
Forever you are mine
I love you so my love.

Why can I not let go?
Of this I’ll never know
You are my life to me
And ever you will be
My one and only love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Sept 03

My life is just a flow of endless dreams
A carousel of promises which aren’t fulfilled
How empty now my heart which once was thrilled
But now is like a dried up mountain stream.

O Happy days that I once called my own
With friends and family all gathered round
With all the joys of life my head was crowned
Have now become a barren empty home

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 Jan 2004

My right knee hurts from an accident
My left calf hurts because of cramp,
Whilst the finger on my left hand throbs
I have this taste within my gob!
My bladder’s full yet once again
And the cramp in my toes gives me so much pain,
I’m tired but I cannot sleep
For the thoughts inside just make me weep,
I lie here all alone in bed
With no soft breast to lay my head
But I laugh at my predicament
And hope one day I’ll be content.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 Oct 03

Sunday and the sun ain’t shinin’
Dull and raining is the day
Woke up from my night’s adventures
Got down on my knees to pray.

Lots to do yet feelin’ lazy
Too much work’s not good for me
Time to chill and play some music
Let all things just simply be.

Later in the day I’m thinkin’
Should have done a job or two
Maybe I will start tomorrow
Yeah, I’m sure that’s what I’ll do.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 June 2011

I’m a woman and it’s plain to see
That I love the person next to me
I’m afraid to let my feelings show
But if I don’t I know that he will go.
Yet he hasn’t said he loves me
And he never speaks a word
To him we’re just the best of friends
And that is why it hurts.
Why is my life this way?
The same old thing most every day
I feel so insecure but I’ve been this way before
I’m a woman and it’s plain to see.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Aug 2011

At this moment in time I am lonely
I can’t see the future ahead
My hopes and my dreams
Have all left me it seems
And I don’t want to get out of bed.

Just when I’m thinking I’ve found love
And all is contentment and peace
A thunderbolt strikes me
From out of the blue
And destroys all my comfort and ease.

Will ever I find a companion
Who’ll love me for who that I am?
Who’ll just want to stay
With me every day
And be loving and caring as well.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Oct 03

Be strong my heart be strong
The race is almost o’er,
My journey nears it’s end
Temptation’s had it’s hour.

I see ahead the victory,
The goal, the end, the destiny
And thank the Lord my faithful God
Whose love supported me.

With falterning steps and eargerness
I’d stumbled blindly on,
‘Till I made haste and turned to Him
Whose armour I put on.

And now the seconds tick away
And fades to dim the light of day,
So now be strong my heart today
Your race is almost done.

Your race is almost done
The journey’s near it’s end,
Your love dear Lord now beckons me
And I am coming home.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 May 1996