Poems 1

Here are some poems/songs I have written

A gentle breeze blows on my furrowed brow
And softly feels the rain descending now
At once the heavy laden air breathes fresh
As cool sensations play upon my flesh
While there I lay beside you on the grass
Your fragrance fills the air surrounding me
And I am lost on loves’ tempestuous sea
The sun begins to shine again once more
As we just lie upon the verdant floor
Wishing that this time will never pass.

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 Nov 2002

In shades of love I sat among
The Summer fields of green
Where Nature wrapped me in her cloak
As if I were her Queen.

Her gentle breeze upon my face
And all around me, warmth,
Attendant flowers majestically
Around about me stood.

I felt so much a part of life
My troubles had all gone,
Because you came and rescued me
O Blessed Saviour, Son.

Copyright Shirley Anne 9 Feb 2004

I sat and watched the stream flow by
Beneath a clear blue sky,
And thought about the times we shared
When you were just a boy.
I must admit you found it hard
To fit into that mould,
And I knew then that you would change
Before you grew too old.
When realising something’s wrong
You struggled in your heart,
You wished a magic wand was waved
To give a brand new start.
And now you look into that glass
Reflecting all your dreams,
The woman you see standing there
Was meant to be it seems.

Be encouraged, be you.

Copyright Shirley Anne 4 Sept 2003

In spirit I saw life in front of me
Stretched back in time and
Forward through eternity.

I saw a love beyond imagining
Far greater than myself and
All that I could feel.

This earthly cloak in which my spirit rests
Is home for now but only
A reflection of the best.

I find I’m not alone within this realm
Just one of many millions
Standing at their helm.

This misty eerie sea of searching souls
Is traced with many courses
Searching out their goal.

Alas not all will find the way back home
Despite the many guides,
They choose to blindly roam.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Feb 2004

I know not when the Sun will fade
Nor when the seas will dry,
Nor do I know why grass is green
And why so blue, the sky,
I know not where the birds all go
When daylight is all gone
And night brings forth her darkening shroud
Save for a shining Moon,
I cannot count the grains of sand
Which lie upon a shore,
And do I know the Universe
Will be for evermore?
I cannot reason why there’s hate
Instead of love and peace,
Why suffering is someone’s lot
While others have a feast,
I can’t deny those things I feel
Nor what my eyes can see,
I know not why that you are you
And why that I am me,
I know that in the scheme of things
We are but very small,
And wonder often why it is
That we are here at all,
But after all is said and done
Regardless of my plight,
I’ll just forget my weaknesses
And get on with my life.

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 March 2003

Mr Winkler was a man
Who tinkered often with his van,
Each day he thought of something new
That he could mend or fix or do.
And then one day he went too far
He tinkered with his brand new car,
A loose connection he had caused
Which left some petrol on the floor,
A sudden spark, a mighty roar,
Now Mr Winkler is no more.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 March 03

Not a sound was heard
Not even the whisper of a tiny word
The air was still
As if frozen in the winter’s chill.
And as the dying rays of sunset
Left this place
I felt the warming touch of a hand upon my face.
I turned but there was emptinesss
Had I imagined that soft caress?
It seemed that all around me
Nothing stirred, except the wisps of breath
Escaping from my mouth, who cared?
I was alone
A figure left abandoned
In an empty world.
Gone were the loving arms
Of a cosy fireside chair
And roasted chestnuts
Permeating air.
No mulled wine to drink
And slippers on my feet
Now just cold and frosty days
With collar raised
Against a biting wind
And all that was so once before
Is left behind.
The evening voices stilled
My bones now chilled
And only memories of former times
Remain inside my mind.

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Feb 03

O Pussy you’re a lazy cat
You fall asleep upon the mat
Or any other place in fact
You even sleep out in the grass.
Why do you spend such time asleep?
You never seem to want to keep
Me company, and so I weep,
I’m better with a dog it seems.

And when you wake you want your food
For that you’re always in the mood
I don’t want you to think I’m rude
You must take me for such a fool.
I know I am and have to say
I don’t know what I’ll do today
If you decide to run away
But I know you’ve no energy!

