Poems 3

A light began to shine and touched my skin,
I felt a warmth so faint as if it hadn’t been,
Brighter then it shone so bright, I could not hide away,
Embracing all around me, I was forced to stay,
Such was the love you gave and I was overwhelmed,
You opened up my heart and all your love I felt.

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Aug 03

If only there was peace instead of war
And only love did reign forevermore,
If only all the tears were tears of joy
And every kindly act did we employ,
If only all the people’s needs were met
And not the good we should do but forget,
Ours could be a world that all could proudly say,
‘I am a member of the Human Race’.

Copyright Shirley Anne 13 June 03


Dance the dance that David danced
Sing unto the Lord,
Clap your hands and let’s rejoice,
Sing unto the Lord.
Raise the banner to the sky,
Let all hear the battle cry,
Shout, proclaim the victory,
Sing unto the Lord.

March to glory by my side,
Sing unto the Lord,
Pushing forward on we go,
Sing unto the Lord.
Jesus’ soldiers you and me,
Trample down the enemy,
For His blood has set us free,
Sing unto the Lord

2 Samuel 6:14

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 Jan 1996, 19 June 1997

Everything I own I’d give to be alone
With you my life, my love,
You are my heart’s desire
You lit a burning fire
And I can’t get enough.

Why do I feel this way? I love you more each day,
And want you for my own,
I will not rest I know,
I’ll never let you go,
Until we are as one.

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Aug 03

There are those times, so few in life
That take you by surprise,
For instance when you find yourself
In someone’s gazing eyes!

And then there are the moments
When you think you’re on your own,
You start to let your hair down
Then find someone’s in the room!

It’s times like these you wish so much
The floor would open wide,
And you could just fall in and then
Find somewhere safe to hide.

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 July 03


You caught me Lord as I lifted my hands to you,
You caught me Lord as I lifted my voice to you,
You caught me Lord when I poured out my heart to you Lord,
Then you touched me Lord,
Yes you touched me my sweet Lord,
Then you touched me Lord,
Yes you touched me my sweet Lord,
And you gave me life, where there was no life before.

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 Feb 1993

Autumn and the leaves are falling
Gold and brown around my feet
Nature quietly is yawning
On the dawn of Winter’s freeze.

Bright blue skies are turning grey now
There’s a chill within the air,
Crows cry out their raucous chatter
Breaking silence everywhere.

Spring and summertimes of pleasure
Drift on by in troubled mind
For our love is lost forever
Emptiness is left inside.

As the days begin to shorten
And the nights are drawing in,
All my thoughts are turned toward you
Thinking of what might have been.

There is hope beyond the Winter
When the grey gives way to blue,
When at last with Spring’s arrival
All can start afresh, anew.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Feb 04

(Song) In memory of my Dad.

Deep in the valley of sorrow and sadness,
Where my life was ebbing away,
I saw a light, it was shining so brightly,
That my eyes did draw me to stay.

Out of the darkness a hand pulled me gently,
And effortlessly lift me above,
I felt the warmth and a power surround me,
The power of ineffable love.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Feb 1999

I cannot lay my head to rest
Nor let my eyes see sleep,
Till I have said goodnight my love
And kissed you on your cheek.
But I do not have you with me
Except in heart and soul,
I only have a photograph
That I can gently hold.
Oh how I wished that you were here
Beside me in my bed,
And I could rest my weary head
Upon your warm, soft breast.
My darling how I wish that you
Were right here now with me,
So we could live our lives as one
In perfect harmony.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Sept 2003


Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord of all
Came to die for me
There at Calvary
Jesus Christ is Lord of all.
Suffered there the shame,
Agony and pain,
Bore my sins and carried them away,
How I love that name,
Jesus Christ the same,
Yesterday, tomorrow and today.

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 Feb 94

O little child, the world outside is calling
So take my hand and walk with me this day
For many things so lovely and enthralling
Await you there as you go along your way.
To far off lands and many kinds of people
And clouded places filled with mistery,
Come, O come with me
To places you will see,
Enjoy your life, O little child
Please come with me
Come, O come and see
The world, is there for you and me

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 Feb 03

Remember me when time stands still today
And thoughts drift far away,
Remember me, as I will you.
Remember me as in your day
You see the times we shared, the moments that we played,
Remember me.
And when you laugh, remembering just how
Our souls did meet and joined together in such harmony,
Remember me.
O friend, remember me, as I will you.
So short a time we had for love to grow
And yet not needing time at all, it grew,
Remember me, as I will you.
I’ll miss you dearly when I have to go,
But you will always be a part of me, I’m sure you know,
Remember me, as I will you.
Our hearts united for eternity
The very core of you and me,
Remember too, that I love you,
Remember me.
Remember that we’ll meet again, sometime, somewhere,
Who knows that day?
Just watch and wait, just watch and pray and I will too.
Remember me, as I will you.

