Poems 2

What can I say that’s not been said before?
My thoughts are shared abroad, I’ll say no more
Except we are unique you know, the likes of you and me
But even so our differences will never always be,
Ours is a common ground that’s trod by one and all
As sure as Winter’s coldness follows Autumn’s fall
So what I think and say or even what I do
Most probably was thought and said by someone just like you!

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 June 03

When all the world seems empty and alone
And all the works of man hewn out in stone
Are razed unto the ground and people moan,
My Lord will come.

When wickedness and evil start to fall
And pestilence begins to take it’s toll
And heads of mighty men begin to roll
My Lord will come.

When all the passions of a sinful race
Are put to shame, dishonoured and disgraced
And only Love is standing in the wake,
My Lord will come.

When angels spread their wings across the land
And do the bidding of the Lord’s command
And Babylon is finally at end,
My Lord will come.

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 Feb 2004

’twas on a day so much like this I took my steed
Across to yonder place where oft’ was said of old
That many things could overtake a soul who found
It’s pleasures far too much to bear
And was brought down through ignorance and lustful greed.
For thus it was that I of noble stock and birth
Did find myself among the lowliest of beasts
For beasts they were and nothing more than shadows
Of their former selves,
They slipped and fell from lofty peaks
Through lack of self control and reckless mirth.

I thus began to turn aside my mount and ride away
From all that would my chosen path detour
And bring me to my knees in shame and helplessness
For then my strength would proven be, that I
Should find again myself in me and never stray.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 Jan 03


I’m on the frontline of the army of the Lord,
I’m in the battle with his armour and his sword,
I have the promises of God within my heart,
I’m in the battle with the Lord.

No matter what troubles are lying ahead,
No matter what problems upon me are set,
I know my future is secure,
I’m in the army of the Lord.

My course is set, I’m going the whole way with Him,
‘Cos He has paid the price, for all my sin,
All of the evil that surrounds me I decry,
And He is standing by my side.

No matter what troubles are lying ahead,
No matter what problems upon me are set,
I know my future is secure,
I’m in the army of the Lord.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 May 1995

I’ve a wonderful love
That’s so deep in my heart
Came into my life
Gave me a new start
Through all of my sorrows
My troubles and pain
Whenever I fell
I was lifted again.
The joy of this love
Gives to each one a share
With no special favours
To black, brown or fair.
Take hold of this love
There for each one of us
The love of my Saviour
My sweet Lord Jesus.

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 March 2003

That deep desire which in me dwells
Would burst my heart and wrest my thoughts
If I could not thee tell.
‘Tis passion of the deepest kind
Takes o’er my life and in the passing hands of time
Each moment fills my mind.
What can compare to thee my love?
No tranquil scene but roaring storm
And waves encompassing my every move.
I cannot, nor desire to leave that warm embrace
When thou art here with me and
Face to face.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Feb 03

I place my feet upon the floor
About two thirty in the morn,
When most folk are asleep in bed
I wash my face and clear my head,
The stars are shining in the sky
As I begin to exercise.
It is so hard, it must be said
To rise up early from my bed,
And so I start my morning run
And tell myself I’m having fun,
At first it is so very hard
But eases as I go along,
Till finally I’m back at home
And still find that I’m all alone,
I have to wait almost an hour
Before I’m cool enough to shower,
Then rest? No I’ve no time to shirk,
I dress and then go off to work.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Aug 03

I want to see peace and love reign here,
Not hatred, not pain nor bigotry,
I want there to be such harmony,
For everyone here, both you and me.

If all of my dreams could be laid down,
They’d stretch out through all eternity,
I want everyone to feel this love,
I have in my heart to give freely.

If you come and take my hand now,
I will lead you down that way,
I will show you all the wonders,
That your heart just doesn’t see.

I want to show all the joy I feel,
And take all the darkness from around,
I want all your rags to fall away,
And that your head should wear a crown.

If you come and take my hand now,
I will lead you down that way,
I will show you all the wonders,
That your heart just doesn’t see.

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Dec 2003


O Dear heavenly Father
I praise you Lord this day,
Fill me with your Spirit,
Watch over me I pray.
For you are the king of glory,
The mighty God above,
And you are the Rock on which I stand,
Of everlasting love.

Meet me in the morning
And walk with me each day,
Guide my faltering footsteps,
That my heart will not stray,
For you are my true salvation,
My only destiny,
And I long to see you face to face,
In all your majesty.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 Jan 93, 13 Oct 97

Once it was that me and you
Would one day be together,
Together on life’s road and sharing
Pleasant times in different places.
Oh the thoughts of youth, not knowing,
Not caring what might be, just hoping
For a time of peace and tranquility.
And then we grew and all things changed
Our lives re-arranged, we became estranged,
And now we look to fondest memories
Of childhood, dreams and aspirations,
Happy days of contemplations,
Now we see that life does not
Always fill our expectations.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Jan 04

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When ofttrill bedring thence about her tootsy!

