Poems 6

A touch of frost upon the grass,
The coldness in the air,
My breath escaping from my lips
And with it, some small part of me.
I shiver and I try to hide my face
As all around is still and hushed
And nothing stirs, except for me
I leave that place.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Jan 04

I am troubled in my heart today
The hurt, the pain and agony
Will just not go away.

The news I heard was not the very best
And as I can’t reach out to you
My mind cannot find rest.

O please let it be so that you’re alright
I cannot bear the thought, that I
Might be the reason for your plight.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 July 03

I just want to say these things
Reminding you I care,
My love for you will never die
In my heart you’re still there.
So many times within my day
Are filled with love for you,
No matter where you are my love
No matter what you do.
Some day I think you’ll come to me
Remembering our love,
Until that time I wait in hope
And pray to God above.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Sept 03

There was a time so long ago
Now only seems a dream
When you and I, so much in love
Were oft’ together seen.

And as the years went slowly by
Your love for me grew cold
But though my love for you is strong
Without you, I’ll grow old.

I could not see the reasons why
Nor break the silent screen
And now my thoughts turn only to
A life that could have been.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Feb 03

Breakfasting on hammy hamules,
Quaffing down my squidgey ale,
Munching on an some nanapancas,
With my feet all numb and pale.

Putting on my cloakywokey
And my woolen caplingpiece,
Trot I too with all the mogwheels
Down towards my darling neice.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Feb 2004

I’m sitting in my quiet room
And all around is hushed and still
My tired limbs are resting now
My only strength is in my will.

I contemplate the day just past
And wonder if I’d changed one thing
With thoughts rebounding in my head
Of what another day might bring.

Such restlessness in mind and soul
Is tempered by the quietness
And finally I get to sleep
Aware of all the emptiness.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 April 2003

Looking back I turned to see
What was once a part of me
Then I saw a vision of
A new horizon never seen before and
Through the clouds of endless dreams
I went and ventured on.
Then as I went the more I wondered how began
This life, this chosen path which
Covered all the past
And what was once before.
Then looking forward to a bright new day
My thoughts did then appear to say
To me, move on,
For now a new life had begun.

Copyright 22 Oct 2002, 3 March 2004

O I’m so in love with you
All my feelings strong and true
You have taken my heart
And filled up my life………..
I’ll be your’s forever,
Your darling wife……..
When I saw you on that day
I just had to come and say
You are all that I need
And I love you so………
So please take my hand
And never let go.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Feb 03

Ah well, it’s Monday morning once again
My routines’ started with all the fun and pain,
Thinking what might happen
Changes not a thing,
Who is there among us can
Predict what each day brings?
I’m not surprised
But then again I am,
I thought I should be wise by now
But all remains the same.

Copyright Shirley Anne 22 Dec 03

I like what you have written
To let me know of you,
It would be oh so lovely,
If all of it were true.
I hope that you’ve been honest
Oh yes, I really do,
Not wanting to be cynical
But I do not know you.
Who then is this nice woman
And so attractive she
Who drew my close attention?
Is what I hear you plea.
And now you will be thinking
No doubt, within your mind,
That I am such a person
Who is gentle, who is kind.
But how then will we find out
If all that we have read,
Will make us very happy
When we’re alone in bed?
I’ll tell you then the answer
But I am sure you know,
We’ll have to take our chances
And just give it a go!

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Jan 04

I delight in your love so strong and true,
I delight in the fact that you’re simply you,
I delight in the way you hold my hand,
And delight in the hope of the Promised Land,
I delight in the times I feel you near,
I delight in the joy of a happy tear,
I delight in the knowledge you gave to me,
How my eyes were blind but now they see,
There is no other place I’d rather be,
I delight in you Lord for loving me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 April 03

Cold town
It was frosty down
Man shufflin’ home
From the whisky drown
Cold town,
I took my feet an’ went right down,
Down among the dead men
In my home town;
In the shadows hustlin’
I wore a frown
Down in my frosty town
An’ I heard a girl a cryin’
Thought she was dyin’
It was kinda frightnin’
In my ol’ town
With the frosty down
An’ the grit man was spreadin’
All along the path I was treadin’
An’ covered the ol’ man’s beddin’
Down the alleyways a way
Down that ol’ town
Ol’ frosty town.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Feb 03

I tread the fields of empty corn
In darkened days before the dawn
When mists roll down from yonder hills
And all about is hushed and still.

Gone now the lazy summertime
When love was only on my mind
The warming rays upon my face
Sweet Eleanor in silks and lace.

