All at once



There’s an old saying about waiting for a bus, you wait for ages without one arriving then three come all at once! It was like that for me on Thursday, no electrical offers of work then I get three in a row. All very nice of course but I often wonder why it happens. At one address they had been without a bathroom light for four weeks yet they called me in the middle of the day expecting me to drop by then. I did call but it was after I had completed the first job. I asked them why they had waited for so long before calling someone out to fix it. Their answer? They were not that bothered! The problem I had with the work was its timing and consequently I missed having lunch. Even when I had returned home late in the afternoon someone called for my services but that work I scheduled for the following morning. I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend as the weather forecast was for a warm and sunny couple of days. Whether I could put up with doing little was doubtful but I wanted at least to get the opportunity. If I was to do any work it would only be something at home. Thursday marked the beginning of a new financial year in the UK for me and for everyone else as far as the Inland Revenue Service are concerned. It was April 6 the tradition start of the financial year. This means in the weeks ahead I will have to prepare my accounts ready for submitting my tax return form later. Most years I would have already done much of that work by now but this year I have been too busy either doing electrical work, such as I have received, and working in the garden and have been too tired to even think about my tax return. It actually doesn’t take me long these days because my turnover is quite low, well come on I am 71 years old! It is something I seldom look forward to, a reluctant exercise but it is one that unfortunately must be done. Most of the work is in simply collating the information, adding up profits and expenses before filling in the form. Anyway it is the price we pay for being self-employed. Each year I think it will be the last tax return I submit but up till now nothing has changed. Maybe next year? In the meantime I carry on while I still have the inclination.

Shirley Anne

Spreading it about


With an empty day ahead on Wednesday I decided to get into the garden again and do some work there. It was a dull and breezy morning and wasn’t that warm either but I guess it is still only early Spring. That didn’t matter for I would soon warm up doing the work. My first task was to rake off some of the soil from the ‘corner plot‘, filter it out and take it over to the patio in order to top-up the soil levels in the raised flowerbeds there. This is a picture of the corner plot taken from inside the large greenhouse after it had been raked. The strange clumps beneath the tree on the right are ferns beginning to open up. I love ferns and wished they were evergreen but sadly they are not.

Here is an old picture of the patio showing the three flowerbeds on it taken last year when the artificial turf was being laid upon it and before the Plot at bottom left had been redesigned.

Not only did I rake off the soil for that job but I also spread soil from the corner plot along the length of the long flowerbed to which it is connected……

…….and dug out a few bluebells along the way! One day perhaps there will be no more bluebells. I live in hope. After giving the greenhouse a sweep and putting everything away it was approaching lunchtime. I had thought about dining out again so I changed my clothes with that in mind but first I had to drive to the electrical store to order in another ‘part night’ photo cell. It wasn’t my usual electrical supplier but another who had supplied me with the same item last year when I was installing a lamp-post in the rear garden. We have an identical photo cell controller which switches on the internal porch light at the front of the house. That had become faulty a day or two earlier. When it becomes available I will be informed. I propose to remove the existing unit and wire its replacement to a position at the rear of the house rather than where it is at the front. It should really have been placed there originally as the rear wall faces approximately north. Anyway that job will be done sometime in the days ahead. Having placed the order I drove to my local pub but the parking lot was so full I decided to go somewhere else instead. The place I visited was a couple of miles away and was almost empty. E and I have been there a few times in the past and the food is always excellent. I was able to relax there for an hour or so before driving back to town, stopping off at a fuel station on the way back home. The sun had begun to shine and I made myself a coffee and sat on the patio for a time but it went dull again so I returned indoors. Whilst spreading out the soil along the flowerbed I had dug out a couple of bluebells as I said………but I had missed one! It was to have a seventeen-hour reprieve…………then I would return with fork in hand to remove it.

Shirley Anne


Less and less

This view from the Symbolic Mountain in the ga...

This view from the Symbolic Mountain in the gardens in Cowra, Australia shows many of the typical elements of a Japanese garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have reached that stage in life where I am getting less and less bothered if I get electrical work or not. Whilst the work is still available I am now tending to take it but only if I feel like doing so. I have of course to earn enough to cover my expenses if I am to continue. So I have to reach a minimum amount on average each week before I can begin to earn a profit. It is a fine balance because I only take on board the smaller jobs which obviously pay less. Having said that it only takes one job to cover my expenses, anything else is profit. So if I get two jobs I am earning enough to make it worthwhile but usually I do more than two or three jobs each week on average.