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Feb 2004

That day we met
Was oh, so filled with passion
I can’t forget
Your eager lips pressed
Gently on to mine,
I felt the warmth of your embrace
The softeness of your hand
Upon my thigh,
My heart was beating fast
When I was found
Within your arms at last.
‘Tis been so long
Since I have felt this way
And now I want you
More and more each day.
Ah! Love is all I need
And now you have the key
To loose the chains
And let my heart be free.
Take me my lover
Fill me with desire
Rapture me
And set my soul on fire.
Let us drink of love
‘Till dawn breaks through,
Spend the night with me
Hold me in your loving arms
For I would be with you.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Dec 03

The bell rang out it’s mournful toll
A solitary sound, a beckoning call,
Amid tall trees whose leaves had gone
And darkening clouds which hid the sun
Save for that bell, no sound was heard
No noise from wind or singing bird,
So silently the hearse went by
With entourage and tearful eyes,
Theirs was a burden hard to bear
When they did leave their loved one lying there.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 June 03

When all is hushed and silence fills the air,
Mine is an emptiness that I find hard to bear,
Without your love to warm and comfort me,
My days seem pointless like a dying tree,
When I see clouds begin to fill the sky,
And all is dark and gloomy by and by,
Yours is the sunshine in my life,
Yours is a gift of love from heaven above.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Sep 2003


Who am I that you should love me
And your Spirit fix in me?
Who am I that you should die Lord
Hanging there upon the tree?
For you touched your servants’ heart Lord,
Still in her iniquity,
As she humbly came before you,
You were pleased to set her free.

O Your love is so abounding
It is all a mystery,
Far beyond my understanding
Even though it dwells in me,
Lead me on to pastures new Lord,
Keep me ever constantly,
Seeking ways to love and serve you,
I my frail humanity.

Copyright Shirley Anne 22 Jan 1993

Take hold of love.

When you are gone from here
Who will mourn or give a care?
Your life is nothing unless
Someone else is there.
Solitude for a season is very well
But forever? There is no reason.
You shy away from love and affection
With courses set to your horizons
But winds do blow, your sails are filled
And life takes yet another turn, you’re thrilled.
Take therefore lifelines as they come your way
Let circumstances make your day
Allow the time to savour what you’ve tasted
Relying on a second chance is just time wasted.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 April 2003

O Aimless life
Come take me now
O Doubting heart
And furrowed brow
Come try your hand
And take me now!

O Time now gone
Come sit with me
In futile work
And restless play
O Wasted moments of the day
Come sit with me.

O How you know
The change in me
That keeps me ever
Gone from thee
For my Lord now
Has set me free.

O Love that came
Into my life
That wondrous thing
That sacrifice
You gave so freely
At a price.

This is love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 May 1991

My love flows out unselfishly to you
It is my joy within that I may give,
And nothing can defeat this gem of truth
This precious thing, as long as I shall live.

Tirelessly I wait upon your every whim
That I may serve you and do all I can,
I think about the ways things might have been,
And love you more, for this is who I am.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Nov 2003

Along the wooded hills I went
Beyond the grassy plain
And came upon the fairest land
That I had ever seen.
The sweetest fragrance filled the air
And gentle was the breeze
And all around me as I walked
Birds whistled in the trees.
I wandered on throughout the day
But no-one did I meet
Until I came so suddenly
Upon a busy street.
The place was filled with many folk
About their daily chores
And nobody gave second thoughts
Regarding what they saw.
For I stood out among the crowd
And different as could be
As they were only two foot two
Whilst I am six foot three!

(By the way Shirley Anne isn’t six foot three in case you were wondering!)

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 Feb 03

I had some reservations
Regarding what to do
But now that we’re alone, I feel
A passion warm and true.
So when we are together
There is a strong desire
To snuggle close up to you
Beside a cosy fire.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 April 03

I have a pleasant smile
And I am happy all the time,
Despite the things upon my mind
For life is so worthwhile.

Occasionally I cry
And then begin to realise
That I am taken by surprise
But know the reasons why.

What would you have me say?
Am I like everybody else
Who only think about themselves
And nothing give away?

I try my best
And often look beyond myself
Where other people dwell
But find no peaceful rest.

Our lives are all entwined
No matter how so hard we try,
And this we cannot but deny
So solitude is hard to find.

We are not islands, you or I,
But blades of grass upon a field
And we reach out when we have need,
Or else we live a lie.

I have a pleasant smile
And haven’t anything inside,
That I would from you try to hide,
And know the reasons why.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 July 03

I have neglected you my friend
I have departed for a season
And now I venture back
Returning to normality and reason.

Time spent away from you
Allowed the harvest of my thoughts
And now the fruits are gathered in
I carefully sift out that which was sought.

I rest awhile and contemplate
As time slips slowly by
Whatever comes from labouring
Is locked within my mind.

I prise the gates apart
And let the torrent flow
The meaning of the words I write
Reflect all that I know.