Just now there’s coldness in the air
And life takes longer here to stir
The sheaves are in, no time to slack
For Winter’s slowly coming back.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 March 03

Perhaps you’ve not encountered it before,
It overlooks mistakes and what is more,
It smothers you in kindness and forgives,
Those things you are ashamed you ever did.

This thing I have within my mortal frame,
By grace it was placed there and will remain,
And as my sins are so forgiven me,
Yours are forgiven too as you can see.

It is of course a love so deep inside,
That shuns all hatred, greed and earthly pride,
It is this thing that I do offer you.
And makes me love you just the way I do.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Aug 2003

A warm embrace, the touch of your hand
Your smiling eyes and your lovely face,
The warmth of your kisses upon my lips
And a feeling of love in this quiet place.
We came together, you and I
As it was meant to be,
But when you left, I have to say,
It really bothered me.
Alone again I am once more
And wait impatiently,
To have your body next to mine
What perfect ecstasy.

Copyright Shirley Anne 7 July 03


I’m thinking about you baby
I’m thinking about your love
You left me and now I’m lonely
You left me without a word.

What did I say that hurt you?
Were my words hard to bear?
I want you back my darling
To wipe away my tears.

So now I cry a little more each day
The pain that I feel just won’t go away
So now I cry a little more each day
To have you back my love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Nov 2009

How empty now my life will be
Unless someone draws near to me,
Unless I find a love to share
I stand to live in deep despair.
How will I find that special one
Who’ll love me for just who I am?
Who’ll take the time and enter in
Those places no-one else has been?
I thought one time my love was true,
Did love me, now I’m feeling blue.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Nov 03

Incoagulation mortice
Crangepole dangling from above,
Corporation fingling courses
Mobilated corpuled sod.

Obert strumpfeld, Ingly bumfelt
Catch a mumpoled on a hop.
Evertrimbled, never wimpled
Fortunatis, thingybob.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Feb 2004

Just when I think I’m over you
And tears have ceased to flow,
The many moments in my days
Remind me of the many ways
My love for you has grown.

And then the tears flood back once more
And with them all the pain,
For you are still the one I love
Although you left me all alone
I want you back again.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 Oct 03

Of noble birth I have no boast
A commoner devoid of wealth
Who cannot share not e’en a penny,
For I, dear sir, do not have any.
But what I have, I will impart
I’ve had it from the very start,
A disposition warm and friendly
Enemies?I have not many.
So you see what I can give
Freely then as I do live,
And you’ll thank me for this treasure
Filled to overflowing measure.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Feb 03

I could wish for nothing more
Than have you come back through my door,
The pain of losing you was strong
I didn’t think I’d last this long.
But this is how that it must be
No more together, you and me,
We shall not ever be alone
No matter where our paths may go.
For even though we’re far apart
We have each other in our hearts,
So treasure all the times we’ve had
And let your future not be sad.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 May 2003


Come and feel the love of Jesus,
Lose your sin and foolish pride,
Let his arms gently enfold you,
Sense his presence at your side,
Sense his presence
Sense his presence
Sense his presence at your side.

Come to me you sick and weary,
Lay your head upon my knee,
I am Jesus, I am healer,
Put your trust and faith in me,
Put your trust
Put your trust
Put your trust and faith in me.

Come to me downcast and lonely,
Lay your burden at my feet,
You’re the one that I have died for,
I have come to set you free,
I have come
I have come
I have come to set you free.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 Aug 1995

I wandered through the streets of dreams
Of changing scenery,
And I could see in every place
A vision that was me.

It was as if my whole life through
Was there before my eyes,
Yet every part of that long dream
Did take me by surprise.

I wondered if my journey’s end
Would hasten unto me,
For I was being chased around
And wanted to be free.

My legs felt heavy, just like lead
My arms hung by my side,
The monsters now pursuing me
Left me no place to hide.

Yet as I looked into their eyes
I saw a glint of hope,
Until they took a hold of me……….
‘Twas then that I awoke!

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 Feb 04

As I lay upon my bed
With a pillow ‘neath my head,
I can feel your warm embrace
And your breath upon my face
But you’re gone and far away
Emptiness is in your place.
And my feelings cannot hide
All the loss I have inside
But the love I have for you
Could not keep from losing you
So I cry some more each day
Rain clouds fill my sky of blue.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Nov 2002

Too scared to show what’s deep inside
Too frightened that you’ll lose your pride.
Too fearful of what people say
So in the closet you will stay.
The clock ticks on, time passes by
And you begin to wonder why
You have to hide away from life
And be as timid as a mouse.
Then one day you decide to be
So brave and face reality
When now at last you realise
You have no time to compromise
You put away that old dark cloak
And put on something more bespoke
Look out dear world I hear you say
The real me now is here to stay.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 March-2 Sept 2008

Another day without my love to hold me,
I try to make myself forget, but cannot,
The warm embraces and romantic places
That we could share are not today to be.