Revenues and expenses

Revenues and expenses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to say, at this point in time anyway, that I cannot see when it will be that I retire from my electrical work completely, all I do know is that I am taking on board less and less as time goes by. So what does a person do when all interest is lost? If I retired right now I would only have to find another interest to keep me occupied. However, that interest would have to be something which kept me physically active and not just keep me sitting at a desk, at a computer for instance. I have never liked the idea of not being physically active in my working life or even in my home life. I have to be active because that’s who I am. Less and less for me in one respect means more and more in another. I am fortunate in that we have gardens at home as there is always work to be done in them. Over the last couple of years I have been more involved working in the gardens than ever before. Because I am doing less electrical work as time passes by this allows me more time to work in the gardens if I wish. Soon though all work in the gardens will be solely maintenance work as the main construction projects have all been completed. Maintenance is something I am very used to and the work is guaranteed never to end!

Shirley Anne

Not worthy?


Undeserved (Luke 7:37–39)
I am sinful, yet God calls me righteous. Is there anything I can do to thank him?

English: Parish church Saint Vinzenz - Sacred ...

Parish church Saint Vinzenz – Sacred Heart altar – Jesus and the Pharisee

One day a Pharisee asked Jesus to come to his house to eat. “A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, ‘If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner’ ” (Luke 7:37–39). The incredible thing is that Jesus did know what kind of woman she was. But that didn’t stop him from loving her.
Like the woman, we all stand before Jesus with a spiritual rap sheet that is miles long. At this very moment, he sees every area of our lives that needs refining. Yet despite our sin, he loves us anyway. Dearly. That doesn’t make sense. But God’s love doesn’t make sense. We can’t figure it out.
Let grace amaze you. Ponder it. Dwell on it. Feel the intensity of God’s love behind it. The woman had it right. She was well aware of her sinful past—she had lived it. And when she found the Saviour who knew her completely and still offered acceptance and forgiveness, she could do nothing else but fall on her knees and pour out her praise on him.
When your messiness runs into Jesus’ perfection and you find him there loving you, be like the woman with the alabaster jar. Just love him. Pour out your praise; drench him in worship. Stand in awe of the One who gave it all. He is worthy of every ounce of your praise.

Taken from The Great Rescue Bible

Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of love meted out to you? It is so readily available to those who recognise their God and believe in Him, turning in repentance and allowing Jesus into your heart is the only way.

Romans 3:22-24 New International Version – UK

22 This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

Repent therefore and turn to your Saviour who is Christ Jesus our Lord…

Shirley Anne

Okay already!


After promising myself I would spend the weekend relaxing I found myself doing something. Yesterday, that is Saturday as I write, I did my relaxing in the morning and in the afternoon planted out the ten latest additions to our shrub collection. The afternoon had turned out bright and sunny and that was the way Sunday started of sorts. It was a mixture of sun and fast-moving clouds during the early part of the morning but later it was just sunshine all the way. I did relax in the morning until an hour before lunch when I decided to top-up the larger of the three raised beds on the patio with the soil I had temporarily stored in the long plant pots. I wanted to ensure there were no bluebells in that soil so had put it in the pots for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t enough so I had to add more. Soon after lunch I mowed the lawn for the second time this year. I had to wait until the afternoon to allow the wet grass to dry. It had been raining during the morning the day before and was now covered in dew. It hadn’t dried completely by the time I mowed the grass but enough to allow it to be cut using the petrol mower. The second cut had actually been easier than the first one had. That was the sum total of my work for the day and I sat out on the patio for much of the afternoon thereafter. I could have stayed out there until around six o’clock or later but returned indoors in order to bake some scones. Two of my neighbours lay outside soaking up the sun until very late it was that nice. That was it, my relaxing Sunday. I didn’t even go for a weekend stroll as I often do. Electrical work beckoned on Monday morning.

Shirley Anne

Unless you’re a duck!

Duck! Rabbit, Duck!

Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really felt terrible on Friday, weary, tired and a little fed-up with things but it was basically caused by fatigue, overwork, all work and no play if you prefer. I went to bed early on Friday and had some quality sleep. I woke up feeling completely different from the way I had done the previous day. I had determined that the weekend was going to be work-free and indeed on Saturday morning I couldn’t do any work anyway, in the garden that is, as it was raining. It was ceaseless and lasted the whole morning. Great if you are a duck and we often see ducks in our neighbour’s pond but none were about on Saturday. Around one-thirty the sun began to poke through the clouds and the weather improved minute by minute until around two-thirty when it could improve no more! The afternoon became bright and sunny in complete contrast to the morning. I wanted to get out into the garden and relax but it didn’t happen. I took the van to Dobbies and purchased ten more trees and shrubs, I say trees but three are actually tall shrubs I suppose rather than trees. Anyway I returned home and planted them out, one in the Plot area, two in the west wall bed and the remaining seven in various places in the long flowerbed. I was then able to sit on the patio for a short time until I saw another bluebell appearing in The Mound! I had to remove it……them and then I began to see others in different places which I set about removing. What annoyed me more than having again to dig them out was that one group were growing beneath a shrub I had planted in The Mound eighteen months ago. I had to gently remove the shrub to get at them. The sad part is that I know there will be more to remove yet. In one or two places I have not been able to remove the bulbs because they are so deep beneath tree roots. In those cases all I can do is pluck them back to prevent them growing above the soil. The grass needed cutting again but that would have to wait until at least Sunday as it was too wet to cut on Saturday and I’d had enough!

Shirley Anne

Feeling low

Familiar Feeling

Familiar Feeling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I pride myself as being reasonably fit and healthy for someone my age but once in a while I feel run down and weary. The key word here is weary. I arose early on Friday to keep a couple of appointments for electrical work. I didn’t really feel like getting out of bed even though I’d had a very good night’s sleep. Once up and dressed I felt fine but after breakfast a kind of lethargy took hold of me. My first appointment at nine o’clock was in an apartment near to home and I was there for an hour. I felt drained of energy when I’d finished the work though none of it was hard to do. I took a leisurely drive to the second appointment a couple of miles distant. When I arrived the lady of the house asked how I was and I told her that I was feeling a tad weary. She suggested I take time out and have a holiday after I had mentioned I hadn’t had a real holiday for eight years. Again the work wasn’t difficult and I was there for an hour. It was now 11.15 and I was glad my work was over for the day, for the week and all I wanted to do was rest. I didn’t drive home however but went to my local pub/restaurant for a meal. I arrived there at 11.30 but had to wait until noon before it opened for business. I parked the van and sat reading while I waited. I was so happy to get inside and have a soft drink whilst I decided what to have for lunch. I’d had porridge along with fruit and a fruit drink for breakfast so shouldn’t have felt hungry for a few hours. I found myself somewhat hungry by then nevertheless. The meal helped a little to make me feel better but by the time I had arrived back home the feeling of weariness had returned. I spent the afternoon lounging about either on the patio or on the couch in front of the television. My ‘get up and go’ had certainly got up and gone. The work I have been doing at home has taken more out of me than I had realised I guess. The weather forecast for the weekend looked promising so I promised myself I would make the most of it, not to work but just to relax and do nothing for a change. Maybe I’ll think about having a proper holiday…………..maybe.

Shirley Anne

Bits and pieces


It was all about garden maintenance and the opportunity to get something done despite the bad weather. It rained practically all day on Thursday but it did ease back during the later part of the afternoon. I had no electrical work for the day, that was to come on Friday, so I was itching to get into the garden and do something. One of the things I wanted to do was to empty out the dead plant material in the pots in the large greenhouse. They were the remains of the bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers which E had been growing last year. That took around thirty minutes. Meanwhile the rain stopped for a time and I did other work outside, removing a couple of bluebells and weeds and then on to the little plot between the garage and the small greenhouse. There was a shrub there that needed some heavy pruning and a few weeds removing in the same plot too.

The shrub is the one on the left in the above picture taken last year. I had rescued the shrub in that it had been split and overgrown at the time and I had tied it to a support to allow it to recuperate. Well it had done that and now it needed more pruning. That done I could find little else to do but I went into the front garden where I had seen more bluebells a couple of days earlier. Because it had been raining and because they were in such a position as to be difficult to remove quickly I could do nothing about them. 

As you can see they are trying to push between the edging stone and the concrete. It is unlikely they can be removed from the soil side as the edging stones are quite deep so it looks as though the edging will have to be removed to get them out. That will be a job to do later when we get drier weather. This is the bed where the edging stones are located (near to the white stone on the left). The tall rose-tree was pruned later in the year (last year) and is of similar height to the surrounding plants at the moment.

There is always something to do in the gardens and as long as the weather is reasonable I have a fair chance of getting it done!