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 July 03

Along the lonely path
There came a man a walkin’
In the early mornin’
It was light all around
‘n I heard a baby cry
‘n a dog whimper
It was Winter
‘n the snow was all about
Like a glass splinter
Shook ma coat
‘n snow fell t’ ground
It was cold
‘n it was bitter.
‘n the sun came up
Like a cold red tomato
‘n the air was filled
With a raven’s ‘craw’
On that frosty dawn
The man came shufflin’
‘n passed me by
‘n not a sound was heard
‘cept that crawin’ bird
‘n I just kept walkin’.

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 April 03

I just want to say these things
Reminding you I care,
My love for you will never die
In my heart you’re still there.
So many times within my day
Are filled with love for you,
No matter where you are my love
No matter what you do.
Some day I think you’ll come to me
Remembering our love,
Until that time I wait in hope
And pray to God above.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Sept 03

I have a little rubber room
I play in every day,
I’d have a chair to sit on
But they carted it away.
I sit on polystyrene
My bed is made of sponge,
The food I get is wobbly
Just like a cold blancmange.
I used to have some clothing
I used to have some shoes,
They used to come and speak with me
And tell me all the news.
One day I’ll get my freedom
One day they’ll let me free,
Then we can be two nuts together
You and crazy me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Feb 2004

I love you just because you’re you
For that is all that I can do,
No other reason I can find
Will ever keep you in my mind,
I can’t begin to wonder why,
I’ll love you till the day I die,
Accept the truth in what I say,
I love you more and more each day.

Copyright Shirley Anne 28 Aug 03

I know that feeling deep inside
That wrestles with your thoughts,
Ambitions are a noble thing
But be yourself, you know you ought.

Denying what you know is true
Is being caged, like an animal,
And trying not to be yourself
Is not the proper way at all.

Time wasted, life slipping by
Never quite reaching that goal,
Fooled by false promises
Serves only to torture your soul.

So be who you really are
Let nothing stand in your way,
Live your life like there’s no tomorrow
Be happy, be you and be it today!

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 March 03


I’m turning to Jesus,
I’m turning today,
I’ll turn in repentance,
Forgiven, I’ll pray,
And all of my past life,
I’m leaving behind,
My wealth and my fortune,
To him I’ll resign.

For he is my saviour,
My lord and my king,
He calls me to follow,
And give everything,
I look to the future,
And what will I find?
My lord is with me,
In Paradise.

I’m counting my blessings,
In name, one by one,
In praise of the Father,
In praise of the Son,
I’m now in the freedom,
That Christ wrought for me,
In pain and in sorrow,
Upon Calvary.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Sep 95, 19 June 96

A deafening blast
A shriek of pain
Mud filled clothes
Relentless rain,
And bodies left
Just where they fell
In this infernal
Man made hell.
All through the night
All through the day
The suffering
Won’t go away,
Our comrades’ dead
Our spirits low,
Now all that’s left
To us, is hope.

The War

Copyright Shirley Anne 11 Nov 03

Among the trees in the evening gloom
When elves and fairies cease to roam
There came two trolls a walking
And out of sight in the dead of night
When dwarfs do sleep, as well they might,
There went a goblin talking
A lonely goblin talking.

And as they went along their way
With nothing very much to say
They stumbled in the darkness
And as they fell there came a yell
A goblin’s cry, I here do tell
Then all was still around us
So very still around us.

For we had walked into a trap
And stood there shaking, back to back
So fearfully a trembling
Then as we peered through squinting eyes
There came another piercing cry
Just as the sun was rising
With trolls and goblins hiding.

Copyright Shirley Anne 13 Jan 03

Dear Mrs Morganstein
I hope you’re keeping well,
I’m writing just to let you know
I stayed at your hotel.

If you remember late last Spring
I wandered through your door
And slid along the polish
That you’d put upon your floor.

I’m sorry that your china vase
Was broken in my fall,
I could not stop myself you see
From bringing down that wall.

I hope the bell boy’s on the mend
And free from his wheelchair,
I couldn’t help myself that day
When I fell down the stair.