It seems so long ago since I last saw her
I hope that she has not forgotten me,
I hope our next encounter will last longer
For separation from my love is hard to bear.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 July 03

I’m terrified that you’ll not come to me
And that with someone else you’d rather be,
I was the love you met some time ago
I was the one that set your heart aglow.
And now you’ve found me once again at last
And you recall our meeting in the past.
It was inside my heart you lit the fire
That fills me with a passionate desire,
Don’t let that flame inside die out my love
But let it burn for I can’t get enough,
My very being is desiring you
And only time will prove that this is so.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 July 03

Constantly I rode the waves
Of trouble times within my days,
Each moment brought a battle new
And I did not know what to do.
But then I’d fall down on my knees
And hoped that God would hear my pleas
I found that each and every day
The Lord had gently paved the way.
No longer do I fear my life
I take the heartache and the strife
As He has brought a change in me
For I was blind, but now I see.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 May 2003

Old Minkyweasel went to town
Her handbag underneath her gown
Her terracotta mogwheel down
Around the werewolf’s nosebag
When corpuling her minglesod
Beneath the witches’ noduledrop
Her biflicated manglebog
Began to melt and sag
Then all at once her monglegeese
Her squirrelhorn and her makepiece
Fell round her ankles and her knees
So Minky came back home.

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 Feb 2004

Now that time has brought me to this hour
Since from birth I’ve blossomed like a flower,
Soft to behold, nothing bold but loveliness itself
I sit alone like some forgotten package on an empty shelf
But now with dust disturbed I’m moved
With eagerness the warming hands desiring now to prove
That deep inside my ageing wraps is still
The freshness and the beauty of a love within.

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 Dec 03

I came across you in my dreams
And followed you through all the scenes
Of places where I worked so long ago.

I didn’t know you then of course
We’d never met and all because
You were an infant in your mother’s arms.

How strange that you were there with me
For I had been alone and couldn’t see
The love that poured out to me from your heart.

Although the years between us are
Quite numbered I just couldn’t care
I think together we were meant to be.

Now I’m awake I wonder if
My dreams were only full of myth
But I will know when I see you today.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 April 2009

I’ve got my ticket now to ride
Upon the journey of my life
To go down where the hoboes run
Or catch up on some Summer sun
No more will I just stand and cry
Nor watch the seconds ticking by
I’ll have my share, I’ll run the race
Before I get too slow of pace
Life is but short as all do say
So now dear folks
I’m on my way!

Copyright Shirley Anne 7 Jan 2010

When I was young my father said
As you walk by hold up your head
Let no-one take you for a fool
Or bully you because you’re you.

But that was difficult for me
For I was not as I should be
A timid, shy and wimpish son
Who always was prepared to run.

I’d try my best but all in vain
I would be treated just the same
I couldn’t mix with all the boys
So stayed at home with just my toys.

As I grew up still nothing changed
In fact it worsened day by day
I stayed indoors for fear and dread
Of what they thought was in my head.

You see me now but I have changed
And in this state I will remain
I never was what you thought then
I was in fact a young woman.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 Feb 2010


Night falls softly chills the air
Nothing wakens, nothing stirs
All around is hushed and still
Nothing moves and nothing will.

Dawn will bring the new day soon
Rising sun and setting moon
All will move from slumber deep
Waking now the day to greet.

Time and tide wait for no-one
Nor the tasks that must be done
Endless waves break on the shore
And the day will end once more.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Feb 2010


Uh got me the blues……..yeah
Got me the blues.
Got so sick ‘n’ tired
I lost me ma shoes.
I got me the ol’..bare footin’ blues….yeah
Yuh tired ‘n’ weary
Feet all cut ‘n’ dirty
Got me the ol’….yeah
Bare footin’ blues!
Muh wife she dun left me
Left me reelin’ ‘n’ cryin’
Am tired ‘n’ am dyin’
‘N’ ma feet dey ain’t lyin’
I got me the blues….yeah
The ol’ bare footin’ blues.