Shirley Anne

Not as many


I remember over the last few years how each Springtime we had to remove the sycamore seedlings from the lawn and borders by plucking them out by hand. That can be done very easily when they are small, it gets more difficult when they are left to sprout more leaves than the two they have at that stage for by then the roots will have grown deeper too. This year there have been far fewer that have needed removing and that was entirely due to the fact that in late Autumn last year I vacuumed the leaves from the lawn and obviously the seed pods too. I hope I can report the same next year and, dare I say, bluebells either! Since E has taken less interest in the gardens lately, that is over the past couple of years, I have become increasingly interested. Yes, I have done structural alterations and E has helped with some of that work but I have taken a greater interest in populating the gardens with new and varied plants. It has fallen to me to do most of the maintenance also, well I have spent much of my life maintaining one thing or another, including electrical engineering! Seems I was born to maintain things. As I grow older any work I will do anywhere but especially in the gardens will be maintenance. I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon (28 March) after returning indoors because it is now raining. I took a couple of pictures from my kitchen/dining room window…

I think the rain makes everything look fresh and clean. In the last picture you can see the white blossom on the plum trees and there is a lot of it this year. I wonder if there will be more fruit too?

As always click on the pictures to magnify.

Shirley Anne



The gardens are changing, especially the rear one which has seen more alterations and additions in recent years. That is not to say the front garden hasn’t changed, it has done over the years and more recently last year when the two flowerbeds in front of the house were completely made over. Apart from the work which has been done by myself to improve things it is now Spring and the gardens are changing because of that too as dormant plants awaken and evergreens sprout their flowers. After a lovely warm, dry and sunny weekend including Monday, everything changed on Tuesday. Although it did get warmer and sunnier in the afternoon the day began quite cold and overcast. It was definitely not as warm as it had been and the weather forecast indicated rain in the days ahead. I had finished the stone edging along the long flowerbed and decided to ‘age’ its appearance because the cemented joints were too white. I took a large bucket and part-filled it with water. I took the sweeping brush, dipping it into the water then on to the bare soil in the border I brushed over the cemented joints and the pathway. When dry everything looked as if it had been there for years, which is what I had intended. That done I returned indoors for my bag and coat, yes it was cold enough to warrant the coat, and I drove off to ‘Dobbies‘ and purchased five shrubs. They cost me just short of £100. They were not destined for the long flowerbed even though it needs filling out, they were destined for the west wall flowerbed to fill in spaces there. I am hanging back from populating the long flowerbed too much as I want to make sure no more bluebells will sprout up this season. I know there will be some perhaps next year  but hopefully they will be few. In the meantime, unless I change my mind, I am allowing those shrubs I have already planted there to fill out. E would dearly love to put flowers along the bed but until we can guarantee there being few if any bluebells it would be a waste of time. I have moved so many small plants in The Mound when digging out bluebells. So I planted the new shrubs in the West Wall bed..

They are, one at the far right and top against the wall  in the picture, two and three dead centre at top against the wall, four dead centre of picture and five immediately behind the small edging stone at centre bottom of picture. Their names…..Ligustrum (Ovalifolium), Griselinia (Green Horizon), Prunus (Etna), Prunus (Novita), and Elaeagnus Viveleg.

Shirley Anne

End of rest!


No electrical work on Monday allowed me time to finish off the edging for the long flowerbed. Again it was a warm, dry and sunny day so I wasted no time and after breakfast I put on my overalls and set everything up for filling in between the stones with a granno mix (sand, grit and cement in a 3:2:1 combination) and started here on the right in the picture…Finishing the whole length just to the right in this picture….

It took me around two hours in total but then I had to fill in a couple of small gaps in the flowerbed edging in front of the greenhouses where earlier I had dug out bluebells which had sprouted in the gap between the edging there and the paving stones. I also had to remove the large edging stone shown dead-centre in the top picture which is one of the stones around The Mound. Two bluebells had squeezed themselves between the stone and the paving slab there too! One of them had actually been beneath the paving so it was difficult getting it out. You can see where I have had to replace the cement mix there too. It was 1 o’clock when I finished for the day…..well I am supposed to be semi-retired. I could have done more work in the gardens but resisted the temptation. I never know when to stop working sometimes which isn’t necessarily a good thing as we all need to rest now and then. After lunch, which didn’t need any preparation, just heating up, as I had made it the day before (it was a vegetable and chicken broth or stew), I spent a couple of hours relaxing on the patio. E had spent the afternoon away from the house so I was left to my own devices. She hasn’t spent any time in the garden so far this year as far as I know. I on the other hand have probably spent more time out there working than in the house!

Shirley Anne


And so…..