Did chef get angry and upset
When on that wedding day,
I accidently set alight
His wonderful display?

And has the maid recovered from
Her hair loss in the fire?
That accidental slip and push
Was not what I’d desired.

If you’d recovered from your shock
I would have liked to stay
Just one more week at your hotel
But I’ve been locked away!

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Feb 03

In all this land was never heard
A gentleness, a kindly word,
So hard and barren, cold and dark
No sweet morn song from meadowlark,
No soft perfume from opened flower
Or pleasant paths beneath the bower,
Here, where only evil dwells
With choking air and acrid smells
A barrier to each sunrise
This place is far from paradise.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 March 03

I’ve really not a lot to say
But I will speak it anyway,
Sometimes I wonder if this earth
Would benefit from song and mirth,
Would rid itself of fear and hate
And just let love decide our fate,
How often do we speak this truth
Whilst staying haughty and aloof?
What pride there is inside our hearts
That won’t allow a brand new start,
And so we lose what could be gained
Because our selfishness remains.

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 March 03

I’ve sailed the seven seas of life
I’ve wandered through the plains
I’ve been devoid of heat and light
And cursed the summer rains.
But as I went along the way
With head held to the sky
You may have often heard me say
‘Why, why, O bloody why?’

For my dear dad

Copyright Shirley Anne 17 Jan 03

Once I was in love
All my feelings soaring high above
Not for me the solid ground
On which to stand
For I could float and ride the clouds
If you just held my hand.

Once I was in love
With all my heart in senseless flutter
Thinking of you throughout the days
When you were gone
And I remained inside my lonely place.
So lost and all alone.

Once I was in love
But am no more, for things have changed
And you have closed the door
Into your heart
Where I was warmly welcomed then
But now we are apart.

Once I was in love
But am no more.

Copyright Shirley Anne 18 Feb 03

A frozen piece of time
Portraying innocence and love
A part of me, not gone
But still within my heart, forever mine.

Those happy smiling faces sing
So securely sitting in that frame
And now so tall and grown and
Still to me such joy they bring.

That photograph has wet my eyes
As I recall those times we had
When they were young and sweet
And I was in my prime.

A picture of my children.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 May 03

A homophobic person is not the one to be
Their thoughts are only hatred, their lives a misery,
They can’t control emotions, their lives are white and black,
So if you are a colour, they just can’t handle that.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 June 03

A kindly word, a gentle deed
Toward someone who is in need,
A helping hand, a knowing touch
Can mean to them so very much.

So as you go along your way,
In everything you do or say,
Remember those less fortunate
And treat them as you would yourself.

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 Oct 2003

Can I take you home with me?
I’m lonely and I’ve cakes and tea,
I like you and it’s plain to see
So come and spend some time with me.

My rooms are cosy, made for two,
Perhaps it will be me and you,
Oh say you like me, say you do,
And come with me, come to my room.

Copyright Shirley Anne 27 Nov 03

Desperately in love with you am I,
So much so I sit here and I cry,
For we are not together and it’s now all stormy weather,
And I fear we’ll be apart until we die.

I fear I’ve let you down and wonder why,
Your love for me has not yet surely died,
And you say you love me still, but I guess you never will
Just come to me and stay right by my side.

Copyright Shirley Anne 19 Aug 03

At this moment in time I am lonely
I can’t see the future ahead
My hopes and my dreams
Have all left me it seems
And I don’t want to get out of bed.

Just when I’m thinking I’ve found love
And all is contentment and peace
A thunderbolt strikes me
From out of the blue
And destroys all my comfort and ease.

Will ever I find a companion
Who’ll love me for who that I am?
Who’ll just want to stay
With me every day
And be loving and caring as well.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 Oct 03

Be loved
Be adored
Take it all in
For you are worth it.
Don’t feel ashamed
Or insecure
Just be yourself
And I will love you
All the more.
Why shy away
From a love so true?
When all I want to be
Is a friend to you.
I want you to know
That whenever you’re hurt,
I’m there for you
For what it’s worth.
I will be
Always faithful to you
There is nothing else
That I can do.
Just be loved,
Take it all in,
For you to me
Are worth loving.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Mar 04

Be strong my heart be strong
The race is almost o’er,
My journey nears it’s end
Temptation’s had it’s hour.