Copyright Shirley Anne 28 Feb 2010

I felt a slap upon my cheeks,
And swiftly was wiped down,
Then wrapped up tight in swaddling clothes
And placed in mothers arms.
From that day forth I’d find myself
Locked in a life unkind
And forced to travel down the paths
That I knew were not mine.
And as I grew I felt restrained,
I wanted to be free,
To not live out the life I’d known
But simply to be me.
For many years I lived a lie
And struggled with my pain
I kept it from the ones I loved
And nothing did I gain.
My life had never been my own
I gave it up for love,
Then finally the chains were snapped
And I could make my move.
No longer do I need to hide
Behind a captive wall,
For I am free from all that’s passed
To answer my hearts call.

Copyright Shirley Anne 28 August 2010

If I could go through life without offending
And speaking out without revealing hate
And smile when all around me I see evil
And leave those perpetrators to their fate
If then my hopes are dashed beyond all reason
And all my dreams lay shattered on the floor
And all the loves I’ve had are long forgotten
I’d praise my God for now and evermore.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Oct 2010

I fall into the usual trap
And follow others down the path
To strange beliefs and wistful dreams
Of hopeless cause and empty things
Wherein upon I make a stand
Denying truth for something bland
My eyes are open yet I’m blind
I simply can’t make up my mind
I stumble on so needlessly
Remaining captive as you see
My thoughts turn to theosophy
Psychology or mystery
I dabble in the magic arts
I want to feel I’m set apart
My life is all Bohemian
And out of place within this realm
I’m all about imaginings
No interests in other things
In many ways I am a child
So stubborn and so filled with pride
I think I’m something that I’m not
And having something I’ve not got
My very life is but a lie
There are no tears within my eye
One day perhaps I’ll realise
The nature of my sad demise.

I was just thinking about you……….

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Nov 2010

Once again dear Lord I praise you
Once again dear Lord I pray
Once again dear Lord I ask you
To remain with me this day.

Once again dear Lord I’m sorry
Once again I’m on my knees
Once again I ask forgiveness
O Dear Father hear my plea.

Once again I’m in your debt Lord
Once again your loves shines through
Once again I have forgiveness
For dear Lord offending you.

Once again you’re all I want Lord
Once again I need to say
Once again dear Lord I love you
Walk with me along the way.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 Jan 2011

I sit alone within my room
The day is long, the day is gloom
I fear to speak less I’m put down
And all is quiet, not a sound.

Do I deserve such punishment
When all I need’s a little love?
Is there no cure, is there no hope
For someone with a heart of stone?

Sometimes I wonder why I stay
Believing it will change one day,
And all I do is sit and cry
As time relentlessly goes by.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Jan 2011

In all the rush of life we’re caught
We seldom stop to give a thought
Or look, or feel the little things
And see the joy to us they bring
The simple things we oft-times miss
The loveliness of Natures kiss.

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Feb 2011

What would you do if you were me
And I were you
What would we see?
What thoughts would swim inside your head
If you were me
And I were you instead?
For in the past I thought the same
As you do now
But I did change.
I’d think perhaps that you would too
If you were me
And I were you.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 March 2011

The days of darkness come and go
And feelings overwhelm me
I think of things that might have been
But now no longer can be.

For oh so long in lonliness
With no-one, even friends
It seems a life of emptiness
Will sadly be my end.

And yet I always live in hope
Full of expectancy
Perhaps one day it all will change
And end my misery.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 July 04

I thought I had it all together
But now I lie awake each night
It’s nothing that I’m thinking of however
I’m simply lying here till morning’s light.

At first my mind is wandering
About the different things within my life
From how to tackle all the jobs I get
To why I never made it as a wife.

And then there comes an emptiness
Not like anything that I have felt before
A numbness in my spirit never ceasing
A numbness that I wish to feel no more.

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 July 04

O Paul, I hope you are a man that will be true
Who will not let me down like others do
Who wants me for the woman that I am
And won’t be full of lies or give a damn.

Perhaps I wish for something I’ll not get
But you seem oh, so nice, I must confess
So I will have to bide my time and see
If you and I are ever meant to be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 July 04

I want to know that I am free
Free from the pain and misery,
That misery which rears its head
And leaves me cryin’ upon my bed.

My life is short, I cannot stay
With you my love for many days
While I am here my hope will be
That you my darling still love me.

But I no longer can be sure
That all is well as once before,
I sense a bitterness inside
That drives you love, far from my side.

My heart cries out from deep within
For I have lost what could have been,
All of my dreams are dead and gone
And I am left here all alone.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Feb 2012

Happy in life
With cares but a few
No-one to sit with
But only you
Watching the couples
Walk by in the sun
Look at the children
Indulging in fun
Life isn’t bad
It’s as easy as pie
But who will be there
To mourn when you die?

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 April 2013