Copyright Shirley Anne 16 Dec 2003

I have no time to criticise
Those things I see before my eyes
Nor take a second look to see
Those fingers, lest they point to me.
For if I take the judgement seat
And ridicule those folk I meet
What chance have I to gain a friend
If only ears I have to bend?
Not so dear heart, I would it not
To lose what friendship I have got.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Dec 2002

I curse the wind and struggle through the day,
My burden even greater than before,
I battle with it’s taunts and momentary laspes in the fray,
And finally arrive at my front door.
Like some demented fool, it seeks me out,
And though I’m locked inside my cosy house
It tries in vain to reach me,
Windows rattle, puffs of air sneak through the doors and frames,
And then it’s gone,
And only I remain.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Jan 2005

One foot in front of the other
I plod on wearily through life
Sometimes thinking, ‘Why do I bother’?
When all I get is strife.
My thoughts have wandered far
Away from present situations
Trying, as a shining star
To blind my self-commiserations.
I need a lover, someone who
Will lift me out of all this pain
And turn my colour red instead of blue
Then I can start to live again.
So on I go in search of him
One foot in front of the other,
Maybe it is just all a whim
But something I’m not free to alter.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 June 03

If I could change the flow of time
And go where I have been
My life would be so different now
The past, a mere dream.
I sometimes wish that in those days
Of youth and wasted years
I’d taken chances as they came
And put away my fears.
But clocks move forward, never back
And I could longing be
So I will take hold of my life
And love just being me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Feb 2003

Adrift for a while on an open sea
With only myself for company
I rode the thunderous, mighty waves,
My body wracked with aching pain
But my spirit felt so free.

And I bore the pain and agony
And wrestled with that angry sea
‘Till the time had come I could take no more
When I found myself on that lonely shore
But no-one could I see.

Then I found at last to my surprise
As I gazed upon those loving eyes,
And I sensed the touch of a helping hand
As I lay upon the soft, warm sand,
You were always at my side.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Oct 02

What feelings do you have for me
When I am with you and can feel
The closeness of your body next to mine?

Your breath as sweet as honey dew
When I am in your arms it’s true
Has broken down resistance in my heart.

Your kisses soft upon my lips
And all your loving tenderness
Makes me reveal my eargerness for you.

So your love I reciprocate
For turning back is now too late
I want you more and more each passing day.

If I could have you for my own
I’d tell the world and make it known
How very much in love with you I am.

So if your love is really true
There’s nothing else that you can do
But stay with me and never let me go.

My love for you is very strong
And I know that it can’t be wrong
To love you as I do, you must agree.

But it would really break my heart
If ever we were pulled apart
And never more to share the love we have.

O lover, how I love you so
My love grows stronger and I know
That you’re forever now a part of me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 July 03

Smokers are a dying breed
And so are they who take the weed
Alcohol is not much good
As is eating the wrong food
We might indulge in some of these
Whilst never feeling ill of ease
But some take things a little far
And end up ash inside a jar.

Copyright Shirley Anne 28 Sep 10

Moments in time these treasured things
Are always on my mind.
I found you once again
But you’d not really gone,
Were always mine and so,
Throughout eternity
There will forever be
You and me.

(Sitting in the Cross House Inn in Formby)

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 May 2004

Sometimes the things within my head
Prevent my sleeping in my bed
The days events play on my mind
When they’re not of the loving kind
I need to let myself be free
From everything that bothers me
And then when all is off my chest
I’ll sleep content in peaceful rest.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 April 2004

She loves the sound of her own voice
No matter what she says it’s often far too much.
A gossip who is ignorant and thinks she is the best
But there would be so many faults when she’s put to the test.
She interrupts when people talk and shouts them down as well,
And conversations have to end
I really have to tell.
Her mouth is prone to talking though her brain is not in gear,
Her voice is very grating and so hard upon the ear.
A know-it-all, she’d have us think
Who would be better at the sink, at home, so very far away
And give us rest, O please this day!

Copyright Shirley Anne 20 May 2004

My world is empty now you’ve gone
I’m left here all alone.
I cry myself to sleep sometimes
And wish I’d not been born.
I walk from day to day in dreams
Far from reality,
When evening comes I find some rest
Here in my sanctuary.

Copyright Shirley Anne 13 May 2004

My eyes now gaze upon the morning light
As I awake from dreams, my second life.
I wished I’d stayed asleep beyond the night,
For day brings back reality and strife.
I close my eyes and hope I can return
But images are faint, I try in vain.
I lie there on my bed and toss and turn,
It looks as though it’s here I shall remain.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 May 2004

In Rome

The girl was selling flowers
As I walked the streets of Rome
Their perfume filled the air around
And I thought things of home.

I passed that way when leaving
And tears were in my eyes
I’m leaving sunny Italy
For grey and darkened skies

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 April 2004

Far from all things wonderful
So lost and all forlorn,
Without a love to hold me tight
And fill my heart with sheer delight
I lie here all alone.
Shunned by one once close to me
When nothing I’d done wrong,
I fought with all my strength and might,
So many times I fought that fight
But nothing could be done.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 May 2004