English: The Sabbath Rest

The Sabbath Rest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

….It was Sunday and my day of rest. Aha but I had that single bluebell to dig out of The Mound which I had spotted the previous day as I sat and relaxed for a time after the hard day’s work I had done. I had been removing bluebells earlier in the day and had thought I’d got them all, the ones that had shown themselves of course! I wanted Sunday free from work but I knew that if I didn’t get that bluebell it would have been nagging at me thinking about it. So the first thing I did after breakfast was to put on my overalls and go to The Mound to dig it out. I most probably wouldn’t have bothered with overalls but I had to climb to the centre of The Mound to get at it. I began to dig but in the process of digging out that bluebell I saw others close by. The five minutes turned into thirty before I had finished. That would be it until others sprouted up in the days or weeks ahead. I also dug out many small stones and a 2 Lira Italian coin dated 1924 with the head of Vittorio Emanuele 111 on it. I have no idea how that got there but I will say that as well as that coin I have dug out the remains of a watch, a single clip-on earring and a couple of small Victorian or Edwardian glass bottles together with strips of lead which I think had been used for holding the slate tiles on a small out-building, one of probably three which stood in the garden years ago. At last Sunday was free and I could relax in the sunshine. It was a slightly less warm day than the day before but still warm enough to sit in. Later in the afternoon the wind, light as it was, began to make its presence known so that I had to find shelter from it whilst still enjoying the sun. That I did on the patio. I was even able to lie down on the artificial grass which was dry and free from crawling insects such as ants. Before we had the grass laid last year ants were always a problem but they don’t like the artificial grass so keep away. Yes, the ants had become active because of the warm weather and whilst I was digging out the soil to lay the stone edging the day before they were all over the place. This year I have made plans to reduce their number as I have purchased some traps which are filled with ‘Nippon’. They will be tempted to eat it and take it to their nests where it will poison them and hopefully the queen ant too. We have a few ant nests dotted about the garden but the ones which are the most undesirable are those nearest to the patio beneath the paving. The scheduled work I had for Monday morning had been cancelled so if no other work came in I would be free to begin setting the stone edging by filling in the gaps with a fine concrete mix. I prefer to use a mix of three parts sand, two parts grit (granite chippings) and one part cement which is stronger than just using mortar. Mortar has a habit of breaking away eventually in this sort of application because it is constantly getting wet in the rain, The concrete mix is far better all round. Well that was the plan, let’s see if it happened.

Shirley Anne

Don’t put off ’till tomorrow……


….what you can do today or in reference to my garden project, removing bluebells (and installing a stone edging) ‘Don’t put off ’till tomorrow what can annoy you today’! Well I did leave it ’till the next day! I had been working in the garden on those same projects, firstly to dig out more bluebells then later continuing on installing the stone edging to the long flowerbed. It was a gloriously warm and sunny day on Saturday as it had been on Friday so I made the most of the good weather to get the work done, well as much as I could. My first task was to dig out more bluebells from The Mound (for the sixth or seventh time!). Again that took some time for I had to dig deep and there were stones mixed-in with the soil making it more difficult than it already was. Every time I work on The Mound I have this problem but only on one side where there was obviously more building rubble dumped years ago. When we redesigned The Mound a few years ago we dug out bags of it along with the enormous amount of natural stone in the form of slabs or  just large stones. We have used that stone to construct a pathway and edging to all the flowerbeds, the long flowerbed being the last one. There is very little stone left now. Anyway I dug out bluebells in the morning and after lunch finished off laying the stone edging which still has to be sealed at the joints.

As you can see there are still some stones left which are leaning against the wall. The Mound is in the lower right in the picture but I had been working on the other side of it. It was around four o’clock when I decided to stop for the day but when putting the tools away in the garage I saw more bluebells at the far end of the greenhouse flowerbed so I dug them out. A couple of them were located in the same spot between the two small round green shrubs right against the stone edging. The bulbs were actually beneath the paving slabs! Fortunately with a little effort I managed to get my fingers underneath to pull them out. 

I was finally finished for the day so I went indoors for my tablet and returned outside to take the photographs I am now posting. The bulbs I planted in this bed are now growing well.

And in this one in the small rockery I had constructed at the end of the greenhouse flowerbed I had been working on last year…..

A little splash of colour in the bed next to The Patio…

And the tulips…… 

The rhubarb is growing now too….

I sat for a while on the path in front of The Mound in the heat of the sun and silly me glanced at the soil and saw the tell-tale bright green finger of a bluebell I had forgotten to remove when digging out the others earlier. How annoying was that? I didn’t dash off for the tools to dig it out…..there would always be tomorrow.