To Wannee my friend. 21/10/02

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 Oct 2002

When true love wakes a slumbering heart
And stirs within a deep desire,
None but the hardest soul could even start
To quench the piercing arrows of that fire.

But then, when all that love departs
And in it’s wake lie many shattered dreams,
There’s little in this world that can prepare
The broken heart for all the pain it brings.

I speak here of a human love
So fraught sometimes with pain,
And yet there is a love which is far greater
Than that we all aspire to obtain.

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened for you. Come in peace and come as you are………..

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Sept 2003 / 29 Feb 2004

You and me alone in the park,
Caught up in each other’s arms,
Wondering if it will be long,
That our love remains so strong,
Lying in the sun.

Gone those days of uncertainty,
Still together, you and me,
Now we know it was meant to be,
Our lives in harmony,
Now we are as one.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Aug 03

On my squirrelhorn and makepiece
Trundling by my looberstrom
Krilled by dawn and featherington
Teracotta mogwheel dumb.

Finglingting and fusimumble
Scorching tangled mooglestripe
Corn and oobla tangimanpole
Cronge my ooglitooglitipe.

Perm and mangled herbidantrop
Tri my cornian hatpinbob
Formilang a doobliwotsit
Corpuling a mingled sod.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 03

By the lakes of apple cola
On the shores of minced meat pies
Sat a lonely syrup pudding
Drying out his tear filled eyes.
On the hills of jellycustard
In the land of kidneybeans
All was quiet till the moment
Painful Tummy did appear.
I am slowly going potty
Said the squirrelhorn to me
But I couldn’t really answer
Coz I’m just as nuts as he!

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Feb 2004

For many an hour I lay there
Alone in my bed at night,
And sleep did it’s best to avoid me
In spite of how hard that I tried.

My thoughts did their best to prevent me
From entering the Land of Nod,
And I lay there a tossing and turning
Like some poor demented old sod!

Then just as I slowly found slumber
As dawn was beginning to break,
My trusty alarm clock went ringing
And reluctantly I was awake.

I went through the day like a zombie
With bags packed and under my eyes,
By nightfall I felt really tired
Well, isn’t that just a surprise?

So I lay on my bed looking upward
To cracks in the ceiling and all,
And began now to contemplate whether
The plaster might break off and fall.

Again I find my mind is active
As I lay here alone on my bed,
I’ve returned to that old merry-go-round
When all that I want is some rest!

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 July 03

Bad Dream

I passed into that dreamy state
Of strange encounters taking place,
Where, try as I might with good intent
I failed in my predicament.

I spoke in tongues I never knew
With Frenchmen, Spaniards and a Jew,
I plunged into the briny depths
Not needing there to hold my breath.

I hid from danger all around
Where slightest moves made such a sound,
Was chased across some weird lands
Whilst holding on to someone’s hand.

I was so frightened, very scared
Of all the things that happened there,
I wished that all would fade away
And I could simply be awake!

Copyright Shirley Anne 21 June 03

Life road feel uh like gravel
Wither I go or travel
Ain’t no smooth path t’unravel
As I travel.
Footsteppin’ wary, shufflin’ nearly
Fell t’ground in the shadow of a man
Then she came her hair flyin’
I lay there dyin’
Cryin’, safe in nick uh lightnin’
Passed a clock tower chimin’
Still I’m dyin’
Move t’ward a bright star shinin’
Life alive, ah feel uh like a climbin’
No more dyin’
I’m a flyin’.

Copyright Shirley Anne 5 November 2002

Mirror, mirror on the wall
How is it that you’re there at all?
You only show what you can see
And never see the inner me
And what you show is never bright
The left is always on the right
O Mirror it is all a riddle
What you show is superficial

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 Nov 2002

She hold me down
Like a worm caught up
When the sod turned ’round
Grovelin’ in the ground
Exposed to the air around
Naked and wrigglin’
She hold me down.
I wish I could be free
From her weary frown
When the warm wind’s a blowin’
And the soft rain’s a fallin’
I’ll be done with crawlin’
And she ain’t gonna be around
To hold me down.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Feb 03

The sea shall hold its dead no more
And plagues will fill the land
The enemies of Christ will die
Their blood will stain the sand.

The trumpet sound will fill the sky
And angels we will see
And righteousness will fill the earth
This is our destiny.

Be ready then in that great day
When Christ returns to us
To be there at Jerusalem
For come again he must.


Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Oct 1994

If I could change the flow of time
And go where I have been
My life would be so different now
The past, a mere dream.
I sometimes wish that in those days
Of youth and wasted years
I’d taken chances as they came
And put away my fears.
But clocks move forward, never back
And I could longing be
So I will take hold of my life
And love just being me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Feb 2003

Is all my life but manque?
Are all my dreams to be left blank?
Are all my hopes and aspirations
Gone, to leave but lamentations?
I pray it isn’t so
I need a love before I go
Is this the reason I exist
To just be a philanthropist?

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Dec 2003

It is the dawning of another day
I wake from deepest slumber
Stretch my limbs and get down on my knees
To pray.
Time is short and I have many things to do
But I will never cease to try
From reaching out to you.
It’s easy to deny, to unbelieve
And something I’m aware of
But I want to set you free.
One day you’ll understand
You’ll wonder why
But you will realise
And then you’ll cry.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Nov 08

My life has been turned upside down
For you have once more left me,
You made so many promises
But left my heart so empty.

You can’t imagine how I feel
But you may wonder why,
The love I have for you remains
And will do till I die.

If you could only stay with me
Perhaps you’d realise,
Just how much darling, I love you,
There is no compromise.

I want to shower you with love
And prove my faithfulness,
And all I ask is you come back
To put me to the test.

Long had I dreamt of love so true
And then you came along,
Now you know deep within your heart
That with me you belong.

Think on these things and take your time
I’ll wait for you my love,
For you’re the only one for me
I love you with my life.

Copyright Shirley Anne 1 Sep 03

Sitting in the window seat
Looking out across the street
Watching traffic sailing by
Without a care for you or I,
People rushing here and there
Seem outwardly without a care
But all’s not it appears to be
Those people are like you and me
For they will have a tale to tell
I’m sure you know that very well
So think next time you’re on the street
Of people in the window seat.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 April 2003

Think of all the moments in the past
When once you sought those things which do not last
A treasured vase, a picture on the wall
Do you take time to look at them at all?
And in your striving, think of all those times
Those wasted days and hours in your life
You toiled and laboured just to meet the cost
Which all seems now so pointless and a loss
What is your life if measured by possessions
That captivate and hold all your attention?
What motivates your thoughts you might just wonder
When you take the time to stop and ponder?

Copyright Shirley Anne 3 March 2003

I’m not a girl who worries much
As some would likely say
Despite the many awkward things that happen in my day
There was a time, now long since passed
When I would anxious be,
I’d think about the many things that sometimes bothered me.
But as I look back to those times
I’m often thinking that,
How foolish I was then and grin, just like a Cheshire cat.
‘It is your age’, the people say
When I relate those tales,
‘You’re older and much wiser now than in your former days’.
But now the thing that bothers me
Is one thing that I lack,
It’s confidence to realise the worry won’t come back!’

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 June 2003

Why do you love me so?
What have I done to you?
We met for such a short time
But your love just grew and grew.
I like you as my friend
Someone I can talk to
But as a lover I can say
I’m not in love with you.
Be satisfied with this
And ease your troubled mind
You’ll find someone some day I’m sure
Who’s loving, good and kind.

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 May 2004

The days are empty now
The loneliness is hard to bear
The stage once full of players
With their audience, have gone
And left a stillness in the air,
The loneliness is very hard to bear.

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 May 2004

I’ve come to the conclusion
Our love was an illusion,
For you have shown to me
How nasty you can be.

It’s not your fault I know,
But I shall have to go,
There would be too much pain
If I were to remain.

Copyright Shirley Anne 15 June 2004

It must be something about my situation
I’m in a fix without an explanation
All things considered, all avenues explored
I must do something, I am easily bored

I must find out,I really must explore
To see what lies ahead, what is in store
And if I find a path that’s good for me
It is a happy and contented girl that I shall be.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 May 2004

I brush the streets of Southport
And it takes me a time
‘cos I’m a lazy bastard
And a nosey little swine.
I idly walk along the street
Pretending I’m at work
When really I don’t do that much
That’s why I’m called a shirk.
I gossip much and stand around
And watch the world go by
I don’t know why I get a wage
I truly don’t know why.

‘The cleaner’

Copyright Shirley Anne 28 May 2004

I live from day to day
In often a melancholy way,
Try as I might, the sheer delight
Of life eludes me
But I soldier on.
No-one but self for company
No lover in my life
No, not for me.
What can be done?
My situation seems so hopeless,
Hopes and dreams are all a mess
And thoughts of future happiness
Are far from me.
But still I’m moving on
Someone perhaps will come
And change my life,
Is it a dream
A thought to hang upon?

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 May 2004