I see ahead the victory,
The goal, the end, the destiny
And thank the Lord my faithful God
Whose love supported me.

With falterning steps and eargerness
I’d stumbled blindly on,
‘Till I made haste and turned to Him
Whose armour I put on.

And now the seconds tick away
And fades to dim the light of day,
So now be strong my heart today
Your race is almost done.

Your race is almost done
The journey’s near it’s end,
Your love dear Lord now beckons me
And I am coming home.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 May 1996


1 How can you leave my love?
Just what have I been guilty of?
You know our love was meant to be
From now until eternity.

C And while you’re gone I die each day
My heart is broken and I say
Come back to me my love
Come back to me.

2 Forever I am yours my love
Of this I’m sure you know
You know I’ve loved you from the start
Unto this very day.

Copyright Shirley Anne 22 Oct 2002

In times gone by as times today
We fought and died and lost our way
And in those days all was the same
Just as it is, we’ve nothing gained.
We grow in peace, we grow in war
But all remains as was before
A lesson learned is soon forgot
It seems as if we’ve lost the plot.
We cleverly invent new things
And revel in the joy they bring
But sadly at the end of day
We have to give them all away.
Our lives are centred in this world
Which doesn’t last, or so we’ve heard
We live our lives just for the day
But never take the time to pray.
When we depart from out this place
Do we expect a saving grace?
By then it all will be too late
If to our hearts we close the gate!

Copyright Shirley Anne 14 Nov 2010

I couldn’t think of what to say
On this another splendid day,
All things have stopped and I have time
To ponder why it is I smile.
The hours pass like falling rain
Each one is filled with love to gain
The wonders in this life I see
Are all just there for you and me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 25 Nov 2010

You are everything to me, I love you
With you I want to share,
There’s nothing in this world I cherish
More than to know that you are there.
Your love’s pierced the depths of my heart dear
And I am captured by all of your charms
You are all that I want and need love
Hold me now within your arms.
For I love you oh so deeply
I love you more each day
Please tell me that you love me now
And never go away.

Copyright Shirley Anne 23 March 2004

What is this world becoming?
The signs are everywhere
The people walk in darkness
Their hearts have not a care.

Why is there so much hatred?
Where is the love in man?
Sometimes it seems so pointless
To do the best we can.

Each day becomes a struggle
We’re moving blindly on,
With only hope within our hearts
Until the battle’s won.

The sad part of the story
Is there for you and me
It’s written in the pages
Of our human destiny.

It will become apparent
The purpose of our quest,
Unfortunately though for some
They’ll know when they are dead.

Copyright Shirley Anne 31 March 2004

Sadness everywhere I look
So many broken hearts
Depression, anxiousness and grief
And these are but the start.
In every walk of life it seems
There can be no escape
Whichever way we choose to turn
There’s trouble in our face.
For every peak there is a trough
For every hill a vale
So sometimes we are living free
And then we’re in a gaol.

Copyright Shirley Anne 2 April 2004

My whole life is a mess
My dreams are all on hold,
So lonely and neglected
And left out in the cold.
It has been oh so long
Since love was at my door
And now I’m thinking to myself
Why bother anymore?
I live from day to day
In hope of something new
Until my final day on Earth
That’s all that I can do.

Copyright Shirley Anne 6 April 2004

I love you, I have no other one
And I want to show you that it’s true,
Let my feelings come through
I’m so in love with you
Come now and be with me

For you are all I have in life
All others can’t compare
To your wonderful ways and loving heart
Oh you I hold most dear

I need you, I want no other one
United we should always be
Come share now the love
That’s deep in your heart
Come now and be with me.

A song

Copyright Shirley Anne 30 March 2004

On blogging

So far, so good
Keep it going
You know you should.
We read the words
And the words are true
For they are a reflection
Of what is you!

Copyright Shirley Anne 26 Oct 2011