Shirley Anne

Believe, repent and be saved forever!


The Urgent Need for Repentance (2 Peter 3:9)

The love of God is not for some or a select few, for the rich or the poor, for people from a particular country or society—but rather it is for everybody. God’s love is accessible to anybody who prays with a pure heart and a genuine desire for salvation. In this verse from 2 Peter, we read that God is waiting with infinite patience and mercy for everyone to learn about him and come to him. He wants to welcome us warmly to his home, just as the lost son was welcomed by his father in the Gospel of Luke (see Luke 15:11–32).
God is always calling us to come home—to respond to his love and mercy, to participate in his kingdom. God does not want anyone to lose the chance to receive salvation; he is patient and kind and merciful. At the same time, that does not mean that we should put off the decision! Like a football game, our lives are on a clock that is counting down. One day the whistle will blow, and our earthly lives will come to an end. For some, that will be today. For others, that may be some time from now. We don’t know when our time on earth will end. So it is vitally important that we trust in Christ today as our Lord and Savior. Heaven and hell are both real (Jesus talked about both). The choice is ours: We can turn to Christ or go our own way.
Taken from NIV Essentials of the Christian Faith

English: The evangelist portrait from the Gosp...

The evangelist portrait from the Gospel of Luke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was talking with my youngest brother and his wife a few days ago. The subject of God entered the discussion but neither of them believe in God. E was there too and she likewise says she doesn’t believe in God. Now although my brother and his wife listened to what I was saying about creation, sin and God and argued the point E did not want to know and turned away not wishing to even hear anything. I have difficulty in understanding a person like E who won’t even discuss anything to do with God, Jesus or salvation. She would rather not think about such things. She is very stubborn in many ways and it is a stumbling block which prevents her considering the possibility that God exists. Of course she, like everyone else is entitled to her opinion, can accept or reject a Creator God. That is and will always be the case for us all.

Sometimes people make the strangest of choices, often to their detriment. The subject of salvation, entering Heaven or entering Hell is shunned and they without realising it are condemning themselves……….and all they have to do is listen, reason and think about the possibility that the believing population are correct. Why miss out on an everlasting life in Heaven because of your stubborn heart? Believe in Jesus Christ and see you life change for the better and it will last forever!

Shirley Anne

Back up to six

Tired of Hanging Around

Tired of Hanging Around (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ll be wondering what the title to this post means, so I’ll tell you. It is the number of posts I have in the pipeline already written and scheduled to post. I normally have five, six or seven ready to post at any given time but lately that number had dropped because I have been either too tired or too busy doing something else. On Wednesday I posted my usual offering at the usual time in the day at 0200 hours. They are all posted at that time. Later on Wednesday though I responded with another post regarding the terrorist attack in Westminster. I then rescheduled all my subsequent posts and deliberately didn’t post one on Thursday as a result. Thursday I was expecting a visit from my youngest brother and his wife who had agreed to spend the afternoon out dining with E and myself. I was going to spend the morning just relaxing though I knew there was work to be done in the garden. The recent poor weather had prevented that work being done, digging out more bluebells! I was determined not to be tempted and indeed I succeeded. However, my next-door neighbour asked me to check her faulty fluorescent light in her garage. I agreed to do it for her that morning but it turned out the unit required replacing so I obtained one and installed it. I still had a few hours to kill before my guests arrived but I stayed indoors, not even going to look in the garden at the work I would be doing the following day, Friday. My brother and his wife arrived before three o’clock to collect us and drive on to the pub. We had a great time together at the pub and later for a time at home. So Friday morning arrived and I was dressed and downstairs before seven-thirty and had eaten breakfast before eight so that I could make an early start in the garden. I was tired of hanging around doing nothing and was keen to continue with the work. Somebody phoned me at eight-fifteen asking if I could do a small electrical job. I had plenty of time so I went and did the work. Just as I had put the van back in the garage another call came in and I was asked if I could check a couple of faults for an old lady. That work was simple enough so I agreed to do it immediately. It was ten-fifteen before I again returned home. This time I was determined to remain at home and get into the garden. I started the work of digging out bluebells at ten-thirty and didn’t stop until one-thirty by which time I had dug out all the bluebells that had sprouted up since my previous session. Time for lunch but an hour later I was out in the garden again to do more work on the stone edging for the long flowerbed. I had reached the most difficult section beneath the holly before finally stopping work around four-thirty. I hoped there would be enough stones left to do the last section of the work but I would be in a better position on Saturday to find out.

Shirley Anne